(Sorry for mistake!) GEORGE SOROS JUST ENDORSED MITT ROMNEY as the choice for the Republican nominee and that should be Mitt’s political death warrant. To add steam to the mix, Sarah Palin and Reverend Don Wildmon have both endorsed Newt Gingrich. They are both well-spoken and trustworthy leaders. Soros is a liberal of liberals and he says, “Obama, Romney are not much difference”. I believe that Romney is the choice, of the Democrat or Republican establishments, (if Obama gets defeated) and they are very much of the same mindset. The coming “ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT“ is anti-Gingrich to the core. If Gingrich should become President we may just buy a little time for America in the world’s march to an Anti-christ kingdom.

I have never seen the powers of questionable politicians come out in such force against anyone. When failed Presidential candidates like John McCain and Bob Dole take a stand against someone like they have against Newt Gingrich everyone should know a fix is in the making. I’m calling every believing Christian to prayer. This is Spiritual warfare and not just political warfare. PLEASE SEND THIS INFORMATION TO EVERY FRIEND YOU HAVE IN FLORIDA! All of us together can make a difference tomorrow, and bring some sanity back to the political process. If you vote for Newt make sure it is not a vote for the Republican Party because they just do not get it.
I love America and I love Americans!
Joseph R. Chambers


  1. I am absolutely shocked that you would support Newt who is a womanizer and liar. This man is nothing but trouble and would have our country in a mess. God is not approving of a womanizer in the leadership. This is shocking! Forget what others are saying. I like Palin but quite frankly she is wrong and against the standards of the Bible to support a man who has three wives and was unfaithful to them. Now he is in a cult called the Catholic church. He would bring sin into the White House.

  2. NEwt is a crook just like the rest. The only possible real candidate would be Ron Paul. But he won’t get elected. Presidents are puppets and they are not elected but Chosen by the Global Elite known as the Illuminati. The presidential election is one of the biggest media farces there are.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    I know that Newt Gingrich is not perfect. Well neither was ISRAEL’S SECOND PRESIDENT DAVID. LIKE NEW, DAVID HAD A MISTRESS NAMED BATHSHEBA. HE EVENTUALLY MARRIED HIS MISTRESS TOO. The Prophet Nathan really fussed at him over it too. He asked for forgivenes for his sin. Newt als asked for forgiveness for his sin. I am willing to forgive him for his sin. I ask you to forgive DAVID & BATHSHEBA II. Yes DAVID (NEWT ) AND BATHSHEBA (CALLISTA ) sinned. They asked forgivness. Are you willing to forgive them? At lest the second David (New) did not kill someone in order to marry his mistress like the first one. The first one killed the husband of his mistress, so he could marry her. The second David did not.

    IT IS FAR MOR IMPORTANT TO JUDGE POLITICIANS BY THEIR FRUITS (POLICIES, JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS, CABINET APPOINTMENTS, EXECUTIVE ORRDRS, HOW WELL THEY FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION, INTEGRITY OR CORRUPTION, BILL THAT THEY GET PASSED IN CONGRESS THAT THEY SIGN OR VETO, CONFICTS OF INTERST. AND OTHER POLITICA THINGS) THAN BY THEIR PERSONAL LIVES. It is possible for poiticians to have a DAVID 7 BATHSHEBA style life but still be a hero. While another poitician that had the same marriage for decades such as Obama Or Romney can have HORRIBLE POLITICS THAT DESTROY OUR FREEDOMS. Obama is the worst president that we ever had, and has harsh Fascist policies, and grossly abuses power, he is putting us in danger of a German style Holocaust. The NDAA law will bring a German style HOLOCAST on our country. Death camps are being built in the USA for the Holocaust. Mitt Romney is also a Fascist (national socialist). Mitt also has the same wife for decades, but he is a liberal socialist too. Even Adolf Hitler of Germany had one wife. The very worse sin that a political leader can commit is ABUSIVE, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, POWER GRABBING, AND OVER REACHING. In Matthew 23, Jesus condemned the REGULATORS (PHARISEES)THE MOST, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO PASS HARSH DRACONIAN LWS THAT THEY DO NOT APPLY TO THEMSELVES (they give themselves EXEMPTIONS (which is the worst sort of hypocrisy of all). THE POWER-CRITES ARE THE WORST HYPOCRITES OF ALL. It is far more important to judge the poiliticians by their FRUITS than by their personal lives. David’s sin with Bathsheba is not going to affect your lives as much as the most VIOLENT TYRANICAL POWER’CRITES, THAT ENDANGER YOUR FREEDOM AND EVEN YOUR LIFE. This is a LIFE & DEATH DECISION for us to make. If wer elect the right politians we extend the life of our liberties, even if that polician is DAVID WITH HIS BATHSHEBA. If we vot the wrong candiade, THEN WE WILL FACE A MAJOR HOLOCAUST WITH DEATH CAMPS AS IT WAS IN GERMANY, WHEN THEY ELECTED ADOLF HITLER.


    I believe I would rather take my chances with having David & Bathsheba in the Whitehouse, because that will not affect us as much as having a freedom destroying president. This will buy us time until the Lord can come and evacuate us from this planet. If we can buy time. we can avod deathcamps.


    Keith Black

  4. Suzanna Hunt Keats

    We are appalled also! and at most ALL Republicans!!! This party has gone to the dogs in the
    past few years, doing everything the Bible commands us not to do! They lie, accuse, and many
    lead absolutely immoral lives! See jesusnorepublican.org – a church site. Newt Gingrich
    has made many ‘off the wall’ statements, and should not be trusted!! The church should not be
    involved in politics, according to the Bible, and you want a Catholic to lead our nation after
    all the railing you do against that religion?? The RIGHT thing to do is to forget party names
    and vote for the one with the most integrity, intelligence and conscience towards the middle
    class and the poor – God is not a Republican – they are only for the rich, period!! and what
    do they really accomplish regarding abortion?!! If you do your homework, you will find that
    more abortions occur when Republicans are in power!! And if Fox news is your only source of
    political intake, you are most-likely brainwashed by their insidious premeditated propaganda!!
    Also do a search on the accomplishments of our President, whom even John McCain says is a
    decent man and Christian….Read up on the chaplain who advises him – a great Christian and preacher!! You will never hear of any scandalous activity in Obama’s life!! And wouldn’t
    Jesus want everyone to have his health care plan?….of course!! The economy is slowly
    improving, along with jobs…….do not give credence to the pundits and journalists, etc.
    that LIE!!

    Love in Christ’s name, The Deception Revealers’ Ministry……a covert mission.
    PS: Sarah Palin’s and Glenn Beck’s outrageous statements, planted seeds of murder in some
    minds, and the news had it that a few people were killed last year, due to Beck’s deranged accusations.


  5. In response to Lowell: We do not have real good choices for the R party.
    However, concerning Newt, he at least has admitted his sins and says he has asked
    God to forgive him. Remember that FORGIVENESS is at the very heart of our
    Christian faith. Otherwise do you want a Morman for president? At least the
    Catholics believe in the suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus. They
    certainly do not believe that Jesus is a brother to the devil, as the Mormons do.

  6. FTR, I do not care for the adulterous past of Newt, either…. however, that being said, he claims he HAS asked God “for forgiveness”!! So who are we to *continue* to hold it against him? God can forgive AND forget…. man tends to neglect the *forgetting* part, even when we forgive.

    A Catholic or a Mormon?? Well, the Lord can reach either one – and make a King out of either one.

    Personally, I can’t help wondering if we are at the end of the line, & the end of the Church Age is upon us… which is actually my hope, as we are TO DESIRE to be with the Lord! ~ Let the Spirit and the Bride say COME!! So if we’re that close, then Jesus will step out of heaven and raise us up to heaven to be WITH Him. And the AC will take over here ..OR.. maybe just maybe …. he’s already IN power!! Meanwhile, we are to stay in this BATTLE *till*.

    It speaks VOLUMES when Soros is endorsing Romney though! Wonder what gives with that?

  7. Comment #1 — Romney is involved in the cult of the Mormon (LDS) Church! Why is he more worthy than Gingrich to hold the office of the President of the US? Romney will bring much evil and sin into
    the White House as well. He has flip flopped on abortion over the years because the LDS Church does NOT have a firm prolife stand on the issue. As an ex Mormon, I would not vote for him. At the same time, I’m not a huge fan of Gingrich either who has the morals of an alley cat. God’s wrath has fallen upon our country. This is just the beginning.

  8. Lowell, Let’s be careful with those stones…lest we forget that God often uses those most who have done what the world deems worst…in fact, his greatest leaders and one even was called “a man after God’s own heart”, were murderers, not to mention adultery and the murder was King David’s good friend, Uriah. All 3 of these great men were murderers: King David (+much more) Saul/Paul as he approved the horrific stoning of Saint Steven, and good old Moses, who killed the Egyptian. As far as ANY doctrine being a “cult”…it is man who created doctrine…not God. To Him, we are all Children of God. I am not going to attempt to negate how God can use ANY man if he is anointed and chosen by the great IAM. As far as I am concerned, the “standard of the bible” is grace since our savior’s blood was shed for our sins. I don’t know which candidate is best, but I know that God knows and the best prayer we can have is: Thy Will be Done.

  9. Sandra is right.

    Pastor Chambers, as you, I love americans and this wonderful country of ours. But after looking into the candidates thoroughly, Newt Gingrich is no different than the rest, he is a catholic who worships a big stone owl at the Bohemian Grove (where global elite meet to do their religious rituals). They (including Newt) may claim to believe in God but it sure isn’t the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

    Ron Paul is the only one who has never flip flopped on an issue and strictly abides by the constitution. The media and establishment hates him for it. No, he is not perfect but he sure is the best we have running now. Regardless, this voting system that we have is a fraud. But there is power through prayer, and we need it today more than ever.

    Come quickly Lord Jesus.

  10. This country officially started telling God to pack his bags and get out of its life on June 17, 1963. This is when the Supreme Court violated with impunity a Christian’s right to worship wherever he or she pleased, such as our mostly Christian taxpayer-supported public schools, without government interference.

    For almost 50 years the predominently lukewarm and lazy Christians in this country sat back and let these affronts continue to take place. God won’t stay where he isn’t welcome and what we are seeing now in the kind of men who are our leading presidential candidates leads me to believe that the Lord is doing just that, just as he did in the Old Testament to Israel when they followed the same path that America is now treading.

    I pray for all those Christians who have spoken up and taken the heat for openly denouncing the evil that has swallowed up our once noble country.

    I know that whatever happens, God will never abandon his faithful Remnant and I believe our redemption is now very, very near in these times so reminscient of the days of Noah.

  11. When the Republican caucus for my precinct in Minnesota
    is held next Tuesday (07 Feb 2012), I plan to attend it
    and endorse Newt Gingrich (although I would not be
    devastated if Romney got a GOP majority in Minnesota).

    If Romney gets the nomination, and selects a woman
    VP running mate, I plan to vote 3rd party (although
    I would not be aghast if Romney won the Presidency in 2012).

  12. George Soros is the man who put Obama in the Whitehouse. He’s one of the wealthiest men in the world, b/c he’s part of the group in control of wars, world banks, etc.
    This group WILL bring in the NWO, regardless of flailing democracies now.
    Read the most recent report at: Economic Crisis, Riots, Unrest – Welcome to the Next Thirty Years
    by Keith Wallace, Institute of Population Control in Hampstead, London { H3N2v }

  13. I must respectfully disagree with Bro. Chambers on this one. Newt is just as big of a liberal as Romney and he will not buy us any time in America. I agree with others on this blog. Ron Paul is the only candidate who will buy this nation any time from the coming New World Order. Mr. Chambers needs to do a whole lot more research into these candidates before making such bold endorsments. I wouldn’t trust a globalist adulterer like Newt behind a pulpit….let alone in the oval office. At least Ron Paul has never been caught with his pants down and has remained faithful to the same woman for 53 years. He is also the ONLY EVANGELICAL left in the race. Many folks don’t like his foreign policy, but when you really study it carefully, you will find that George Washington, James Madison, and Monroe…all had this kind of approach to foreign policy. The Constitution and the Monroe Doctrine guided our foreign policy up until WW1. God Blessed this nation! If the neo-con foreign policy was so great, why has it pushed the Middle East to the brink of WW3? Ron Paul wants to stay out of Israel’s business as well as out of the Arab’s business. If push comes to shove, let the best man win….AND WE ALL KNOW WHO THAT WILL BE….ISRAEL! That’s a far better policy than giving Israel foreign aide….and then telling them when and how they can defend themselves. By the way, we also give foreign aide to ALL OF ISRAEL’S ENEMIES! Ron Paul says…quit giving ALL of them money and stay out of their business. We can’t afford it anyhow!

    Bro. Troy Cunningham

    Trueway Holiness Church
    Alcolu, SC

  14. Pastor Troy Cunningham

    Ron Paul will be the only candidate who will buy America any time against the coming New World Order. Newt is up to his eyeballs in globalism. He is all for the global warming hoax and is the most disgusting excuse for a man and a husband. If you can’t trust a man to be faithful to his wife, you can’t trust him to be faithful to the American people. He is EASILY manipulated! Ron Paul is the ONLY EVANGELICAL left running in the Republican primary and he has NEVER been caught with his pants down! He’s been faithful to his wife for over 53 years. He Always does what he says and his voting record is OUTSTANDINGLY CONSERVATIVE! I also love his Constitutional approach to states rights and foreign policy. States rights will equal more control in the hands of local people and less power in the hands of a few in Washington DC!

    Pastor Troy Cunningham

    Trueway Holiness Church
    Alcolu, SC

  15. Good Morning to all,
    The end of times has often been discussed here, so the outcome of this election has already been written. The outcome will be the will of God, and no prayer will change that nor buy any time. The will of God will be.
    Mitt Romney is a sinful man. He is a money changer, a liar and deciever and the people he represents are out to prove to the nation that they can buy the Presidency and that this country is now ruled by CORPORATISM. It is a perfect senario to enter into the tribulation with.
    I will pray, for the rock that Jesus will build his church on, and that is revelation. That all men who believe in Jesus Christ will beable to recieve revelation from heaven and have thier lives lead thusly.
    As to voting, I will vote in prayer for Jesus Christ only tolead me though revelation and for no man, and let the rest vote in what God has willed to bring about his prophacies for the end time. Also, it was religious leaders who wailed to Government to crucify Jesus.

    In the name of the Lord Jesus Crist, Amen

  16. Just about all of America is brainwashed..never wanting to check out all the bagage this bunch has. Just because on is a good talker is not good enough. And stop praying?? where does G-d say that?? We are to pray without ceasing. The only one running worth a hoot is Rick Santorum, and yes, no one is perfect but he is not like ALL the others wanting and planning on both sides of Rep and Dem’s to have that tower of babel one world gov!! And then after years and this has been in the making for years..like where was their voice aff these years…and McCain used to be my hero till I found out he signed the papers to seal the NAM war so now we cannot get any more of our troops out of there..and is known for working even on radio in Nam to suport the communist. known for those as Hanoi John.. and why should anyone vote for a ungodly man, using the name of DAVID.maybe they should read about what happened to David before they use it…Do you reember Eron going up in smoke. how Romney works is this: him and his cronnies put millions into a busines, firing people thru it all, and when the business is really making money they take their share out ! The stock market works the same way..it is how they got their millions while millions of Americans lost everything, their pensions, homes and all else. G-d warned us to vote in G-dly men and hold them accountable and to follow the laws of the land !! WEDID NOT/ and now we have Santorum, the best of the lot and most don’t think he can debate obama and win, but he can. where is your faith in G-d that ya all talk abut and realize there is POWER in prayer. either way , G-d is going to do HIS PLEASURE to fulfill what was will be and their is nothing new under the sun..we were warned. The churces are dancing in Apostasy as well, going to Israel to stand with the PLO the enemies of Israel and of G-d. There are so many that has thrown out the gospel and the L-rd…America is into SELF..MONEY even tho G-d said it was the root of ALL EVIL..For America who has been bless by G-d to turn our lives and our precious children over to Satan and call it good?? calling evil good and good evil all in the name of UNITY…unreal ! but prophecy will be fulfilled in our day. THe L-rd is coming for HIS TRUE CHURCH very soon ! we are NOT appointed to Wrath. How is it that Genesis 12:3 can tell us who is cursed, yet on they go, doing their own thing, and believe the lies about Israel..shame on those who do..In the days of The tower of babel , G-d tore it to pieces and scatered the peole with diffent tounges to stop it.. and look at all the one ‘s who are helping this one world gov back ..It is hard to wrap a brain around, but true..Remember the devil is in high places , wickedness and they are both on both sides of the isle..

  17. Robert de Sablé

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