A Noted Lesbian And The NIV Translation

(Listen to this Interview!) A confessed lesbian helped translate the NIV “Bible”. Her name was Dr. Virginia Mollenkott and she was an English Professor at the William Patterson University of New Jersey at the time of this interview. She is the author of a host of books and believed she had a strong influence on the translation of that particular translation. The NIV changed the term “sodomy” to a new term “temple prostitute”. She certainly believed that this solfening was a good thing and took some credit in helping to accomplish that goal. There is no doubt that Dr. Mollenkott was well known for her far-left liberalism and the facts of her lifestyle. A little review of her books and personal background show that direction. Her view of almost every great truth of Scripture is left of center.

Dr Mollenkott had long spoke of a de-absolutized Bible. It is very clear in the thinking of some of those that gave us the NIV translation that an absolute text was not there goal. In fact this translation is not a translation but a transliteration. I believe the proper term for this text is paraphrase. When you study the changes and deletions you quickly see that it is an “Apostate” Bible that is leading the church away from truth. Look at the warning words of our Lord Jesus Christ to all of us. “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Revelation 22:18-19)

I believe that any church denomination or local church that adopts this apostate text is part of the Harlot church in Revelation seventeen. (GOD said “Come Out Of Her!”)
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21 thoughts on “A Noted Lesbian And The NIV Translation

  1. Dear Joe Chambers,

    The best bible around is STILL THE KING JAMES VERSION. It uses the original Hebrew and the original Greek text as its basis. The KJV uses the uncorrupted text. It is still the most accurate Bible. The next best bible is the Geneva Bible. The modern translations use the corrupt Alexandrian Greek text. The modren translations are being increasingly corrupted by by “POLITICAL CORRECTNESS” which is really POLITICAL CORRUPTNESS. POLITICAL CORRECTNES IS OF THE DEVIL, FOR THE DEVIL, AND BY THE DEVIL. Too many of the modern transaltions are SATANIC. Only the best ransaltions based on the original uncorrupted text are the real Word of God. False translations are of Satan, especially those that bow to political corrupness.



  2. The NIV did or was considering taking Gender out of the Bible. Paul said, “I wish those troublemakers would go the whole way and emasculate themselves”. It is happening before our eyes, it is all fitting with prophecy. The basic doctrine of many churches has been troubled for many, many years. The Reformation 500 years ago did not bring us a complete understanding of the gospel, and we are suffering the consequences of not knowing what real faith is, leaving many to interpret the Bible with errors of understanding rooted deep in the past. Why do you think any church will be spared the Tribulation if it is in serious error? The Tribulation will help root these errors out as the world falls deeper and deeper into a state of disorder. If the churches do not turn around they will loose what little they may have. Those that are true will be the ensign that will be raised-up as a standard in the last days as a beacon of hope for those that know or want to know better. These issues are deeply rooted in false doctrine that has slowly blinded the minds from generation to generation, until the church does not know any better and becomes apostate. Taking gender out of the bible was the last straw for me, but I believe the errors started over 500 years ago, and are rooted in misunderstood or false doctrine.

    Those that preach Grace alone are most likely trapped in a state of misunderstanding. This teaching is for the wicked where anything goes. It is true, we can not save ourselves, but faith is dead without works. Those that love the Lord will endeaver to keep his commandments and work in the vinyard. It is not a works mentality. If it is Grace alone than don’t do anything. Let the world go to hell. Our society especially the USA has had order for many years, but there are those that have been undermining any good that has existed in the past because they don’t understand what basic faith is, or how to reinforce and strengthen the faith that someone has when they come to Christ. When Christ came over 2000 years ago in the flesh and preached with his disciples, many PUT their faith in him, faith that they already had, expressed in the way they lived their lives and by what they did. Being ‘Born Again’ is a process that starts from birth as the Spirit gives life. Jesus expected Nichodemus to know this and was scolded as a teacher for not knowing this. You do not want to destroy that which is good in your life for the sake of some doctrine that tells you, you are evil before Christ. This teaching is partially responsible for the emasculation of the church, and has been going on for too long. The promise of the Comforter also in John has had the wording changed, not just in the NIV, but the beloved King James. ‘is with you, and WILL BE in you’ has been change from; ‘is with you, and IS in you’ The later is from early manuscripts, found as a foot note in the NIV. These verses and a few others have been misunderstood, and are at the root of the basic Gospel message that has been preached for many years. The whole Bible is attempted to be understood from this premise. Systematic Theology, taught in seminary, is an attempt to understand the Bible from a given premise. It could be the wrong premise. The Bible is far better understood and God’s Grace and mercy unbounded when you can accept faith is possible in all people. There is no conflict in Christ being the only way, he still is. God is the one who brings us to Christ, it is helped along by those who can express the Gospel properly. Also in John ‘Everyone who listens to the Father and learns from him, comes to me’ and the me in this passage is Christ. Christ is our savior once and for all. Living in the joy of your salvation as expressed by King David in Psalm 51 is a life-long process. David knew his savior and had the Spirit as a companion. He knew repentance and understood faith and works. He wanted to make recompence for what he did. He said. ‘Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation: And uphold me with thy free spirit. Then will I teach transgressors thy ways’.

  3. Very interesting, Zonderman (spelled wrong?) also printed the Satanic bible, wow unto ‘those’ who add or delete the printed word of God – w/o doubt what was done w/the NIV was intentional! It seems that the NASB (king James) is pretty good, I believe anyway. I’m not a bible scholar, just redeemed.

  4. Hello Pastor Joseph.

    Let me say right out front that I consider the King James Verson of the Bible as the best English translation available, but that I also use the Revised Standard Version and, yes, even the New International Version as well for comparison purposes, along with the Strong’s Expanded Exhaustive Concordance (itself based on the KJV) which includes Vine’s Hebrew and Greek dictionaries.

    The best of all worlds, of course, would be if we Christians were able to read the Bible in its original languages and even compare the various ancient manuscripts to each other because as excellent as even the King James Version is, it is still a translation and even the best cannot always replicate the meaning or nuances of the original words.

    Note that in the NIV, the pronouncements against homosexuality do remain in Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1:24-27; though they are admittedly softened in 1 Corinthians 6:9. The RSV actually does a much better rendering the 1 Corinthians passage actually using the word “homosexual.” So although I definitely am not pleased with someone whose lifestyle suggests the possibility of a pro-homosexual bias coloring her work being part of the NIV team, it does not appear that she had insufficient “veto power” over her associates to eliminate the condemnation of homosexuality that it appropriately deserves.

    Yet in truthfulness, we must admit that even the KJV doesn’t always use the best translation. Genesis 37:35 in the KJV and NIV contain the expression “the grave.” The NIV has a note rendering this as “Sheol,” whereas only some KJV editions do so. The RSV renders it as “Sheol” right in the text itself. According to Strong’s “sheol” is correct.

    The best of all worlds, of course, would be if we Christians were able to read the Bible in its original languages and even compare the various ancient manuscripts to each other because as excellent as even the King James Version is, it is still a translation and even the best cannot always replicate the meaning or nuances of the original words.

    I have found that the versions I’ve mentioned above have their advantages and disadvantages, with the King James Version, as I’ve said at the beginning, still being the very best.

  5. Go to the internet: May 21, 2011 and you will see that ALL churches today are in deep trouble because of their failure to preach the whole Bible.

  6. Brother Jim Sowers

    Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I believe that since I am saved, am filled with the Holy Spirit,my Teacher, Comforter and Guide, I can not be misled by any translation of the Bible. Praise Jesus for requesting of the Father to send the Holy Spirit to us. In addition to that, prayer would be more fitting for those who have been misled than to condemn them. Love and prayers in Christ Jesus, Brother Jim Sowers

  7. The Real Author Of THE BIBLE IS STILL ALIVE AND WITH us today.
    Whenever we open and read THE BIBLE FOR GUIDANCE, THE AUTHOR
    IS At our side TO OPEN THE MEANING OF GOD’S WORD for us.
    THIS AUTHOR IS NEITHER IN the deafening thunder, OR IN the howling wind.
    HE IS JUST IN The Quiet Little Voice of our conscience.


    So whatever version of THE BIBLE AVAILABLE to us in Perilous Times Present and Future,
    Whenever and Wherever we devotionally seek GOD’S WORD, we can be sure OF THE HOLY SPIRIT’S PRESENCE.
    After all, On Pentecost Day There Were No WRITTEN WORD Yet, SO THE AUTHOR INSPIRED DIRECTLY
    the minds of men present TO ALLOW them to hear, in their own language THE GOSPEL.
    AS HE HAD INSPIRED DIRECTLY the minds of rebellious men at Babel to confuse their common
    language and made it incomprehensible to each other.
    Soon there will be official public BIBLE-Burning. And A Searing Hunger FOR GOD’S WORD.
    HE TAUGHT us Through St Paul THAT ” The Letter Killeth But THE SPIRIT GIVES LIFE “.
    The Letter can be distorted and perverted by the Devil and his agents.
    But they have no hold whatsoever On THE HOLY SPIRIT’S WORK.

    The KJV BIBLE IS my Reference.
    I have discarded long ago the RSV(1952)with its
    spurious arguments for “scholarly” changes(a red
    scholar was on its editing board), everytime pretexting
    “Hebrew obscure” in footnotes, as it did for Provebs xxiii : 7.
    Just compare the two renderings of Isaiah lix : 19.
    The KJV rendering is always quoted, the RSV’s never;
    while the NIV(1978)publishes both.

  8. Yet another Bible being twisted. It seems these Bible transliteraters are demanding that G-d come after them as He vows to do in Revelation 22. A few years ago, a new King James Bible came on the market. This bible has 67 books. We all know that the Word of G-d is comprised of 66 books. The new 67th book written by a man named Flemming who claims to be a prophet for the gay community. His 67th book is an outright blasphemy and I would think that he is in more trouble with the L-rd than the average person who took away or added a few words to His Word. Be sure to take very good care of the King James that you have because purchasing a new one could be a trap. It may not even indicate on the cover or the binding that it is a gay bible. I think we are seeing something worse than what the Bible describes as apostacy. This is downright abominable.

    How much longer, L-rd?!

  9. The King James has mistakes alos. That why I use the Aramic Engish New Testament and the Restoration Scriptures, The Tanakh The Holy Scriptures, Complete Jewish Bible . New Jerusaalm Bible. The Reason people as christian are so divid is because the King James is anti-Torah. Jesus never done away with the Torah. Their a greater reward for those who keep the Torah. Read Matt.5 Jesus tells who will be great in the Kingdom. For salvation is a gift and Torah keeping is a higher reward. By the church not keeping the Torah the curse of Terror; Lev.26:16, abortion Lev.26;22 [Wild beasts can be abortion doctors] Jesus sent on mankind. For Grace and Mercy works 2 ways. Way would Jesus send abortion because Jesus see it better that person not be born because they would train the child to just as wicked. In the Great Tribulation out of mercy God will cause most christian to die because he knows they would except the anti-christ. For the wise know how God will protect them threw the Great Tribulation and be of the Great in the Kingdom because of knowing God Word and doing.

  10. Hum… This might explain the Gay Jesus Billboards we had here in Dallas last year. Saw at least two of them, with bible versus listed. The only text on the board was something like, “Jesus didn’t hate homosexuality” , “Jesus welcomed Gays into the church” or some such nonsense. But the bible verse when you looked it up said nothing about sodomy or homosexuality. It was only the teaching and healing of Jesus. Of course I used a KJV. It also had the picture of Jesus on the billboard. They stated about 2 months and dissapeared. I was totally grossed out and p’off about the whole thing.

  11. I hate th kjv. I read the NAS updated version, whihc is the closes to word for word. Check out the chart when you put in the serach word for word translation of the bible and you will see that one a chart next to the interlinear bible is the NAS Bible; then it’s the ampified bible, then the ESV bible which I also have. Then the RSV is next which I think is a cathlic bible. Then comes the KJV then the NKJV which is what I have also. I like reading several different bibles. The corruped ones are the message and the good news for modern man.

  12. In repsponse to Ed Wood. I have talked to many people, including my Pastor over the NIV and the use of “grave” and sheol. According to Webster’s Dictionary which was written based on the KJV Bible,
    grave;an excavation for burial of a body, tomb. Sheol; the abode of the dead in early Hebrew thought. If you ask the Jewish Scholars the meaning of sheol, the response is a graveyard enclosed by a type of fence and a gate. It does not mean “hell” which is a place of everlasting torment. Please see Luke 16:19-31. By changing “hell” to “the grave” removes the fear of the Lord, judgment.
    This is the work of “the father of lies” turning God’s holy word into a lie, just like he did in Gen. 3. Explain why the NIV clearly states (The most reliable early manuscripts and other ancient witnesses do not have Mark 16:9-20) which begs the question, Wasn’t Jesus Christ a witness to the world for His Heavenly Father? What about the Holy Spirit, a witness for Jesus Christ?
    God Bless

  13. The words that Mollencott was responsible for changing were “sodomite” and “sodomites” not sodomy. That word does not appear even in the King James Version. Serious Bible students know that the King James Version does not have any errors.

  14. I would like to draw caution to what I feel is to be more alarming than even the debate or concern of Bible translations. If you listen closely to the views of Dr. Mollenkott in the interview you can easily hear what some deem as mainstream Christianity doctrine. My fear is that what she called “right wing evangelicals who harbor war tendencies” doesn’t do just that. Too long the voice of the blood bought church, which she feels don’t house any authority, remains idle to stand in the face of mainstream Christianity and renounce the idolatry and the state of apostasy it has fallen into. I too hold KJV as my translation of choice, but translational issues are minor compared to the major lack of Biblical truths being presented in the pulpits across America. These liberal views do take some effect from modern translations. However, any anointed man or woman of God will search for authentic truths through much prayer, fasting and hermeneutical studies of scripture. The key I feel to all this is the true baptism of the Holy Ghost, whom inspired the very writings of the original Holy Scriptures. Though heartbreaking and disturbing is our current standing in church history I take great joy to know my redemption draweth nigh! Look up blood bought saints the day of our Lord soon approaches us. Until then, pursue holiness, preach the uncompromised Word of God and pray that spiritually blind eyes be opened before that day!

  15. Dear Pastor,

    What an outflowing of the spirit and many a letter to consider. Also, Thank you Dan for the insight into the subtle shifts of theology within the Church that has borned the apostasy. The Church also comes in power, Philadelphians and some strength, a little power. Rev3:8

    The divisions in the Church are far greater than lesbian issues. We are all sinners!

    We cannot continue our Christian journey in life as Dan says, if we don know our gifts, we support our buildings and yet there is a lot of sickness amongst the bretheren (i mean beyond P.C.M.). We should be functioning better, this is not debatable, it a simple fact.

    The Lord must clear the Tares from the Wheat, something must give. Perhaps the chaff could be seen as our faithless sin and on a grander scale not coming together, or forsaking the whole assembly may also apply to the whole Church world. The Body is torn apart, ravaged by the same beasts that also tear babies apart.

    What bothers me is that the public can see us debating our bibles in a public forum, written by man you say!

    Jesus had; “Jesus of Nazarath”” King of the Jews” (YAH WEH) written in three langauages placed on His Cross, as directed by Pontious Pilot, they were; Greek, Latin and Hebrew and by 300 years Anno Domini there were produced 10,000 manuscrpits in Latin, 10,000 manuscripts in Greek and 5,000 manuscripts in Hebrew. At no time in ancient history has any one event been so carefully catalogued!

    There are many texts in three languages that are available. The King James Bible save the pentateuch
    error is the best. 304,805 letters cannot be altered. The Hebrew Scribes counted every blessed and precious letter.

    God Bless my Christian Bretheren

  16. It is incredible that more and more Church people are openly advocating homosexuality
    in view of the clear and unequivocal condemnation of it in Romans i : 17-31.
    This passage moreover hints at the AIDS harvested in “their own bodies” as a result of
    these practices.

    In January 1985, an unexpected consequence of this epidemic was the closing down of this
    Hamburg(Germany)infamous hotbed of vice industry : the “Eros Center”.
    Since its opening in 1967, it was the favorite r&r site for the members of the international
    underworld. And more often than not, mobsters got gunned down there by their peers or consorts.
    The local police was largely content to play coroner, and clients kept crowding in, undeterred.

    Until AIDS reared its terrifyingly ugly head, in 1983. And overnight, frequentation dropped.
    Tough guys unafraid of red hot bullets got hopelessly terrorized by a simple acronym !
    And it was the whimpering end of the Hamburg “E-C”.

  17. Rev. Billy W. Hedgecock

    Brother Chambers It would do some good to the Book (God Wrote only one Bible)
    thank you
    P.S. old friends Brother (H. M. Jack Drake turn me on to this book.)