Satan Loves A False Alarm

Harold Camping and his false prophecy has caused Lucifer to dance with glee. This kind of fancy error is clearly Satan’s design to make fun of the Rapture. The Post-Millenniumist, Amillenniumist and the Mid- Tribulation and Post- Tribulation crowd are laughing at the fun the Media has had at our expense. We Pre-Tribulation Believers are scoffed at when these false alarms about the Rapture are fed to the multitudes. The whole purpose is to make truth look foolish.

But there is another side to this story. The devil does not waste his time fighting falsehood and false doctrines. This entire attack is all another proof that the Rapture is on schedule and will occur before the “Seven Years Of The Great Tribulation.” When Satan induces his false prophets to attack truth in a false show like Camping’s attention receiving Expose, he only proves the wonderful truth being laughed against. Satan never makes a false show of all the error doctrines being taught. They do him no harm and he pays them no attention. Thank you Harold Camping for your back-handed attention to the great “Catching Away.”

The anger of Satan against the Rapture of the saints is because this event will be his final defeat. Calvary, the Resurrection, and all the victory of Jesus’ death and life were certainly Satan’s greatest defeat. It has been downhill for him since he was cast out of Heaven. The Rapture will seal his doom forever. From the time that he deceived Adam and Eve in the garden, he has attacked the family of God. When Jesus descended into upper Sheol, Satan lost his hold on the First Testament saints. He could not damn them nor could they escape the prison house of the righteous dead. Jesus took the keys of Death and Hell and led this victorious company out of their prison into His resurrected presence. Their spirit and soul are with Him in Heaven, but the majority of them are still awaiting the Rapture and the Resurrection to receive their glorified bodies. Matthew records that a firstfruits number were resurrected and caught up when He arose from the dead.

There are complexities to the Rapture and the Resurrection that must not divide us. I personally believe that not one Blood-washed and Holy Ghost Oil soaked Saint (Old or New Testament) will be left in the grave when the Pre-Tribulation Rapture occurs. The earth must be free of the Godly dead before the traumas of the seven years of judgment can begin. The judgments of Jesus Christ will shake this earth to its very core so that nothing of sin will be left to defile or destroy in all of creation. The wicked dead will be in Death and Hell until the Seven Years of Tribulation and the Millennium are finished. Then they will be resurrected unto damnation to be judged.

Satan has waged war against the saints for six thousand years. His very thought of the dead in Christ being resurrected with glorified bodies forever out of his reach is terrifying to him. Add to that the Rapture and Resurrection of the living saints that he has pursued since the moment they were born again being removed totally beyond his reach. But the Rapture and Resurrection of the righteous is only the beginning of his future troubles. The saints that he has terrorized will become the Lord’s Elders during the seven years, and we will be used of the Lord to direct the judgments against him and his false trinity. We will be glorified saints; and the Bible says that we will judge the angels, and Satan is one of them.

Let’s begin by contemplating the defeat for Satan that will occur in the first heaven as the saints are removed to the presence of the Lord. Satan is called the prince of the power of the air. “Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.” (Ephesians 2:2) This is the area of his stronghold, where his kingdom of fallen angels is organized and operates. From this realm, he rules as the god of this world. He is called the god of this world and the prince of the power of the air. He affects everything that constitutes the world system, nature, and especially the weather patterns. God created a perfect world. There was no destruction until the destroyer deceived Adam and Eve. Satan usurped his way into control of the world system. Nature is out of control today because it is greatly affected by the devil and his princes of destruction.

The Bible warns us of the struggle that this horde of evil personalities will create for those that serve the Lord. Apostle Paul stated, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” (Ephesians 6:12) Notice those terms the Holy Ghost inspired Apostle Paul to use, “rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” This is an epic struggle, and natural men and women are absolutely no match for these great and strong spirits of evil. Every spiritual victory we win must be by the Blood, the Word, and the Spirit

Understanding these strong, experienced, and wicked angels operating under the leadership of Satan; we can see the battle that is developing to hinder God’s Prophetic program. When the Rapture occurs, we must travel right straight up through the middle of Satan’s stronghold. Hearing many strange stories about unidentified flying objects is not so strange when you know what is about to occur. The devil will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals and to defeat the saints of God.

Victory is already assured because “For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.” (Ps 119:89). Apostle Paul said, “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.” (I Thessalonians 4:16-17)

We will not need to fight our path through Lucifer’s stronghold. The Lord comes down to meet us in the midair, and with His Heavenly Host (multitudes) He leads us back right through Satan’s horde. The event of the saints being Raptured up out of their graves, joined together with the Raptured living, following the Lord of Hosts back to the Banquet Hall in New Jerusalem is too grand to consider. There has never been an army marching from some great victory back to the fatherland to match this picture. Satan has got to know that this is soon to happen, and he certainly has a counterattack planned.

His great defeat at our victory right through his stronghold will leave him vulnerable to the heavenly host of angels. He will never recover from seeing“ten thousand times ten thousand and thousands of thousands,” (Revelation 5:11)pass untouched through his hands into the presence of the Heavenly Father. A multitude of angels led by Michael will then engage Satan to finish his reign as the “prince of the power of the air.” Weakened by his losses, the angels of Jesus Christ will cast him down to the earth never to appear in Heaven again.

John recorded the future scene of Satan’s great heavenly defeat. “And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.” (Revelation 12:7-10)

His territory will now be restricted to the earth and he will know that he has but a short time. This loss for Satan is incredible. He has accused us to God throughout human history. The defeat of Adam and Eve gave him legal right to act as an accuser to every saint of God. He has been the world’s persecutor for six thousand years. The reason for many great defeats in the church has been man’s failure to stand solely on truth in their battles with evil powers and dark spiritual authorities. Our only rights against evil are those legal truths of Scripture contained in our blood covenant.

Now, ultimate truth prevails and Satan’s reign as persecutor is over forever. “Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.” (Revelation 12:12)Satan finally understands that he is losing and his last efforts will be efforts of desperation. By the end of the seven years, no creature on earth will doubt that he is a serpent, unquestionably corrupted, and a loser.

The victorious saints will be elevated to Elders during the coming Great Tribulation. We are never called the church again after Revelation Chapter Four. We will be to the Father and the Lamb, Elders participating in all the events of righteousness and righteous judgment. Too often we think only of judgment during these dark seven years but more than judgment is redemption. The Elders will share the glory of cleansing this earth from every curse of sin until righteousness springs forth when we return with Him to reign on this earth a thousand years.

We have two powerful studies of false doctrines that are big today. One is “PRETERISM DARKNESS” (Those that claim that Jesus returned in A.D.70) and “CATHOLICISM, FULL OF BLASPHEMY” (Dark doctrines like Purgatory, Relics of Saints, Apparitions of Mary and the Mass etc.). Go On line to our Bookstore or call 1 800 338 7884. E-mail us at

12 thoughts on “Satan Loves A False Alarm

  1. Pastor Joseph,
    again, you have hit the nail on the head. I pray that the warning we gave on the Rapture Ready site and what you have said will draw people unto Jesus Christ and not let the foolishness of men who claim to know more than our Lord frustrate them from following our Elder Brother and our Lord, Jesus Christ. We must stand firm, rooted in scripture and as a good Berean, search the scriptures to see if these things be true. If they contradict scripture in any way, then we must discard them as heresy. Camping’s message was just the latest heresy that Satan has used to deceive the masses and attempt to draw them away from serving the Living God. We need to keep vigilance in preaching the truth and instructing in God’s righteousness, because the hour is close at hand and the Lord will come at an appointed that ONLY the Father knows. No mere man can usurp that authority. God bless you, Pastor Joseph,
    Pastor Mike

  2. Awesome message. I can just see Satan punching a wall in frustration and anger over his soon to be loss forever. I LOVE IT!! PRAISE JESUS – night and day!

  3. Dear Preacher,Great message. It is great to read your article about the False Preachers that satan is using to deceive people,and to take them to Hell. They had rather believe a lie than the Truth. I would like to print this article out,and hand it out here in Glade Spring,Va. Please send me the instructions,or the way I can get a copy of this great message. Thank,Pastor Jerry H. Atkins. Berean Baptist Church. God Bless your Stand.

  4. Harold Camping is fortunate to be living in this present time. Old Testament prophets who did not speak truth had a worse fate.

    “But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die.” (Deuteronomy 18:20-22)

  5. Pastor Joseph,

    I just got out of the hospital from gall bladder removal, and am in great pain. Depression has its demonic darts in my soul again today. Yet when I started to read your post the Holy Spirit said DECLARE THIS OUT LOUD! And so I did.

    I declared every word. And the tears came. My heart settled itself as the Word, framed by the rhema you provided [well, He provided!], I SHOUTED.

    I was telling my friends, the Old Testament saints who were waiting for their resurrected bodies, “Just wait a little while longer, my friends, just a little longer…” They’ve been waiting so long. I felt compassion for the burden of the many years they’ve waited. This may seem strange [“it can’t be tough waiting for something like a resurrected body in the presence of the Lord, can it?”], but I could feel their burden. “Just a little while longer.” I told them I was looking forward to walking with them in the New Jerusalem, in our new incorruptible bodies, speaking together of the Lord’s faithfulness and mercy!

    I could see it all happening. I became so THANKFUL, at Rev. 12:10, when the narrative came to my accuser being cast down. Ah, thank you Father! I was at peace, cuddled up in His arms, at rest on the Mercy Seat. I could hear My Father’s heart of love beating for me. I was riding on my white horse with my fellow saints with my Brother and Lord, I was home, I WAS HOME….

    So I DECLARED THE ENTIRE MESSAGE, Pastor Joseph, over my entire house, my entire life today, and I am a different man. My body still hurts like the dickens [I’ve lived for an entire year in profound pain], but I’ve got the victory in my MIND because I am fixed on Christ and what He has done, what He will do in the future and what He will do in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.

    I cannot tell you how thankful I am Pastor Joseph for what you allowed the Holy Spirit to do through you today.

    Now the next three paragraphs are vitally pertinent to the overall topic of the day:

    As I consider this to be a “summer of recovery” for me personally, I am looking very critically at my ministry. As a pastor and credentialed minister I have been reassessing my purpose over the past few weeks. I believe God is asking me to call people to pay attention to what the Scriptures say about the times we live in and to prepare for the Rapture.

    I think I agree with many in this electronic community, and the Rapture Ready community, and other related groups in saying that the pastoral class in general has thrown down the sword of the Rapture of the Saints as a doctrine foundational to evangelism, discipleship, and worship. OH NO NOT ANOTHER HAROLD CAMPING–? No, just one who wants to be obedient to the letters to the believers in Thessalonica and “encourage…with these words”.

    Your message today encourages me to do just that. Camping’s shenanigans leaves a whole lot of people hungry for the TRUTH. I have not much physical strength, nor focus of mind, but God will empower what He wants. I have no need to do anything personally, but there are many who do need to hear the truth. God help me to be one of many who will give it to them in the diminishing time we have left!!

    Thank you and God bless everyone who reads this! Feel free to email enquiries, encouragement, correction.


  6. Thank you Brother Chambers, you did mention this in your message concerning the ‘post rapture’ folk’s who are getting a lot of ‘airtime’ in which ‘they’ claim that the rapture was cooked up by the Roman Catholic church (I still see the pre tribe rature in Scripture) and if I could make a guess of the rough timming of the rapture might be sometime before Oct. 21 011! I hope you folk’s don’t post this. The ‘globals’ plan on collasping the US economy later this year (2011) completley, ‘they’ will cram another QE2 soon, no hope for recover. The earlier horrors in the ‘gulf’ and southern tornado’s and Joplin Mo (major, major trucking (hub) industries destroyed, many will not get back in business) – yes, i do believe in man made entities capable of manipulating the weather, one could be harrp, c/out harrp rings, yes they are, absolutely!

    I pray that God will grant us wisdom w/much boldness, right now all that matters is
    souls for Jesus our Redeemer, perilousimes are here, now!
    GOD Bless you all!

  7. Your explanation of the sequence of events ranging from Jesus’ descent to “upper Sheol,” also known as “Abraham’s Bosom (Luke 16:19-31) to retrieve the souls of the righteous from the Old Testament times and his calling of the dead and living from New Testament times is something not often discussed and I was glad, Pastor Joseph, to see you cover this.

    Regarding the damage caused by all thes eflase “date setters” this, too is according to Scripture and no doubt is very much part of fulfilling what Peter predicted about “scoffers” appearing in the Last Days (2 Peter 3:3-10).

  8. I have no words to add, except “breath-taking.” I, too, would like to reproduce Bro. Chambers’ article. Mr. Camping gave much fuel to the scoffers, but we must not be deceived by this brand of false prophet any more than we are deceived by the brand of false prophet that says Jesus has already come in His second advent, and those that say He will not catch His Church away before the Great Tribulation. Stay with the Book, that is God’s Book. “Unto them that look for Him shall He appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

    Ed Branch
    Raleigh, NC

  9. When you want to discredit TRUTH, beside front-attacking IT with foam-mouthed
    denials, you sneak behind with false supporters who fanatically go beyond TRUTH
    with pseudo-hyperdevotion that are nothing, but ridiculous. And that’s exactly
    the Satan-expected result.

    In the 80’s, I was surprised to read in TIME magazine(today TIME.con)a scoffing
    dismissal of Hal Lindsey’s “The Late GreatPlanet Earth” as “pseudo-religious”.
    I was not mature enough to tell the “respectable world” from the humble believer.
    However, Mr.Lindsey’s book was the first one(in 1976)to make me realize The Simplicity
    That Is IN CHRIST. I began to look for works in this field. And sure enough, GOD GRACIOUSLY
    PUT In my path over the years many, many Of HIS Servants’Books On The Subject.
    Most notable among them was Pastor Dwight Pentecost’s scholarly 1958″Things To Come”,
    although Pastor Pentecost cautiously endorsed a Mid-Tribulation Rapture position.

    What stood out for me from these studies were two Crucial Realizations :
    1_The Inescapable Importance Of Israel
    (even if The Church Is Spiritual Israel, “Replacement Theology” is a no-go for it provides
    the pretext for accepting the destruction of Israel “Because GOD HAS FORSAKEN Israel for
    his secularity”)
    Believe me, it was not easy for the former hard-core fanatical red that I was, to accept
    Israel AS GOD’S People ! But accept The Fact I did.

    2_The Surest Thing we know about The Day And Hour Of The Rapture Is That we know nothing,
    Because GOD’S WORD SAYS SO.

    And Yet, the indefatigable prince of this world never ceases to give it another try.

    I was personally asked last year by an old friend a humble long time member of the Church
    I belong to, about Rev Camping’s doomsday.
    I began by pointing out to him What our LORD TEACHES ABOUT THE SUBJECT.
    I was staggered by the stone-cold hardness of his tone : WHAT JESUS SAID Is irrelevant
    In the Light Of GOD’S WARNING to Nineveh THAT SPECIFIED The Day And Hour of her destruction !
    He was immune to any Other Scriptural Reasoning. I didn’t recognize him any more.
    In January of this year, he gave me a copy of Rev Camping’s pseudo-devotion.
    What I needed to know about Pastor Camping was more than enough provided by his own website.
    So I gave up. I have still not met my friend again after the predictable dud-d00msday.

    However, all of us believers must be thankful TO GOD FOR HIS NOT ALLOWING Satan to cause
    some calamities somewhere in the world on that day, to support the claims of his ministers
    of unrighteousness.

    Let the scoffers at The Signs scoff, for they themselves are One of The Signs (IIPeter iii:3-4)
    Let the Just be Just Still, and the Unjust be Unjust still (Rev xxii:11)
    And let’s believers keep ourselves occupied in such a way we won’t be ashamed AT HIS APPEARING.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    That stupid REV HAROLD CAMPING made a prediction date of the rapture that did not happen when whe said that it would. He set a date for the Lord’s comming. He did it agian. Now he has RESET THE DATE AGAIN. HE NOW GOT IT SET TO OCTOBER. That probably will run out on him too. Everytime his dates fail, he resets it again. He makes us Christians look like stupid idiots. He is dumb and stupid. Jesus said that no one would know when he was comming, neither the angls either. HE SAID THAT EVEN HE DOES NOT KNOW WHEN HE IS COMMING. IF HE CANNOT KNOW WHEN HE IS COMMING HOW IN THE WORLD CAN ANYONE ELSE KNOW WHEN HE IS COMMING? Usually the DATE SETTERS pick events on the Jewish calendars to set their dates such as YON KIPPUR, FEAST OF TABERNACLES, JEWISH NEW YEAR, PASSOVER, PENTECOST, and other Jewish Events. But god does not go by these dates.

    Just what TRIGGERS the comming of the Lord Jesus.

    Here is what I think may be the triggers: think of the world as being a FUSE BOX WITH CIRCUIT BREAKERS.

    1 The Church of Jesus Christ reaching a certain number of CHristians which only God knows.
    2 A BIG WAR BREAKS OUT IN THE MID EAST. IF RUSSIA (GOG) INVADES ISRAEL ALONG WITH IRAN, TURKEY, LIBYA, ETIOPIA, AND OTHER COUNTRIES IN EZEKIEL 38 & 39. THAT WOULD BE A VERY BIG TRIGGER. It can happen before or after the rapture. IF THAT HAPPENS BEFORE THE RAPTURE, YOU CAN BE SURE THAT WE CHRISTIANS DONT HAVE MUCH TIME BEFORE WE HAVE TO LEAVE IN THE RAPTURE. If before Rapture, we do not know how much time that will be before we leave. It could be any amount of time which only God knows. If it is after the Rapture we do not know when the Invasion will be. Maybe God will not allow it before the Rapture because the war would be too much of a tip-off. Just how it happens, we do not know.

    Keith Black

  11. The RAPTURE IS The Single Event Satan fears most After CHRIST’S SECOND COMING
    And The Lake Of Fire.
    That’s why the prince of this world has to multiply the false alarms to dull
    The Believers’ Vigilance To The Real Alarm.
    Well, “not ignorant of his devices” we don’t need to fall for any of them
    (The Oil In The Parable Of The Ten Virgins)

  12. Dear Pastor Chambers

    Right on! H.E.C got the best out of Rev Chambers though. Harold must take stock of himself! However i have witnessed to a few Canadians because of the billboards. We are commanded to watch but not to get into fine detail about what hour things will happen at.

    Mr.Harold Camping; i want to let you know (billboards)that it was a non-event up here, we are the slurpy capitol of Canada, we’re old socialists, the end of the World is also coming to Imax soon. Cliche after cliche. You peddled the Word of my Lord Jesus in the Street. Please stop this.

    Also watch Canadian Prime Minister Harper, back Israel and stand up to your President.