“A LIVING DRAMA OF EVERY GREAT TRUTH OF THE WHOLE BIBLE:” that’s the “BOOK OF REVELATION.” This Masterpiece of God’s revelation is fundamental Christianity in perfection. Every major doctrine of the Bible is on display in the Book of Revelation. The rest of the Bible teaches the doctrines, but the Book of Revelation displays those doctrines in drama or as a continuous vision. The word “SAW” is expressed 42 times concerning John”s experiences is beholding this great Living Drama. Others words like “SEEN” or “”BEHELD” are also stated numbers of times. Why has the church world missed this great truth? I’m afraid we have allowed the enemies of truth to build false ideas about the Book of Revelation, which has driven the book to our shelves instead of our hearts. It is not mystical or hard, but rather open to the hearts of the seekers and the studious. It is revealed on the knees, not in the “IVORY TOWERS OF INTELLECTUALISM.”

The entire Bible goes into action when you begin to study the Book of Revelation. Of all sixty-six books of the Bible, no other book even begins to reveal Christ as matchless as this book does. John the Revelator certainly displays the divine nature of Jesus Christ in the Book of Saint John; but in the Book of Revelation, he reveals or displays the glorified person of our Christ and Savior. John was the only Gospel writer that recorded Christ’s prayer for His saints as recorded in Chapter Seventeen. John recorded this prayer of Jesus Christ when He uttered these breathtaking words, “And now, O Father, glorify thou me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was” (John 17:5). In the Book of Revelation, John is allowed by Jesus Christ to prove that prayer was answered and to display the triumph of the style in which it was answered.

Anyone that doubts the eternal nature and person hood of God’s only begotten Son doesn’t need to read anything but this Masterpiece. From Chapter One to Chapter Twenty-two, He is seen “crucified, glorified, possessing His Father’s kingdom, judging the world, redeeming the entire universe, and preparing an eternal New Heaven and Earth. No doctrine that misrepresents the Son of God would have seen the light of day if the misguided souls had believed the Book of Revelation. In this book, He possessed and displayed every name given to Him in all the previous sixty-five books of the Bible.

The trinity of God is on exquisite display in this book. The Father is on His throne and has the redemptive book in his hand. No one except the crucified, but now glorified Son even dares to approach to open the seven-sealed book. The Holy Spirit is present in all the responsibilities of His office to act upon the human hearts on earth while presenting the Bride to the Father to reign with Christ in Heaven. It is the omnipresent Spirit that bridges the total universe for the events that both separate the affairs in Heaven and on earth and tie it all together at the same time. Only the thrice manifested and revealed Godhead could unite the universe for its completed redemption and renewal.

Dispensational truth is never plainer than in the Book of Revelation. Even the city of New Jerusalem is revealed with “twelve gates named after Israel and twelve foundations named after the apostles of the church. The twenty-four elders cannot represent anything less than the Church and Israel — His two chosen but distinctive companies of saints. No one will enjoy the Father’s eternity but those that are either redeemed out of these two major dispensations or the dispensations prior to and ending with Abraham’s period.

The Pre-Tribulation Rapture is alluded to often in the Holy Bible but never put in a chronological setting until we come to the Book of Revelation. The Son of God left no doubt when this Rapture would occur when He revealed this book to John. No judgment of the completed and final hour could begin until the Lord called John ““up hither” and showed him the saints – now elders – seated around the Father’s Throne. These saints are never called the church again after Revelation Chapter Four and verse one. No truth is more certain in this Masterpiece than the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

You can argue against the seven years of the Great Tribulation until you begin to read the Book of Revelation. The Battle of Armageddon cannot be documented with any finality until you read this book. The Amillennial (no Rapture) or Post-Millennial (Christ comes after the Rapture) lose their entire argument when we believe this great book of the Bible. We see references to the city that the Son of God created but no final proof or description until we read the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is our Lord’s final covenant of the future for His saints.

No Bible truth is more wonderfully on display in Revelation than the “whosoever will” of Saint John 3:16. The rainbow around the throne of the Father sends a signal of mercy that never fades until the last soul is redeemed. One of the closing statements of Chapter Twenty-two of this Masterpiece states, “And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely” (Revelation 22:17). There is a multitude in the Book of Revelation that cannot repent but it is because of their choices. There is a constant invitation to others to repent in this book. There are angels flying in the Heavens preaching repentance and two prophets – protected until the world hears their message — preaching repentance. This book is a book of redemption.

Last, but not least, the Book of Revelation declares the perfection of the Holy Bible and its infallibility. The foremost commandment in all Scripture says not to touch the Bible or change it’s great revelation. The Lord Jesus Christ said, “For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book” (Revelation 22:18-19).

The Book of Revelation is the display of truth for every church and every soul. It will bring blessings into your present life and will guarantee eternal life. Read it, obey it, believe it, and rejoice. He sent It To You.

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  1. Lovely. Just absolutely lovely. I used to fear revelations before I began to study it with prophesy and how it related to the “church”. Too many church organizations downplay the importance of this book and that it is in fact a book of prophesy, promise and gifts to the Church/Bride of Christ. I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait. I can feel the Holy Spirit within, jumping in excitement to take me home to our Heavenly father some day in the near future. Thanks for a well written document Pastor Joseph.

  2. Great article, Pastor Joseph.

    Many years ago I found Revelation pretty much incomprehensible and even today I don’t claim to understand it 100%. But much of it has now become clear over the course of time and I think the article above is right on target.

    Consider, too, that this book opens with a blessing on those who read and hear it (Revelation 1:3). I believe this is true for the entirety of the Bible but there it is for all to read.

    I have found that reading the Book of Daniel first made understanding Revelation easier, especially when we encounter the last world empire run by the Antichrist.

    Revelation is indeed a confirmation of all that has gone on before and a look into what lies ahead. It is timeless, matchless, and like the rest of the Bible, reveals new treasures no matter how many times one reads it.

    Another thing I’ve come to appreciate is that contrary to how much of the church views it, if indeed it does it very much at all these days, is that though it does contain symbolism, much of what it tells us is quite literal. For example, the judgments that will come upon the Earth in those last seven years are NOT metaphors or allegories – but REAL events.

    And the re-creation of the universe and Earth are literally going to happen along with the arrival of the New Jerusalem into this perfect new realm. For those of us who believe, we will be part of this grand plan.

    Come soon, Lord Jesus.

  3. What an awesome article!!!!! It does grieve my spirit to a great degree knowing how many people in the church and the rest of the world will miss the rapture, because they weren’t ready, didn’t believe it, grew a hatred for the Pre-Trib Rapture, weren’t living right, etc. But Brother Chambers, you said it – This Book is a Book of Redemption that many claim to not understand and throw it aside. Though when I read that there is a great multitude to come out of the Great Tribulation that no man can number I can only imagine how much rejoicing there will be in heaven. Until now we need to fight the good fight of faith and do what Brother Chambers is doing, everyone, that is exhort to all that there is a Saviour wanting to adopt more to the family of God and the wonderful sound of the trump of God is about to sound! REJOICE FOR THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND!!! I love you Brother Chambers and all brothers and sisters!

  4. Dr. Donn Paeker

    Dear Pastor Joseph…Of the many essays you have written, none have been as powerful as today’s.
    Never have I looked at Revelation in the manner you have, but after reading today’s message, I have a totally different view of this final book in the Bible. I am more convinced than ever that the Rapture is very close and that it will happen before the Tribulation and the second coming of our Lord Jesus. I am more certain than ever that a place has been prepared for the arrival of the Saints
    and I am more certain than ever of the validity of this number one book of all time. Another thing is that I feel great that of all the translations, I am using the right one called the King James Bible. This essay is a masterpiece and I thank you for it. May the Lord bless each of your days and may we soon see each other in His presence.


    Rev.Pastor Chambers:
    Your messages are always edifying, encouraging and refreshingly blessing to me.


    Resting in the blessed hope of His return,


  6. It is necessary to agree with much of your argument. However, there are a few statements that I take exception to or I fail to understand completely. You stated that “the Book of Revelation is not mystical or hard. It is revealed on the knees, not in the “IVORY TOWERS OF INTELLECTUALISM.” The part that I am not in full agreement with is the “hard” part. All of the Bible is a very difficult Book and this certainly includes the last book of the Bible. It is made difficult by God so that satan will not be able to make changes to it. All of the Bibles inspired authors agree with each other throughout the sixty-six Books. This is one more added reason why satan cannot mess with it. Probably the largest damage he did was when his servants wrote the paraphrased version called the “New International Version.” Now the majority of preachers use that modified piece of work in place of the originals of either the Geneva Bible of 1599 or the King James Version of 1611 (celebrating its 400th year anniversary this year).
    You also speak of the pre-tribulation rapture as though you are not aware that the 23 year Great Tribulation began in 1988. Having begun on May 21, 1988 this means that Jesus Christ is going to be returning in the clouds on May 21, 2011 and the true believers will be carried by the angels up to meet Him. Then, of course, they will be going to the “new heaven and new earth” of Revelation 21:1. In the very next verse we learn that it will be called “new Jerusalem.” Most churches have been and are teaching that Jesus will come back to rule and reign in the Jerusalem of the holy lands. This is totally inaccurate and ludicrous as He would NEVER come back to rule and reign in a church that is as disastrously misused as the one on earth has become. Homosexuality by the sodomite leaders of many churches is sanctioned and participated in by those same ones that also offer the sacraments of the Lord’s supper to the congregants. What’s wrong with THIS picture? Many churches have gone against Scripture by using strange logic to attempt to change the doctrine that women are not to be pastors. They can write and say what they want to but we have the Bible to go to and check out the clear evidence that they are lying through their teeth. And there is more . . .
    You also mentioned the Battle of Armegeddon but it was unclear to me whether you understood that was going to be a spiritual battle to be fought in the air with Jesus leading the elect or the true believers or if you are under the impression that the Battle of Armegeddon will be fought someplace in the holy lands. Naturally, since the Bible is our only spiritual Book we know that the battle is one that will be fought in the air with Jesus leading the true believers against the devil and his demons.

  7. Dear Pastor Chambers,
    This was a great report and since it was all biblical we know it is all true !
    The best part about it all is that we will soon experience it all !!!!!! For the Church (true Church)this is the best news we could hope for.


  8. Wonderful article. Revelation is my favorite book, and it’s because it describes in awesome detail about the future of mankind and how the earth and the universe will be made perfect again. Can you just imagine?

  9. To JAMES:

    Harold Camping is a false prophet. He already predicted the “end of the world” in 1994 and was wrong. Now he says May 21st. Jesus said “no man shall know”. I’ve read Harold’s “calculations” and they are filled with innumerable flaws. He’s not seeking the truth, he’s seeking the praise of men. Harold Camping teaches annihilationism, that the unjust die and feel nothing. Jesus clearly and repeatedly taught that the unjust are resurrected to eternal damnation. On May 22nd, Harold will still be living in his house which he has not sold. On May 22nd, the unbelieving world will have one more “stupid Christian” to laugh at. People like Harold give us a bad name. Why do you seek a mere human to lead you to the truth? Jesus says that the Holy Spirit will lead us “into all truth”. Harold has rewritten scripture to fit what he wants. Harold is acting like satan, not Jesus. What will you be thinking on May 22nd, when you’re still here?

  10. ‘James’ says here that the catching-away is scheduled to happen in TWO weeks? WOW .. how did he learn this when Christ, Himself has no clue?

  11. Roert L. Kramer

    Joseph: Maybe if you would take time to read other valid expositions of the Revelation you would discover that there are many wrong assumptions and misinterpretations in your understanding of that wonderful book. Robert L. Kramer

  12. Kenneth Acushla

    Enoch was taken on his Birthday The Day of Pentecost which is the Birthday of The Ecclesia. The Feast of Pentecost is about the Firstfruits and The Harvests. Maybe we will be taken this year.