(Sorry for mistake!) GEORGE SOROS JUST ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY as the choice for the Republican nominee and that should be Mitt’s political death warrant. To add steam to the mix, Sarah Palin and Reverend Don Wildmon have both endorsed Newt Gingrich. They are both well-spoken and trustworthy leaders. Soros is a liberal of liberals and he says, “Obama, Romney are not much difference”. I believe that Romney is the choice, of the Democrat or Republican establishments, (if Obama gets defeated) and they are very much of the same mindset. The coming “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT“ is anti-Gingrich to the core. If Gingrich should become President we may just buy a little time for America in the world’s march to an Anti-christ kingdom.

I have never seen the powers of questionable politicians come out in such force against anyone. When failed Presidential candidates like John McCain and Bob Dole take a stand against someone like they have against Newt Gingrich everyone should know a fix is in the making. I’m calling every believing Christian to prayer. This is Spiritual warfare and not just political warfare. PLEASE SEND THIS INFORMATION TO EVERY FRIEND YOU HAVE IN FLORIDA! All of us together can make a difference tomorrow, and bring some sanity back to the political process. If you vote for Newt make sure it is not a vote for the Republican Party because they just do not get it.
I love America and I love Americans!
Joseph R. Chambers


  1. Unless we have a II Chronicles 7:14 revival or return as a nation to such values, we are finished. No I’m not a pessimist. Examine your Scripture and find out what happened to EVERY nation that turned its back on God. In the case of Israel, there was no remedy. Even the revival under King Josiah did not forestall eventual judgment. Thankfully King Josiah was spared the realization of judgment – those who are faithful to Jesus and follow Him fully as did Caleb and Joshua will also be spared. But the choice as to who you will serve and believe is up to you. Politicians and political parties are not the solution. A return to the whole counsel of God is. Good day.

  2. As a God fearing, Bible believing, born again Christian that has done my home work on the Catholic church and the Mormon occult, there is but one choice; Ron Paul. He is the only one that you can bet your bottom dollar every decision he would make would be based on the Constitution, which I happen to believe was a divinely inspired document. He has never changed his position, never voted to increase government or taxes and did not vote for the “unconstitutional bail-out”. If you follow each of his positions they will always lead you to one of two places, either the Constitution or liberty, which is protected by the Constitution. Ask yourself, if you have issues with all four candidates but only one will always revert back to the Constitution isn’t that the one you want running this country?

  3. Newt Gingrich is as bad as Mitt Romney.. He believes in global warming, lax borders, pro adultery, pro individual mandates, is pro war instead of a peacemaker, anti freedom of work, etc.

    Ron Paul is the only one that believes in the Constitution

  4. Im ok with Obama in a 2nd term relative to the alternativ-e Republican nominee. But thats not the only reason. I think Obama is liberal at heart but needs a bit more political leverage via these demonstrat-ion and demand from the public to right the economic inequaliti-es by pushing through more liberal economic policies.buy tera gold

  5. The only candidate on the platform that openly says the name,”Jesus” is Rick Santorum. I haven’t heard anything morally or fiscally negative about him. If this is a spiritual warfare, shouldn’t we support the one most close to our values and not who the “majority” believe who’ll beat Obama. If this is spiritual (which is definitely is) we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding. We’ll be held responsible for our secular, instead of Spiritual stand. I’ve been praying for Santorum.

  6. G-d sets up kingdoms, and He takes them down. It is now America’s turn to fall, and fall very hard.
    Ultimately, G-d is in charge of who sits in the white house and I believe that He put Obama in the white house for one reason….to bring America all the way down. I also believe that Obama has a very strong chance of being reelected but, I always figured if he wasn’t, then someone at least as bad as him would be elected to ensure that America stays on it’s present course. The economy is not going to recover. It will continue to spiral till it hits the bottom and the entire nation is starving.

    Even with all this, G-d still wants us to vote our conscious. Keep in mind that the L-rd will put in office, whomever necessary to keep prophecy rolling. Time is short. Rapture is eminent. Be looking up!