CHARISMA MAGAZINE: “TAKE THIS BOOK OFF THE MARKET BEFORE YOU BLASPHEME THE HOLY GHOST.” In nearly sixty years of reading books, magazines, and materials, I have never seen a fictitious prophet speaking for God. The ultimate need for the American Church to repent could not be more certain. The horror of aborting unborn children and the promotion of same-sex marriage has prepared our Nation to be judged and even utterly destroyed. America is in crisis of a scary proportion.

We do not need a fictitious prophet, we need Godly ministers and church leaders that believe in the infallible Bible. We need them in pulpits and on the airwaves calling the multitude of us back to the altar and to repentance. People entertained by a non-existing prophet moving about by physic powers and talking about mysterious seals and harbingers will profit nothing. It all sounds like a movie set, not a call from the Creator. The millions reading this book will probably say a few prayers to a God they don’t know and then go to another place of entertainment or to another bottle of wine. I’m sorry but this is not God’s way of doing His Divine business.

The Bible is a perfect and supernatural Book. It is the voice of God and never fails to speak to every generation. Every Bible teacher and our students need to see the four primary movements of Holy Scripture. Those movements are Spiritual, Moral, Historical and Prophetic. Each expression of its Spiritual message must speak to every generation. The Moral message or His commandments of righteousness never change but are required for all believers. The Historical aspect of this incredible book is a perfect picture of those that lived out the Bible’s stories. Adam and Eve are as real as you and I. The Prophetic messages cannot be imposed on anyone but must remain in the context to whom they were spoken.

If you take the prophetic message to Jonah for Nineveh and apply it to Russia you would be totally unbiblical. A Prophetic message may have a spiritual truth for all of us but cannot be used at random as it was to those to whom it was given. Jesus took the warning of Daniel concerning the “Abomination Of Desolation” and clearly connected it to Revelation and the future End Time. God’s Word does that often but no one has the Biblical right to do the same. That is the business of the Word of God, not you and I.

This is exactly the problem in the book by Jonathan Cahn. The warning to the ten Northern tribes of Israel was powerful and perfect, but there is not one single word in Scripture that allowed this warning to be super imposed on America. Does it carry a spiritual warning to the world? Yes! as all Scripture does, but to go beyond the Word is wrong and opens the door for more and more of these kinds of books. Study the dictates of the Roman Popes and see how far they took this kind of liberty with the Bible. The “Charisma” world of the “New Wave Charismatics” is full of what is called, “New Revelations”. This is unquestionably in that same vein and must not be rewarded.

Is there the possibility of saving our planet and America from judgment? If there is, then the Lord Jesus Christ missed telling us the truth. I believe in a remnant revival for the Biblically faithful. But there is no question, our world is facing, “Seven years of the Tribulation” that will be hell on earth. To make America think that they can save our nation from destruction is exactly the sin committed by false prophets in the days of Isaiah. While Isaiah was warning them the lying prophets were consoling them. The Post-Millennialist actually believes they are going to save the world and the earth and that they are going to establish the Kingdom of God.

Israeli Jews and Rabbis were still trying to fix the kingdom and reign even after Jesus was crucified. The scene on the Mount of Transfiguration was a picture of their hope for a Kingdom that they could rule. “When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel? And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons, which the Father hath put in his own power. But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” (Acts 1:6-8)

We should never quit trying to turn the multitudes to God but we must also proclaim, “Judgment is on the way”. The Book Of Revelation is woefully missing in almost the entire church world. A large proportion of Charismatic ministers have forsaken the great Masterpiece for the New Wave doctrines of Dominionism. Truth is still on the side of those preaching the eminent Rapture and the appearing of the vicious Antichrist. Our joy is to see Him that is the “Master of Truth”.

A NEW SERIES ENTITLED, “THE HARBINGER: A BOOK OF LUCIFERIAN DELUSION” WILL CONTINUE NEXT SATURDAY. I am overwhelmed with the church’s utter lack of discernment. The so-called prophet in this book is utterly possessed with all the characteristics of the occult. Almost every action of a Psychic Practitioner is evident in his book. His use of Scriptures from Jewish history and the application of those Scriptures to the New Testament era is “Replacement Theology”. On and on goes the list of this book’s Luciferian thinking. His close connections to Rick Joyner, Jim Bakker, and Sid Roth is enough to warn any careful person. There is not one reference in this book to a single truth that is the heartthrob of End Time Prophecy. The Rapture, the Antichrist, The Nation of Israel’s future Kingdom, The Battle Of Armageddon, the Seven Year Tribulation or the Millennium are never named one time. A special article documenting every fact that we will discuss will be free to every listener. This Broadcast is live all over the world. Go to our Home page to stream live or download from the archives. Call 1 704 391 0588 or 1 800 338 7884. Our e-mail is secretary@pawcreek.org


  1. God has not changed. Every nation – be it Israel of Old Testament times or some other nation from the days of the Tower of Babel – that has turned its back on God has received righteous judgment. No respect of persons or nations. The warnings are there. End of story. Good day.

  2. Carol Ballain

    I agree that I personally find the “vehicle” (the fiction book) off-putting. I much preferred Jonathan Cahn’s video, “The Isaiah 9:10 Judgment.” I found it much more intriguing and right on. I find Jonathan Cahn’s message in this video sound. How can one look at the parallels between the warnings God gave Israel before total dispersal of the Jews by the Assyrians and the “coincidences” that occurred on and after 9/ll? All Jonathan Cahn is saying is, “God is giving warnings to America and Americans that the nation and the individuals better repent and get right with God.” I did not for one minute believe he is saying we can “save America for all time.” BUT, it is possible to put off God’s judgment for a while. Personally, I believe it is obvious that God is already judging America when we only have the choice of a Muslim or a Mormon for President.

    I believe you are being unnecessarily hard on Jonathan Cahn – I think your criticism would be much more effective if you would criticize the vehicle Cahn chose with which to impart his message, instead of the message. Have you seen the video? Please tell me what is wrong with that…maybe I missed it.

  3. Pastor Mike Taylor

    Pastor Chambers,
    I read the book and it was a good “fictional” take on a connection between what happened to Israel and what is happening to America….You make some very good points about New Age, Dominionism, and Kingdom Now theology. This may well be promoting that. I believe, as I believe you do, that America will grow worse and worse, as does this world…we are in end time events, and I believe the only reason that America has not received the full brunt of a Godly judgment are His people that look to Him for salvation and are filled with the Spirit of God. I feel America will slide off the cliff, when the people of God are removed in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, then America will fall because the stench of her sins rise to the nostrils of the Father….it may have already started, but will be in earnest during the dark days known as the Tribulation. Keep up the good word, and promoting Sola Scritura…the bible only…God bless you, Brother Chambers.

  4. To assert that the U.S. is somehow symbolicly mentioned in the Bible is, I believe, to try to force-fit Scripture to fit one’s own personal bias.

    That is not to say that we can’t find many parallels between, say, decadent Israel as it fell into idolatry and immorality and the United States today – or Western civilzation as a whole. When God is willfully pushed out from a nation, it’s moral, political, and economic strength follows suit. If you look at 1 Corinthians 10:1-11, you’ll see that Paul encouraged the church at Corinth to use the historical lessons of the Bible. So should we.

    If you don’t believe me, watch the news tonight.

    Jesus specifically warned of the consequences of adding or subtracting the the prophecies in the Book of Revelation (Revelation 22:18-19). I think this principle should wisely be applied to the entirety of the Bible.

    Of course, being human, none of us can possibly understand everything in it and different views of some biblical subjects are bound to occur. (However those regarding the fundamentals, such as salvation through faith in Jesus and him alone should be clear enough for all believers to agree upon.) But for someone to deliberately distort it for their own ends can never be justified.

    If someone wants to know the truth, the Bible is there to provide it. We don’t have to look for it in some work of fiction.

    but to willfully distort

  5. Prophets are for the world to look at,
    We have false Teachers and false Prophets
    all around us, Some Preachers think any ole
    Bible will do, One on Rapture Ready, His bible says
    GOD has prepared No MANCION many rooms,
    Read it yourself Jack Kelley I have no idea
    what kind of Bible he is getting this garbage from
    I made it a point to never read anything he says

  6. Wow, this will elicit many responses. I read the book, and I didn’t find where Jonathan Cahn explicitly put his stamp on the prophecies and said “here sayeth the L-rd they G-d” — so it is fiction — and there are a lot worse things to preach about.
    wait a minute — for many years the Church at large always claimed
    2 Chronicles 7:14
    New International Version (NIV)
    14 if my people, who are called by my name,(A) will humble(B) themselves and pray and seek my face(C) and turn(D) from their wicked ways, then I will hear(E) from heaven, and I will forgive(F) their sin and will heal(G) their land.

    Yes — the church always claimed this for America — and YOU KNOW that was specifically for Israel — and NOT AMERICA — by the way, I purposly quoted out of the NIV — which obviously is NOT KJV — that many churches — claim is the ONLY good version.
    I might add — since a lot of the American church is a replacement church (this is my opinion) in that they think they replaced Israel in prophecy — WOULDN’T it be fitting if G-d actually allowed them to get what they preach. Perhaps the replacement churches in America will recieve judgments that were SIMILIAR to Israel in the past —
    and the big question is — IF G-D were calling AMERICA to REPENT, what would it sound like?? would people recognize it (not just the church who can’t recognize these end times) but for all people — -if G-d were to get their attention — what would He say?? obviously, earthquakes, HIV-AIDS, drug abuse, prison confinement, other natural disasters, the middle east on brink of a nuclear war, and the world in financial collaps — HASNT gotten their attention — YET — but if we read the end of the book –many, in the tribulation will believe –AND MANY WILL STILL CHOOSE HELL — how sad,
    and Jonathan Cahn wrote a book labeled as fiction — and DID NOT SAY –“THUS SAYETH THE L-RD” — at least the book I read — just parallels, and coincidences that have happened in AMERICA — that is –if you all believe it’s just coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Can’t wait to read it. When I hear church leaders bash a book (like the Shack) I know it must be good.

    I like Sid Roth too! now off to buy the book. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  8. The pre-trib rapture is more fiction and from satan. Why would God rapture all these disobedience christian out before the Great Tribulation. They think they can change God commandments as the sabbath days. Put christ name on sunday and pagan holdays. Never be judge for their actions. Which sin worst being gay or changing Yahweh commandments. For both carry the same curse of death.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    They sure do leave out a lot of stuff in the HARBINGER BOOK. While the warnings about Judgement are real. It is not possible to save America from going under, the most that we can do is to pray that God will hold off the destruction of America until we can get out at the RAPTURE. We certainly do not want a HOLOCAUST happen while we are here. We do need to buy some time, so we can safely get out of here. In HARBINGER they claim that America is another ISRAEL. That is replacement theology. It is really modified BRITISH – ISRAELISM. There is not only a replacement theology. There is even a REPLACEMENT “HOUSE OF DAVID”. Here is why. In order for the Anti-Christ to convince the Jews that he is their MESSIAH, he may need to CONVINCE them that he is in the HOUSE OF DAVID. In Europe the ROYAL FAMILIES (including Britain’s QUEEN LIZZIE WINDSOR (who wears PURPLE & SCARLET (just like in Rev 17 & 18)) that marry each other and they claim to be in the “HOUSE OF DAVID”. What is the basis of of that claim? It was all started by a religious scholar (in the 1800s) F.R.A. GLOVER whose rumors or British Israelism, and that the Irish, Scotch, and British Royal Families are in the “HOUSE OF DAVID”. The rumors go like this. “AFTER NEBUCHADNEZZAR KING OF BABYLON DESTROYS JERUSALEM AND THE TEMPLE. The Prophet Jeremiah takes the DAUGHTERS OF KING ZEDEKIAH DOWN TO EGYPT. Then after that He does a lot of traveling around the Medditierranean area. Then from there he takes the daughters of Zedekiah to IRELAND. A daughter name TEA TEPHI (this name was invented by F R A GLover) marries the King or Ireland transferring the “THRONE OF DAVID” to Ireland. The it later shifts to SCOTLAND. Then KING JAMES #6 of Scotland inherits the throne of England when his Cousin QUEEN LIZ #1 dies. When he migrates to England he transfers the “THRONE OF DAVID” TO BRITAIN.” These false rumors are the basis of QUEEN LIZZIE WINDSOR #2 claiming to be on the “THRONE OF DAVID”. Even most of the US Presidents are related to these royal families. So if the ANTI-CHRIST is related to these royal families in the “HOUSE OF DAVID”, he may be able to fool the JEWS in to thinking that he is their Messiah. There is an article that debunks these claims about the British “House Of David”. It is by LES ARON GOLSING AT THE BIBLICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE. The article is titled “DID THE PROPHET JEREMIAH GO TO IRELAND?” It is 8 pages. You can find it by going to Google and Typing up “JEREMIAH AND TEA TEPHI”. Then you can find the ariticle. It exposes the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY AS THE GREAT COUNTERFEIT “HOUSE OF DAVID”. It could very well be from one of those royal families or someone related to them that the ANTI-CHRIST COULD ARISE AND CLAIM TO BE IN THE “HOUSE OF DAVID”. Even US Presidents are related to these royal families. It is too late to save America for facing severe JUDGEMENT. The most we can do in out DUNKIRK STYLE SITUATION is to pray that God will at least delay the JUDGEMENTS until we Christians can be EVACUATED at the RAPTURE. We need to buy time. I certainly dont want us to face a major HOLOCAUST.


    Keith Black

  10. Greetings Brother Chambers:

    One caller called you and grilled you about Babylon and how
    incredible it was that you believe it will exist one day.

    I was reminded that before 1948, no one believed Israel would
    exist as a soverign nation in future.

    Concerning his argument about Judah and Israel, he forgot God
    said they would no longer be separated.

    God bless you dear Brother.


    Jesus is coming back soon: “Are You Ready?”

  11. I have to agree with you on Jack Kelley, Robert. People from all prophecy boards just *swoon* over Kelley as though he’s the man with all the answers; as though what he says.. goes…

    But that man teaches some false doctrine! I, too, make a point of not reading his site or anything he has written. I’m sure he mixes in SOME truth … that’s how they all do it.

    And for anyone who thinks I’m merely “picking on the guy” without cause, let me remind you Apostle Paul “pointed out” and named names of false teachers. Jack once wrote that the Bible never taught to spank children… he totally twisted Scripture on that one and came up with an “excuse” for each verse — saying that it “meant something else”. Not only that, but Jack is a lover of teaching that “no matter how you live” after you believe in Jesus — then WHAM, you’ve got a home in heaven & it can’t be taken from you. In other words, you’re gonna’ get dragged off to heaven in the rapture ~ kicking & screaming even ~ if you are not living holy & even if you do not want to go… according to Kelley.

    I’d stay far, far away from that man! Or from anyone who promotes him.

  12. Messianic rabbi Andrew Dinnerman

    I agree with you the book is not good. BUT I will take your LUCIFERIAN DELUSION and raise you one. Look in the mirror my pagan sunday, ham eating, christ mass tree loving friend. I say that in love. Don’t call the pot black if you are a black cat. Don’t give me your misunderstanding of Paul’s writings. Yeshua and His name is not jesus said in Mat 5:17-19 that not a dot of an I or cross of T will be lost form HIS LAW until heaven and earth pass away. I don’t know what kind of fantasy you are living in but we are not in the Kingdom yet. The first thing the so called church needs to do is get away from your catholic roots of sun day worship. How hard is it for you to understand the 4th commandment? you like the other 9!!! If you are engrafted into my family the Isralite’s through the bloOd of the perfect lamb then you follow the house rules. Yeshua and all the talmidim were Jewish. Yeshua taught His student TORAH His LAWS. His Laws are still in effect to this day. so before you talk about the bad book please for your eternal soul look in the mirror. For Yeshua says get away from me you worker of lawlessness. No TORAH no heaven very simple. Be Christ like. Follow His SHABBAT. if you have comments write to ———————- or check out our website———————————-.

  13. Brother Chambers I love your articles so much, you are such a blessing!! Looks like some people will miss the rapture on here unless they get their act together and stop wasting their time to try and rebuke you rather than read and believe what’s in the Bible. Deception and the cup of iniquity is overflowing in the church world. Judgement is at the door which means our departure is even closer. Keep warning the flock, blessings!

  14. Dear Pastor Chambers,
    I AGREE. I’m tired of people comparing America to Israel. Its gotten to be very old.
    There are some who comment often here that attack the pre-trib rapture. Since you are so against it, hopefully The Lord will leave you here to TRY and endure it (tough guy). However, we know He won’t if you are truly born again. Others like myself will continue to follow what’s CLEARLY taught in scripture.
    Thanks again Pastor !

  15. The difference in Tim Lahaye’s books is that it takes a prophetic book of the bible( Revalations), based on real scripture and creates fictious characters and events “based” on what is going to happen during the Tribulation. All thru the book you see scriptures quoted. I think Tim did a real good job explaining what is going to happen in the Tribulation and revelations. One must be able to distinguish between the facts of scripture and the fictious part of the story line. It helped me to understand more about the tribulation, plus provided some good Christian entertainment.

  16. Hello Pastor Chambers,

    Just wondering if you’ve read this article. I just don’t understand
    why people don’t get the first warning sign
    from this book. It’s a made up “prophet”!!!! Doesn’t that
    tell you something is amiss? What is wrong with the church world,
    Pastor? Are we that blind? I think that maybe it’s just that because
    we go for any and everything that comes along the pike, not going to
    God’s Word, not reading and studying and knowing His infallible Word
    ourselves, that we just go for anything! Frightening and strange
    times we are living in…but I’m looking up, cause I know my
    Redemption is drawing nigh!!!! Hallelujah!

    Standing with you Pastor…following you as you follow Christ! Love
    the series on OBD!!!

    Jesus loves you and I do, too!

    Mrs Sheree Price

  17. A very important thought was brought out by AJG. Rev. Chambers has had Tim LaHaye endorse his own books and Tim LaHaye is a high level Mason who brought out his Left Behind books on Masonic special
    days. I find it strange to tear down one author and let a high level Mason endorse your own books. Also much of the theology in the Left Behind series is not scriptural, such as the fact that you can take the mark of the beast and still go to heaven. LaHaye held the paid position of chairman with Sun Myung Moon’s now defunct Coalition for Religious Freedom. Sometimes we need to remember the scripture, Luke 6:41 “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but perceivest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” before we lash out at someone else.

  18. Replacement Theology is the devil’ s sly ploy for turning The Church against Israel and making Her, The Church, an active party in the carrying out of the destruction of GOD’ S People, Israel.

    The Church Is JESUS CHRIST’ S Bride and Israel Is GOD’S People.
    The Distinction Cannot Be Clearer.

    However, when It Comes To SALVATION THERE IS ONLY JESUS, For Both The Church And Israel.
    No Exception For Israel and No Special Gospel For Israel either :
    The Pre-Church First Evangelists, The Apostles, Were all Jewish.
    And The Post-Church Last Evangelists, The 144,000, Will all Be Jewish Too.

    Israel Must Accept JESUS Or Get Lost as any Gentile nation who fails to do so.


    Gentiles who bless Israel receive GOD’S BLESSING As their Reward.
    But they will Not Receive GOD’ S SALVATION If they fail to Receive JESUS CHRIST,
    The Same Goes For Jews (Matthew iii : 9)

    The Jews Were Established As GOD’ S People, Beginning With Patriarch Abraham, Apart From all
    the other peoples not as a Final Rejection of the Non-Jewish, but precisely as a Warning Of
    How GOD DEALS With HIS Children for the whole Gentile world to see.

    Israel Is A Promise Of Salvation To the Gentile world According TO our LORD’ S WORD In John iv : 22,
    And There Is No getting away From It.

    There is no denying that America had Israel Set As Example for her As GOD’ S DEALING
    With any nation.
    The America who rejects her exceptionalism as A Nation Under GOD, has meted out to her
    The Same Treatment Israel Received in the course of His History.

  19. Dear Pastor

    I agree with you! In Canada aboration can occur at any time there are very few if any rules to govern what can or cannot be done. There will be more than one Nation on the hot seat; the USA is just one of many countries in this world that are in big trouble. We legalized gay marriages already. Back to the USA; who can make war with her?

    God Bless

  20. Lest anyone misunderstand my comments, I do not agree with AJG’a theology. I agree for the most part with Rev. Chambers’ writings. I do sometime think though that when he carries things to the extreme in trying to make a point, he includes things that have no relation to what he is trying to get across. He is very knowledgable and well read. I am not interested in the book, nor will I read it, just as I did not read “The Shack”. I plan to continue to let God give me discernment through His Word.