The Book of Deliverance

“Drug addiction or Homosexual bondage and Instant Freedom” The Power of the Holy Scripture is fully able to divide soul and spirit which means to set the life free from self and sinful living and to renew the life of the spiritual person. Let me give you the Scripture. For the Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12) What was the Holy Ghost saying? The Word of God can separate truth from error, He can separate liberty from bondage and the life of sin by His powers of deliverance. When a sinner comes to God and truly repents of sin, that sin and all it’s powers is broken. A drug addict will not just be forgiven of his sins but set free from the powers of his sin. A drunkard is free from drink the very moment Jesus, by His Blood and by the Word of God delivers him. The Holy Ghost makes the Bible a Sword and He cuts the cancer of strong drink out. The new cheap religion of this modern day tells the bound man or woman that they will need to join the AAA or some psychological group to receive counseling. This is because the church has watered down the gospel and forgot it’s power to deliver. They treat the Bible like a book of suggestions and good stories. The Bible is mighty when it is anointed by the Holy Ghost. Actually that is what is missing. When you forget or forsake the great Pentecostal power of the Spirit’s gifts and anointing, all you have left is human design and human failure. The Word of God, anointed by the Spirit and fully dependent on His Blood sacrifice is mighty to save.

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4 thoughts on “The Book of Deliverance

  1. Hello Pastor,
    Just a little note of a typo:

    “The new cheap religion of this modern day tells the bound man or woman that they will need to join the *AAA*..”

    I think you mean “AA”. And btw, I was with a church 20 years ago here in Florida, New Covenant in Pompano, that had many good ministries (I was in the Right To Life and organized picketing)
    and we had a very good AA outreach that met in our church. I did many things while I was a member and delighted to see the many people being helped in all of our ministries and the AA was exceptional. Everyone there knew (we had over 40 in attendance at any given meeting) that Jesus was their deliverer.

    I attended a few of the ‘family’ AA meetings about 3 years ago. I am disabled and live with my sister who is a alcholic. I could see how the program has changed. What we need in this country is RE-vival and RE-Bible!!!

  2. Hello Pastor Joseph.

    Well, despite Mr. Camping’s predictions, it would seem you and I are still around. Of course, maybe none of us is “saved” so now we’ll have his “five months” of Tribulation to ride out!!! If only people would dust off those Bibles and try reading them once in a while . . . but I digress.

    The topic of instant healing, relief from drug or alcohol addiction and has appeared here before and I have no doubt that for some that this is the case. However, I do suspect that many have the the experience in this area such as mine.

    I have related before that Jesus has kept me sober since Nov. 1, 1978 and off cigarettes since August 1993, but, believe me, the cravings have never completely gone away. There is a parallel in Mark 8:22-25. Whereas Jesus healed many people instantly, even the blind (Matthew 9:27-31; 20:30-34), for one particular blind man, it took two times before his cure was complete. For another, he had to go the the Pool of Siloam and wash before his blindness was cured (John 9:1-11).

    It has also been my experience that some truly decent and believing people – or even children of which Jesus himself said one must be like to gain the Kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1-6) – do not get cured in this life. Or they get killed in an unfortunate happenstance regardless of their righteousness or lack thereof (Luke 13:1-5). Though I know that we are all subjected to living in a fallen creation and that one day God will make all things new, I find these things do test my faith. But then I have to look at what Jesus went through even though he never sinned, – all for us.

    My message, then, is this: If you are trying to get free of an addiction – DON’T GIVE UP even if you slip on your journey or still feel the pull of your substance of choice. Trust Jesus and let him help you in this battle.

  3. Jesus said He came to “preach the gospel to the poor; to heal the broken hearted; to preach
    deliverance to the capjtives; recovering of sight to the blind; and to set at liberty them
    that are bruised” (Luke 4:18). Programs like AA try to superimpose a man-made “mind over”
    approach over some type of religion. All types of religions use programs like AA (12-steps)
    to deliverance. One does not always have to be an addict any more than one always has to be
    a sinner. That’s God’s book, not mine!

    Good to see a comment from another retired Army LTC (above LTC Marvin).

    Ed Branch, LTC U. S. Army Ret. (Raleigh, NC Pastor of Grace Fellowship Holiness Ch.)