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Prophetic News Alerts

The Corrupt New International Version Bible (NIV): Apostasy In Print

Distaste for the Textus Receptus The NIV translators make no bones about their distaste for the text that underpins the King James Authorized Version of Holy Scripture. This is the primary difference in all modern versions. The Textus Receptus reflects well over 90% of all manuscripts. This manuscript background was considered primary for all non-Catholic ... Read More

Apostasy: A Jesuit Priest And The NIV Bible

The new Masoretic is then described according to Dr. Waite as the following. “The edition we used when I was a student of Dr. Merrill F. Unger at Dallas Theological Seminary (1948-53), was the 1937 edition of the Biblia Hebraica by Kittel. All of a sudden in 1937, Kittel changed his Hebrew edition and followed ... Read More

Obama Has Failed Israel — God’s Angels Will Not!

Michael, the Archangel, To Stand Up For Israel Daniel had special revelations about the very end of the “Times of the Gentiles” and the activity of Michael. Michael is called the one angel that stands for the people of Israel. It appears that Gabriel is the angel of the church, while Michael is the angel ... Read More

The Devil Hates The Coming Rapture

Now, we must return to look again at the same seven years. This presentation will focus on the devil getting his hour in the spotlight and his final demise. God the Father always acts with judicial perfection. No man or created being will be judged unfairly. Satan walked into the garden disguised as a beautiful ... Read More