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Deliverance From the Dark Sins of Sodomy

Open Bible Dialogue – November 22nd, 2014

America is awash in the sins of abomination and moral compromise that breeds the sodomy lifestyle. When a Nation or culture becomes sodomite it belongs to the devil.

This moral jungle that follows the loss of family values and the fear of God will always end in destruction. To teach children in the early development that all choices of morality are equal is plain insanity. Our children are our most prized citizens and to train them in a setting without values and morals is foolishness of the highest order. Boys must be taught to be boys and girls to be girls. Anything less is laying the foundation for sodomy. I believe there is close to a 50 percent chance that any child raised with a public education may well become a homosexual or lesbian…

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The Masterpiece: (pictured right) The Book of Revelation is a storybook. It takes the reader from the scene of Christ’s glory as the Father’s High Priest in his heavenly temple to the final temple called “New Jerusalem” where His Bride will dwell eternally with Him. The Book of Revelation is the “masterpiece” of all Biblical stories. It begins with His glory and ends with His saints’ glory. At the beginning of this story, He walks in the midst of His church, but in the end, His church walks in the midst of New Jerusalem, the most spectacular city ever dreamed of. This storybook is “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” the complete unveiling of all His glory. The very first chapter gives forty-one references to the Son of God.