In The Midst Of Despair: THE RAPTURE

How bad will it get before the Rapture? Bad enough that millions will experience “heart failure” just looking and witnessing what is coming on the earth. “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken” (Luke 21:26). The darkness is lingering as I type this introduction. We have actually seen every sign the Bible has promised to occur before the Great Tribulation is scheduled to begin. As I pray, the question that I am asking of the Lord is how to help people understand how bad it can get before the saints are “Caught Up.” I sense that a host of great souls who have known this truth for many years are losing patience. It is not easy to fight against discouragement when you see a church world that has so utterly turned from truth. Jesus warned us that this hour would be dangerous, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved” (Matthew 24:12-13). People in backslidden churches have to get the message that they need to get out and find a church where the truth is loved and obeyed. I believe there will be millions that miss the Rapture because they refuse to leave churches that have lost the way. The Father said it and Jesus Christ gave it to Saint John to write, “And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues” (Revelation 18-4). You will be judged with a church that compromises and you continue to support.
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12 thoughts on “In The Midst Of Despair: THE RAPTURE

  1. I believe it is coming, but I always thought that we would not endure the tribulation which is occuring right now. High unemployment of which I am one, it is hard to find a job like anything I have ever experienced!. I have had to talk to a priest of a possible exorcism done to me as I feel his prescence in my body. But the other night in a dream I spewed out all the evil and it was alot of demons yelling and mad at leaving.
    I pray the time comes soon with the way now Egypt has turned and the way people treat each other with so little of respect.
    I talked to a muslim online today and he told me they believe that Obama is the new christ and that jesus is the past ceasar. It is a scary world, now they are talking about changing the currency and that is in the bible. It is so close to having to get the mark. And they also are creating a new flu shot that takes care of everything. That is scary cause they talk about we will be demanded to take a shot in the future and if we dont we go to a camp and have our heads cut off. These camps are in place already and a new future is in store a scary one is you are a christan out there.
    Lord come soon !!!!!

  2. maybe I am the one being deceived but from what I have been shown most have been deceived of the real truth allowing ourselves to fall prey to relegions, $$$$$$, competition even as to who is right and who is wrong when none are right except God.

    We have gone, too far off the deep end, no not Gods end, the other end, deceived by the master of deception, the fake, the lie, that our self worth has brought to life for the new me generation.

    Now I see oh so well what He is saying about the narrow road, not to try and judge, and I wld have to pass a lot of the blame on the church, the pulpit, look at how many I have saved, brought to the alter, fire insurance as someone once said to me, at best – but I would dought even this.

    Many Many Many will realize calling oneself a Christian and being a Christian is a extreme, dramatic difference, yet to say the long time contented christian will be the last to realize.

  3. Respectfully, I have to wonder when we dig deeper & pray about this ~ if the masses of
    mens’s hearts failing them for fear of what’s yet to come — will that not be DURING the
    Tribulation?? Isn’t that when the powers of heaven will be shaken?

    I ask in all honesty, as it makes little sense to hear that the rapture is “ANY MOMENT NOW”
    and then to hear it may be a good while yet …. because more stuff has to happen and the
    powers of heaven must be shaken first, and lots of lots of people will have heart attacks
    because of it. Rather, at the time of the rapture, liie is to be NORMAL ~ with buying &
    selling and all such every day activities still flourishing. Obviously it can’t be both
    ways …. any moment now AND taking a while yet…. & this confuses me.

    The rapture is either upon us or it’s not. Frankly, by the world’s signs, I choose to
    believe that it is VERY CLOSE upon us. Maybe it’s just me & I am misunderstanding?..

    Truly agree about the compromised church though — IMO, it is this church that will make up
    the “spiritual” part of the Tribulation hour — in which the lie that “all paths” lead to God
    and to heaven will be spouted out on every corner. We know it’s already in full force & will
    get only worse from now till the rapture & then even afterwards. People these days DESIRE
    their ears to be tickled; they do not want sound biblical doctrine…. to their own
    destruction unless, like you say, they come out of it & repent.

    For the left behind world, please understand: eternal salvation and the path to heaven is
    ONE WAY and one way alone ~ by repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
    Yes, repentance IS a part of the equation!! See Acts 20:21 and John 14:6

    Even so, Come Lord Jesus!

  4. I am confused as well. I read and on here to that life will be just like
    in the days of Noah everyone will be about their way of life as normal
    then God will come on the scene to take us home. Now I am wondering which
    is right. Also I thought we would be gone when all the bad stuff started
    happening I pray we are. I pray everyday our saviour will come for us.

  5. According to many passages in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, we will not be here to suffer heart failure.
    Matthew 24:37 But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. 38 For as in the days tat were before the flood they were eating, drinking, marrying and giving in marriage.

    Matthew 24:30, Matthew 26:64, Mark 13:26, Mark 14:62, Luke 21:27 all speak of the L-rd coming in the clouds which is the case at rapture.

    Lastly, there is Luke 17:28 Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot, they did eat, they drank,they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded.

    So, in light of all these verses, when Jesus comes to call us Home, He is coming on an unsuspecting world that will be moseying along as usual.

    Brothers ans sisters, we have nothing to worry about. The Lord is not going to delay and come for a bloody, beaten bride.

    See y’all in the sky potentially very soon. G-d bless.

  6. Man heart fail them. Because of God grace and mercy God has for them. For in God Judgement their is grace and mercy. God knows that many christians will except the anti-christ when he comes. So God will have millions of christian die in WWIII so they will not have a chance to except the anti-christ. For the Word said my people are destoryed for lack of knowledge. Because the church refuses to keep the Torah. The 7th day Sabbath or any of God or Jesus Feast Days the curses increase. Leviticus 26 God brings Terror in verse 16, Verse 22 God sends abortion to the world. Its God mercy for these child not to be born to people who will teach them the way to hell. Its out of God merch and grace to sent the anti-christ unto the world to cause the religious chuch to repent and keep His Torah. To walk in the shallow of God is keeping the 7th day sabbath and God Feast Days. Paul also tells us that God Feast Days are shallow of thing to come. The church said their nothing wrong with keeping our man made holy days! People even love the curse things. War they can make money. Abortions they can make money. Romans 1 God causing people to become gay. Now the world see they can make money off them by giving them rights. Money can be made from earthquakes and from people lost. Charity can keep up to 89% of the collection for expences and 11% to the cause. That why God will increase the curses to break these people. God will cause the anti christ to put in effect no man can buy or sell unless they take his mark. So God poeple will no loner be part of the beast system. Mens hearts will fail them because their system is going to be done away with. These christian who claim to fight for the USA under God are not right with God. For God is out to bring her down. The Great Tribulation is the least of my problem. Its walking in the shallow of God and staying their.

    While much of our world is suffering terribly for their faith, Americans have suffered very little.
    Jesus indeed may come before we suffer likewise. But He also may tarry until we see dark times poured out on us. I have been saying for years, if Jesus tarries we may think we are in the “Great Tribulation”, before He comes. I am Pre-Tribulation in my firm beliefs, but I believe, if He does not come shortly, Americans will have to die for their faith. We have murdered 60 million unborn babies in the last 39 years and our God has the record. It is not going to be rosy between now and the Rapture.

    Pastor of these Web pages!!!

    Pastor Joseph Chambers

  8. Pastor Joseph, you are so right about all of this.

    As previously related, I left the apostate Episcopal Church because it was only getting worse as the years went by. I consider at this time as nothing more than a pseudo-Christian cult. When a church embraces error contrary to Scripture regarding Jesus, salvation, and human sexuality, that is all that it really is.

    The disturbing thing is, I still have friends which are part of this church whom I consider decent people that disagree with what it is teaching, but who won’t make the split for any number of reasons. I genuinely fear for their spiritual future and always make arguments whenever the opportunity arises to try to convince them that this denomination does not deserve their support or attendance which actually is an assent to its false doctrine. I pray that one day that they may be convinced to leave.

    As far as “How Bad Will it Get?” Jesus tells us it will be like the days of Noah (Matthew 24:36-39) which were characterized by the proliferation of evil (Genesis, chapter 6) in addition to the presence of the “giants” (Nephilim) who were the offspring of human women and fallen angels, a replication of this very thing (called “transhumanism”) is most likely already well under way using genetic manipulation presently.

    The Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21) provides a Pre- and Post-Rapture snapshot of the world in Jesus’ own words and I recommend all believers read it ASAP.

    I would say that as bad as it already is, it will only get worse in the remaining days of the Church Age. Even so, it will pale in comparison to the Post-Rapture era when Satan’s power is unrestrained across the world for seven years.

    As such, my advice is if you are in a church which teaches error, the time to get out is TODAY. If necessary, have a Sunday service in your own home from now on if there are no Bible-believing preaching and teaching churches in your area. Believe me, you’ll be far better off outside their doors.

    And make Bible Study a daily habit. Start with the gospel of John, then read Luke and Acts. Upon the solid foundation of these three books, you will be able to recognize truth over error and I know Jesus will honor you for the effort (Luke 11:9-10; James 1:5).

    Now, then, what are you waiting for????

  9. Response to Melvin:

    Romans 3:20 Therefore by the deeds of that law there shall no flesh be justified in his sight: for by the law is the knowledge of sin.

    Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace ye are saved through faith; and that is not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man boast.

    Also, please read Paul’s letter to the Galatians where we see that going back to the Law very much undermines Jesus’ sacrifice of himself for our sins. It’s pretty much saying what he did wasn’t “enough” and we have to add our own works to “finish the salvation job.” This is actually a very common error in many churches today.

    I think such a philosophy demeans Jesus and elevates ourselves, which is always a serious mistake.

  10. Dear Pastor Chambers,

    Many an Israel Prime Minister warned us that the events in the world would start to appear in North America, yes they were right! Those things are now here and in short order. The business of Church is not the business of the world. The world loves it’s own. But, Jesus loves us.

    Is not the Church encircled like Israel. Does not most everyone disagree with our right to exist just like Israels. Athough they are G-D`s chosen so are we, what a good example they have demonstated for us, they stick together and thats something we as the body of Christ have yet to figure out, I am speaking about Abrahams journey to Hebron were we are to find fellowship. We are stuck at Bethel trying to finish our walk in these Church buildings.

    I do not own a house or a car and have little possesions, but were my heart is so is my treasure.
    If I do not treasure my fellow bretheren in Jesus the Christ then i possess very little indeed.

    The Lord reminded us that when we feed or clothed one of these little ones we did it to him, let go of the world and look ahead (up) for you and i will shortly see out saviour coming.

    The extended warranty for Christians is keep our hearts filled with love and they shall not fail us.

    God Bless you Pastor

  11. The church is not subject to receive the arath of god in the great trib. We the church
    will be raptured before the great trib. if you read Mathew 25, this rapture the ANGELS gather
    the trib saints. THIS IS NOT THER RAPTURE OF THE CHURCH. Read REV 14 the Angles gather the
    clusters (The grapes that are ripe.) The vinyard is Israel. Does anybody read the book
    of Isaiah. In Psalms ch 50, God gathers all the Jews. These trib saints, have the testomony of
    Christ, and keep his commandments. If you do not look for him you will not see God, nor see
    the lord. In MAthew 25 the foolish virgins, evil sevant they lost it. The world will see
    There is a difference between the first advent, and the second. So many people confuse the
    second advent with the rapture. So many people refuse to tudy and they get their doctrines
    all messed up.

  12. According to the Bible the Great Tribulation began on May 21, 1988, satan was released from his prison at that same time and the Church Age ended. Also according to the Bible Christ will return in the clouds on May 21, 2011 for the true believers and the world will end on October 21,2011. This is not according to Nostradamus or the Mayan Indians or the producers of movies. The Bible has never been wrong before.