The Harlot System and Her Children (Telecast This Saturday, May 23, 2015)

The Catholic system, without question, is the Harlot Church of Revelation Seventeen.

This has been preached continually since the great ministry of Martin Luther and the Reformers. History books document that Martin Luther was filled with the Holy Ghost and that all nine gifts of the Spirit were active in his ministry. This man was a power house and did not compromise. History also shows that he never escaped all the background doctrines of the Catholic system but he received great light of wonderful Bible truths.

The Holy Spirit was clear that this system would be the mother of harlots in the last days and these religious children would be judged with the Mother Harlot System. “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones, and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.” (Revelation 17:4) This prophesy is being fulfilled as we watch the end approaching. It appears that every expression of any religious ministry or church origination of any size and influence is going home to Rome.

Never before have church leaders been so intent on unifying all varying expressions of religion. It’s like a mad dash into the very spirit of Babylonian confusion. The World Council of Churches met some years ago in Australia. A leader, Nicholas Lossky, was asked by a television journalist, “How close are we to church unity?” His answer was, “Only God can answer that, we must do whatever we can for unity: but only God can decide to produce the event.” The same article that recounted this exchange stated, “Church unity is listed first among the WCC’s functions and purposes in its constitution.” The same article then mentioned a session on unity which included Deegalle Mahinda, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka. (Assembly Line, World Council of Churches, Seventh Assembly, Wednesday, February 13, 1991.)

While I write this warning, the university of my former church where I was converted and was taught the great truth of Scripture is following the trend. Maybe they will wake up and turn back. This is my prayer. The noted choir of singers called “Lee Singers” (Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee) is scheduled to sing the “Sing Mass” this coming Sunday in the St. Peter’s Basilica.

The picture above is this great group of singers. They represent one of the best choirs in the world and should be dedicated to nothing but the righteousness of the Holy Bible. Their brochure says all you need to hear. This is the exact words: “This afternoon the choir will have the privilege of singing Sing Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica!” They are going to sing “Sing Mass” that puts them right in the middle of this blasphemous event.

If you understand the Mass, it is the expression of the doctrine of “Transubstantiation.” This is the doctrine that the bread and wine is not merely a sign or a figure but is actually the body and blood of Christ. They are convinced that this transformation has occurred and that this wafer becomes Christ’s very body. They worship the wafer like it was God Himself. Often in the third world countries they carry the wafer in parades while the people fall down in worship and ecstasy.

Anyone that takes part in this idolatry is guilty of blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ. This Saturday’s OBD, broadcast and telecast, will deal with the vast picture of the Protestant and Evangelical world going home to Rome.

Please do not miss it. You can hear or view this telecast at 1:00 PM right here on your internet. The title of this telecast will be, “The Harlot of Rome and Her Children.” We will help you understand that to participate in any fashion with a Catholic Mass is blasphemy. You will lose your soul for such false activity unless you repent and turn back to the Truth of the Holy Scripture.

Below is the front page of the announcement of the tour. Pray earnestly that there will be a change of heart by the promoters of this blasphemous action.

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3 thoughts on “The Harlot System and Her Children (Telecast This Saturday, May 23, 2015)

  1. To whom it may concern,
    I do not believe that the Catholic Church is the “Mother of harlots” as you suggests and i do not believe that Martin Luther was a saint or even was filled with the Holy Spirit. In fact, the opposite is true. He renounced his vows that he made before God, he introduced beliefs that were contrary to the Scripture and the constant teaching of Christianity, he eliminated 7 Books from the Old Testament and he wanted to eliminate 4 from the New, and he was also very anti-Semitic. Regarding Transubstantiation, the Church teaches and believes, as Our Lord taught, that the bread and wine, substantially, become the Body, Blood, Soul, And Divinity of Christ. That is the biggest doctrinal difference between Catholicism and Protestantism.

  2. Allow me to complement Tony’s post – and a great job you did, Tony!

    To correct your terminology, Joseph, the brochure says that the Lee Singers will be singing the “Sunday Mass at St Peter’s Basilica.” The “Sung Mass” (Missa Cantata, not the “Sing Mass”) is entirely different from what you think.

    The sung parts consist of the Greek litany,
    Kyrie eleison(“Lord have mercy”) a plea found in several psalms, followed by:
    the Responsorial Psalm, which changes depending on the day or season, followed by:
    the Credo (“I believe one God”), after which is sung:
    the Sanctus (“Holy, Holy, Holy Lord, God of hosts”) which you’ll surely recognize is from Isaiah 7; followed by:
    the Agnus Dei (“Lamb of God”) found in John 1.

    There will, no doubt, be some incidental music during the Offertory and Communion processions.
    If you can find anything unbiblical about those pieces please do let me know.

    Oh, Joseph, you forgot to mention that Martin Luther ALSO believed the bread and wine offered to God becomes the real presence of Jesus Christ. Luther’s idea is called “consubstantiation” viz., the entire and substantial Christ is somehow mixed “with” the bread and wine for the length of the service, after which that presence leaves.

    Surely you know that Calvin more or less agreed with Luther. Only Zwingli denied any presence of Christ in the bread and wine. You really do need to refresh your knowledge of Reformation history.

    As usual, Joseph, I pity you for your willfully invincible ignorance.