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Rapture Readiness, the Millennial Reign of Jesus Christ, End Time information, exposing False Prophets and Prophetesses, identifying the One World Church, the antiChrist, and defending the infallible King James Bible are key subjects of this website. We want to help you be a “Salty Saint,” be healthy by providing good vitamins and nutrients, and to be a light of Jesus Christ in this sin-cursed world. Our “Live” Radio Broadcast, Open Bible Telecast and Open Bible Dialogue keeps you up-to-date on End Times news.

“Partnership in the Gospel Is God’s Plan for His Kingdom”

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Democrats want to Rob Children of God The fight over the Supreme Court a fight to keep God out of public schools.…
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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP AND THE ONE WORLD ORDER The hatred for Donald Trump is intimately tied to the emerging “One…
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President Donald Trump standing in the way of the "NEW WORLD ORDER". Defending Israel to the End! TODAY at 1:00 PM (est) LIVE
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