And They Were All Filled With The Holy Ghost

It’s overwhelming to me how few churches there are that are really Holy Ghost filled. The Great Bible teacher Augustine expressed great sadness in his day because the Holy Ghost was missing. He said, ““For who expects in these days that those on whom hands are laid that they may receive the Holy Spirit… should forthwith begin to speak with tongues?” You could tell by the music you just heard that we are a Holy Ghost filled church. We are not wild and out of control but hungry for God’s presence and totally committed to the full Gospel. Not one sinner can be gloriously converted/Born Again until they are convicted by the Spirit. The Book of Acts is not some outdated scrip of a church model that is no longer Biblical. How ridiculous to think that we have this great picture of the early church right out of the Upper Room and then to dismiss it as no longer valid. It is just not true that God’s power ceased to be part of His Church when all the Apostles were dead. Here is a great church Father named “Novatian” defending this great power of the Holy Ghost baptism. ““This is He who places prophets in the Church, instructs teachers, directs tongues, gives powers and healings, does wonderful works, often discrimination of spirits, affords powers of government, suggests counsels, and orders and arranges whatever other gifts there are of charismata; and thus make the Lord’s Church everywhere, and in all, perfected and completed.”(A.D.258) It’s amazing how far the church in our modern world is removed from the Bible. Please listen to this sermon prayerfully!!!!! If a generation ever needed to be Holy Ghost filled it must be today.

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7 thoughts on “And They Were All Filled With The Holy Ghost

  1. Jesus was full of the Holy Spirit and never once does the Bible say he spoke in tongues. Using tongues as a sign of being filled with the Holy Spirit seems strange. The fruits of being filled with the Holy Spirit are recorded in Galatians 22, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, self-control.” According to the Bible, speaking in tongues is not proof of being filled with the Holy Spirit; that is to say, Jesus is a living testimony to this truth. I know believers who are full of the spirit and do not speak in tongues. There are holy before the Lord. As you can see, I am having a difficult time understanding how speaking in tongues is a special anointing from God.

  2. Bill Scudder

    Im surprised this pastor quotes the Roman Catholic Augustine. He believed in prdestination like Calvin. He believed that all sex was sin including the mariage bed.

    I believe that speaking in tongues is the first sign of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are many good Christians that do not believe this.

  3. Hello Pastor Joseph.

    You are right about the Holy Spirit being absent from most churches today. Since the Holy Spirit would never contradict himself, any church which preaches doctrine contrary to the Bible which he inspired does not have the Spirit dwelling within it. It’s a simple as that!

    Now I know the Pentecostals believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is always evidenced by the speaking of tongues, but not all Christians (including myself) believe that he limits himself only to this gift. I believe, as Paul said, that he apportions them as he will
    (1 Corinthians, chapter 12), or, looking at it another way, as they are needed.

    I have discussed this before and won’t belabor the point. I’d rather concentrate on that which we have in common and unites us – Jesus is Lord and that one day soon all who believe in him will behold his face.

    This is something that I am afraid all too many people will miss by those accepting the false doctrines pouring out of too many pulpits these days and I am glad we have men like Pastor Joseph having the courage to stand against error.

  4. The choices are “STRANGE or STUPID”. I choose to be strange, that is strange as compared to the other people but trying to be like Jesus. After all, isn’t that the whole purpose. Jude 20 says praying in the Holy Ghost building yourselves up on your most Holy Faith. Do I ever need built up? Well, ALL THE TIME. How do you do that? Praying in other tongues. I could no imagine trying to live life without my personal prayer language. Call me strange but I would rather have a relationship with the Holy Ghost than all the people in the world. No comparison. If you don’t know Him in a very personal way, you are missing out on the best part of being a follower of Jesus Christ. The Holy Ghost is the person of the trinity that we communicate with on a daily basis. Read the book, it will tell you. Sometimes I think we would be better off in the street with Jesus than in the churches with the learned.

  5. Actually if you read the account in Acts you will see that the crowd all heard them speaking in their own tongue as there were Jews from all over the world present. It was not gobble-de-gook they were hearing. They were hearing the Gospel in their own language. “Each one heard them speaking in his own tongue” Acts 2:5. I have to agree with Jim S the fruits of being filled with the Spirit are listed in Galatians. If I speak with the tongues of men & of angels but have not love I am nothing but a clanging bell as Paul teaches in Corithians. I believe tongues still exist an example being of a man passing by a church hearing the Gospel in Portugese being spoken by a woman who had never known the language & subsequently gave his life to the Lord as this led him to belief in Christ. Incoherent babbling I’m afraid cannot be of God & has been abused & created spiritual pride within the Church & led to division in the body. None of the so called charismatic churches follow Scripture & have an interpretation of tongues when it has been spoken that I have attended & this is in direct opposition to Scripture. Another point is that if you read Scripture it is the Holy Ghost who distributes the gifts “As He wills” not man. And not all speak in tongues as Paul teaches.

  6. Dear Pastor Chambers, Yes The Holy Spirit in all Things

    The tower of Babel was to confound the tongues men, so that they would not achieve what they wanted.
    To liberate the information of Jesus the Christ in any tongue on Earth is to achieve what the Lord wants; salvation for all , come hear the good news! It edifies, it liberates , it heals, it is above all.
    For by the hearing of the word we are sown and nourished. Why should any God made Tower of Babel Dialect confound His own plan. The tongues which cannot be interpreted are not for the Church.

    let all speak in tongues, all 5000-10,000 of them that are on this Earth, for the Lord does not show partiality; Come quickly Lord Jesus

    God Bless

  7. Keep the faith, my Internet friend; You are a first-class writer and deserve to be heard.