The Golden Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth

The Golden Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth will be a marvelous reuniting of the world with the power of Christ. This event comes after the Great tribulation. The anti-Christ has been angry and violent toward the religious and Jewish groups who push for their city, Rome or Jerusalem, as the center of the world. The book of Revelation chronicles all of these events and many more as the world is prepared for Armageddon and the New Kingdom. The Bible could not be more relevant for today. Read Revelations 19. When Christ comes back in all His glory, He will be the KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS. All the gathering nations and wars of the modern day point to the soon coming Rapture and Great Tribulation.

The great saints of God will come back with Him to rule and reign. All of the Democrats, Republicans, and people of the earth will be judged by the Saints. As we watch for His coming and live our lives for the Lord, we should learn all we can about the coming times. The land of Israel absolutely belongs to the Jewish people. When Jerusalem is set up as the Center of the World during Christ’s millennial reign, the changed and glorified saints will serve Him as He rules the world from this “capitol city.”

5 thoughts on “The Golden Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth

  1. After Jesus, joined by the returning saints, defeats the huge army that Satan’s chief henchman, the Antichrist, gathered to finish the job anti-Semites of all ages have always wanted to do, tosses him and his chief stooge the False Prophet, an anti-Elijah, into the Lake of Fire (Rev. 19:20), and Satan is locked up for 1000 years (Rev. 20:1-3), the world will likely have been made nearly uninhabitable.

    I have often wondered how long it will take for it to become Eden-like again? Will the returning Pretrib and Trib saints and those mortals who survived those past seven horrific years be involved in the rebuilding process? Or will Jesus cause it to happen in an instant?

    Perhaps we can find some clues from Bible Prophecy.

    We do know from Ezekiel 39:12 that it’ll take seven months to bury the bodies of the slain armies which the carrion-eaters leave behind (Ezek. 19:17-18; Rev. 19:17-18) and seven years to burn up the abandoned weapons (Ezek. 19:9-10), using them for fuel and taking the spoil from those that tried to wipe them out. So it may very well be that certain aspects of Earth’s restoration may in fact take some time.

    But with the King of kings physically here on Earth, I also expect that those things necessary for the survival of the Trib survivors will proceed at an astounding pace.

    To be sure, it will be one marvelous thing to experience and participate in, for the perfected saints and “millennial mortals” alike.

    And in a thousand years after the final disposition of sin, death, and evil, it will only get better!

    I just happen to think that’s pretty terrific!


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    When Jesus comes to set up his Kingdom, he will rule the World with a ROD OF IRON. That is the BIG STICK that Pesident Teddy Roosevelt talked of. IN the Kingdom age there will no longer be any GREAT DEPRESSIONS, because that will be truly a new era. Back before the 1930S DEPRESSION in the Roaring 20s Stock Prices were running wild, and people though Stocks would rise forever, but the bubble popped and the stocks fell away. And the Depression came. The same happend with the Tech Wreck too. Then in more recent times, the Housing crash. But when Jesus come that will no longer happen. THERE REALLY WILL BE A NEW ERA ECONOMICALLY. There will be lasting prosperity too. NO MORE DEPRESSIONS, because there will be no CENTRAL BANKS TO INFLATE THE MONEY SUPPLY. The enconomy will be a FREE MARKET ECONOMY. NO SOCIALISM which is destructive. In PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRAYER TO GOD IN THE NAME OF JESUS WILL ONCE AGAIN BE LEGAL. The Supreme Court Judges that OUTLAWED SCHOOL PRAYER ARE NOW BEING TORMENTED IN THE FIRES OF HELL. MADELYN MURRAY OHARE IS PROBABLY IN THE FIRE TOO. There will be no Liberal Judges to outlaw prayer. Prayer will once again be legal in PUBLIC SCHOOLS. THERE WILL ALSO BE BIBLE READING IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Secular humanists will not be running the school systems. INSTEAD THE SCHOOL SYSTEMS WILL BE RUN BY THE PRIESTS OF GOD. Any attempt to ENFORCE “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” which is the ULTIMATE VIOLATION OF ISAIAH 5:20 “WOE UNTO THEM THAT CALL EVIL GOOD, AND GOOD EVIL; THAT PUT DARKNESS FOR LIGHT, AND LIGHT FOR DARKNESS; THAT PUT BITTER FOR SWEET, AND SWEET FOR BITTER!” WILL BE MET WITH SWIFT JUDGEMENT FROM THE ONE (JESUS) WHO CARRIES THE BIG STICK. So POLITICAL CORRUPTNESS will be outlawed. CAMPUS SPEECH COODES RUN BY LEFTISTS WILL BE A THING OF THE PAST. DESTRUCTIVE POLITICS OF ENVY WILL BE OUTLAWED. Those who proacitce it will immediately be Judged by God who carries the BIG STICK. ABORTION WILL BE ILLEGAL, BECAUSE IT IS MURDER. NUDE DANCING WILL BE ILLEGAL. HOMOSEXUALS WILL BE OUTLAWED. NO GAY MARRIAGES. NARCOTIC DRUGS WILL BE ILLEGAL. ALCOHOLIC DRINKS, ESPECIALLY LIQUORS WILL BE BANNED. SALOONS WILL BE ILLEGAL.


    When Satan is released at the end of the Milleniaum, he will be INVOLVED IN THE POLITICS OF ENVY AGAINST THE FOLKS IN JERUSALEM. Satan will also PERSECUTE THE SAINTS (the ones (Jews & Gentiles( that were born in Kingdom age) AFTER he gets out. This forcecs all the saints of all races to FLEE TO JERUSALEM THE ONLY PLACE OF REFUGE. after all the saints of all races fled to Jerusalem, SATAN THEN FANS UP THE FLAMES OF ENVY AGAINST THE FOLKS IN JERUSALEM, AND LEADS A REVOLUTION TO TRY TO INVADE JERUSALEM FROM ALL SIDES. Just as the Armies of Satan get closer, GOD LIFTS JERUSALEM UP AWAY FORM THE EARTH, AND THEN SENDS FRIE UPON THE ARMIES BELOW. GOD JUDGES THE POLITICS OF ENVY. HE WILL NOT TOLERATE POLITICS OF ENVY.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE! JESUS IS THE CONSERVATIVE KING! NO KIDDING! THe Jesus of the Liberals is not the Jesus of the Bible but is KARL MARX WITH A ROBE ON.

    Our Conservative Comming with the BIG STICK.



    Keith Black

  3. Satan uses lying signs to deceive the world, the False Prophet calls down fire from the sky as evidence of the power of the Antichrist (Revelation 13:13), who is incarnated by Satan at the start of the last half of the tribulation. He forces the world to worship him, both his person and image. True believers in Christ refuse; as a result, they are taken captive, and killed for their faith (Revelation 13:9-10). The false prophet then sets up an economic system to sort out true followers of the Beast (Antichrist) from others. He sets up a system causing all who are true followers to receive a mark, 666.

  4. In a study of all the passages that relate to the end time, it becomes clear that there are three major time periods between the Rapture and the Second Coming. The first is the period of preparation, a relatively short period, in which the ten-nation kingdom emerges. Its leader rises to conquer first three and then all ten kingdoms. When this leader becomes powerful, because of his backing of the ten kingdoms, he is able to make the covenant with Israel for seven years described in Daniel 9:27 . This introduces the second period of time, which covers the first half of the seven years mentioned in the covenant. In the middle of the seven years, however, a dramatic change takes place, and the ruler of the ten kingdoms becomes a world dictator, apparently without a war. This sets the stage for the third period, the last three-and-a-half years leading up to the second coming of Christ. Accordingly, there is first a period of preparation leading up to the seven-year period. Then there will be three-and-a-half years of peace, the second period, and this will be followed by the third of great trouble and tribulation. The third period will be followed immediately by the Second Coming.