THE HARBINGER: “A Fable Forbidden by the Holy Bible”

The Holy Bible plainly forbids the use of mysterious fables or magical stories to teach Holy Scripture. A fable is strikingly different from a fiction book. A normal fiction is true to life experiences. It simply tells a real story with the use of fictional experiences and people. A fable involves the strange worlds of mysticism and psychic experiences. It also takes the paranormal and tries to make it normal. “The Harbinger” is a fable, or worse, it is a fairytale.

Holy Scripture is extremely plain about the use of fables in concurrence with the Bible. In his first letter, Timothy warned the believers about this work of Satan. “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.” (2 Timothy 4: 3-5) Fables are a big focus of the world and especially of the spiritualistic subcultures.

For our education of fables, let’s look at Barnes’ notes on the above scripture. “Neither give heed to fables – That is, that they should not bestow their attention on fables, or regard such trifles as of importance. The “fables” here referred to were probably the idle and puerile superstitions and conceits of the Jewish rabbis. The word rendered “fable” (μῦθος: muthos) means properly “speech” or “discourse,” and then fable or fiction, or a mystic discourse. Such things abounded among the Greeks as well as the Jews, but it is probable that the latter here are particularly intended. These were composed of frivolous and unfounded stories, which they regarded as of great importance, and which they seem to have desired to incorporate with the teachings of Christianity. Paul, who had been brought up amidst these superstitions, saw at once how they would tend to draw off the mind from the truth, and would corrupt the true religion. One of the most successful arts of the adversary of souls has been to mingle fable with truth; and when he cannot overthrow the truth by direct opposition, to neutralize it by mingling with it much that is false and frivolous.” (Barnes Notes on the Bible, Exposition Commentary Volume VI, 1 Timothy 1:4)

Warren Wiersbe astutely observes “It is not likely that man-made fables will convict them of sin or make them want to repent! The result is a congregation of comfortable, professing Christians, listening to a comfortable, religious talk that contains no Bible doctrine. These people become the prey of every false cult because their lives lack a foundation in the Word of God. It is a recognized fact that most cultists were formerly members of churches. (Wiersbe, W: Bible Exposition Commentary, 2 Timothy 4:4)

The Strong’s concordance was even stronger, ”Neither give heed to fables – Idle fancies; things of no moment; doctrines and opinions unauthenticated; silly legends, of which no people ever possessed a greater stock than the Jews. Their Talmud abounds with them; and the English reader may find them in abundance in Stehlin’s Jewish Traditions, 2 vols. 8vo.” Then he defined the word Fables (3454: Muthos). “Muthos refers to tales (a tale is a usually imaginative narrative of an event that often contains imagined or exaggerated elements) or fables (a fable can refer to a short fictitious story which teaches a moral lesson but in the NT fable is used only in a negative sense as something to be avoided because it is false and unreal) fabricated by the mind in contrast to reality. Muthos therefore refers to fictional tales in contrast to true accounts and represents manufactured stories that have no basis in fact. The Greek and Roman world abounded in stories about so-called “gods” which were nothing more than human speculations that in vain (and in error) tried to explain the world’s origin and life’s purpose and end!” (Clarke’s Commentary Volume VI, 1 Timothy 1:4)

There is no question but the Bible forbids fables. “Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do.” (I Timothy 1:4) “But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.” (I Timothy 4:7) “Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth.” (Titus 1:14) “For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty.” ( II Peter 1:16)

As we have learned more and more about this book, “The Harbinger”. it has becomes clear that it is a fable. It has really raised red flags of warning. Nothing in this book is believable. The Prophet is a fictional character, which means that his prophecies are also fictional. The entire book is called fictional except for his unfounded use of the Scripture. The documentations in the book are woven around the seals and harbingers in a style that creates a fabricated story or a fable. We call it a fable because the book is written around psychic activities and not the true Spiritual real world.

Consider the use of the 9/11 catastrophe and connecting it with Isaiah 9:11. Remember that there has been approximately 2,700 years with the date 9/11. So there have been 2,700 9/11s since the warning was given to Isaiah. Not only is there many dates for that day, but the scripture was not divided into chapters and verses until long after the Holy Ghost gave this Prophesy to Isaiah the statesman Prophet. Abstractly connecting any date to a Bible verse with similar numbers has no Biblical legitimacy.It is altogether a fantasy story.

Neither the sycamore tree nor the fig tree exists at Ground Zero. Nothing in the story is anything but the conjectures of a person. To make a sermon or a Bible lesson from a fable or a fictional story, if you demand it be called fiction, borders on the insane. The literary world will eventually laugh the Church to shame for believing a story with this level of dishonesty. You should never connect the infallible Word of God to the unreal imagination of men. This kind of surreal talk tends toward religion, but it is religion that ignores the warning of the Bible Prophets.

I call this Luciferian Delusion. A mixed revelation is always a false message and it is Biblically dangerous. When elements of Truth are joined with methods of error, the result is confusion and the hardening of hearts. The Holy Bible is the most powerful declaration of right and wrong, good and bad, and truth and error in the world. If you take the Bible and choose a false Prophet to declare it, you muddy the message until it destroys the source. There is no question but the book, “THE HARBINGER” is just such a piece of literature.

Does America need to repent? It is absolutely the only answer to stop the decline and destruction of our Nation. Is the author of this book a good decent man? I would suggest that he is indeed. Then how should the Church respond to a book that is clearly mixing truth about our nation and questionable things about our Bible? Discernment; clearly both Biblical discernment and wise interpretation of the Scriptures is the only choice.

This book is a mixture of fiction and absolute declarations. Over and over the author declares that our response must be repentance and a total return to God. How do we obey the warning presented in a book of fiction? It is a literal impossibility for a book to be both a fictional work and a serious call for repentance. In the pulpit a fictional preacher would know better than to end with an altar call. He would be laughed out of town.

The author states in the opening chapter,
“How? How could an ancient mystery possibly…”
“Affect you life? Your bank account? Your future? But it does.
And it holds the key to America’s future…to the rise and fall
of nations…to world history,…. And it’s not only a mystery, it’s a
message, an alarm.” (The Harbinger, Cahn, page 3)

So this book really is not meanst to be fictional at all. He is warning us that this book is the picture of, not just America, but the future of the World. Yet this work carries all the elements of a strange fable. The prophet never truly reveals himself. No one sees him but the author. The seals are so mysterious that following them requires incredible imagination. Quotes from different people are woven together in a hodgepodge fashion. Yet, we are warned that if we do not repent we will be destroyed. And yet this message lacks the tried and true message of the Holy Bible in its call to repentance.

Firstly, our Bible clearly warns us that it is unacceptable to superimpose prophetical truth from the Jewish dispensation onto the Church dispensation unless it is done by the Holy Bible. When scriptures are spoken by the prophets of God to Israel and then they are destroyed because they do not obey, that truth can be spiritually applied in all periods of history. But, the message must be applied spiritually and not loosely tied to events with absolute dictatorial commands. If we confuse the nation of Israel with the Church or America, we are guilty of “Replacement Theology. America cannot, in any sense of the truth, be compared to the Nation of Israel. We have never been a theocracy and we never will be until the millennial kingdom. To try and create a sense of post-millennialism or dominionism is utterly false and unacceptable to the certain Truth of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

Our prophetic future is revealed in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke, First Corinthians, First and Second Thessalonians, etc. However, the best picture is found in the book of Revelation. To set those books aside and resort to a message absolutely given to the ten northern tribes of Israel is a biblical nightmare. It is utterly contrary to the sound biblical doctrines of the End Times. There may be many similarities but the fulfillment is totally different. We are at the door of the Anti-Christ revelation and the seven years of the Great Tribulation but that finds no place in Cahn’s Theology.

But, the greater picture is seen in the unnamed, unknown and unseen (except to the author) of this mysterious prophet that must be credited with the total message of the book. The complete message rests upon our confidence in this prophet as told by the author. There is no possibility of rightly calling this man that is appearing to Jonathan Cahn a prophet. Maybe we could call him a spirit, but if so, is he a holy angel or an unclean spirit? The only way we can discern this prophet’s quality is by his actions and words because there is no additional data about him. Remember, we are emphatically told, “know them which labour among you”. (I Thessalonians 5:12)

Every prophet in the Bible was an extraordinary man. They had names, families, backgrounds, and personalities. They ate and lived among the people that believed in them. They spoke the truths of God in a clear voice, with signs and wonders that were real and life changing. There is not a single case in which these Bible prophets represented any character or conduct of the occult world. Yet this unknown voice or prophet is involved in almost every characteristic of the esoteric world. It is evidence that he travels by Astral Travel. He has the power to determine the location of the documentations to prove his theories. This prophet is clearly unlimited by natural limitations. Over and over he is Psychic in each appearance and action.

When one makes a strong effort to analyze a book of this nature and popularity, they can expect a barrage of criticism. I accept the criticism gladly. I have not and would not speak one unkind word concerning Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. I love the Jewish people with a passion. I have made an effort to reach him several times. My name and number was left for them each time. I called Charisma Publishers several times and finally was able to speak to a secretary. I have yet to receive a response. My critique of this book stands and I will pray for one and all those that reject the book and those that believe it.

Let me guote a dear brother I just met that wrote a powerful “Review and Commentary” on “The Harbinger”. There is a link to his Review at the conclusion of the quote. “Missing Harbinger? Though just a few verses away from “The Isaiah 9:10 Effect,” conspicuously absent from The Harbinger is any emphasis upon “the prophet who teaches falsehood” (Isaiah 9:15). Yet, this too was an ingredient which explains why divine judgment loomed over Israel. The influence of these prophets was pervasive, and at the time the bricks fell their message had saturated the nation, even to the extent of affecting the spiritual well-being of young men, widows and orphans (Isaiah 9:17). On this point, the parallel between ancient Israel and modern America can be noted. Equal to the financial bankruptcy our American economy faces (false profits), is the spiritual bankruptcy this nation faces for reason of the proliferation of false teachings (false prophets). Even though Jesus (Matthew 24:11, 24), Paul (Acts 20:29-31), Peter (2 Peter 2:1-22), John (1 John 2:18-19), and other New Testament writers (Jude 4) warned that false prophets would proliferate in the last days, Cahn gives scant, if any attention, to this “harbinger” of divine judgment. Though the author constructs his story around the prophet, he has nothing to say about false prophets, even though his book may have been endorsed by one.(TH, Front Matters) Jeremiah and other prophets noted that a great reason for Israel’s destruction was that the nation, while it rejected the true messengers the Lord sent them, chose instead to listen to the messengers He did not send, prophets who saw “false” visions and dreams, prophesied “lies,” and peddled the “deceit” of their hearts to God’s people (Isaiah 9:15; Jeremiah 14:14; 23:16, 30-32; Ezekiel 12:21-13:23).” (Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Click for his complete Article.)

THIS NEW SERIES ENTITLED, “THE HARBINGER: A BOOK OF LUCIFERIAN DELUSION” WILL CONTINUE THIS SATURDAY. THIS SATURDAY’S SUBJECT WILL BE “THE HARBINGER, A FORBIDDEN FABLE” I am overwhelmed with the church’s utter lack of discernment. The so-called prophet in this book is possessed with all the characteristics of the occult. Almost every action of a Psychic Practitioner is evident. His use of Scriptures from Jewish history and the application of those Scriptures to the New Testament era is “Replacement Theology”. His close connections to Rick Joyner, Jim Bakker, and Sid Roth is enough to warn any careful person. There is not one reference in this book to a single truth that is the heartthrob of End Time Prophecy. The Rapture, the Antichrist, The Nation of Israel’s future Kingdom, The Battle Of Armageddon, the Seven Year Tribulation or the Millennium are never named one time. A special article documenting every fact that we will discuss will be free to every listener. This Broadcast is live all over the world. Go to our Home page to stream live or download from the archives. Call 1 704 391 0588 or 1 800 338 7884. Our e-mail is

18 thoughts on “THE HARBINGER: “A Fable Forbidden by the Holy Bible”

  1. “The quotes from people like John Daschle – it’s Tom Daschle – George Bush or George Washington are not true statements of those individuals, but the imagination of the writer.”
    You say there is no documentation, and yet the whole book is based on scripture. It’s a national warning from Bible prophecy. He’s warning about the hedge of protection over the U.S. because she has turned from God.

    I can’t imagine that discerning Christians wouldn’t recognize the parallels between ancient Israel and America. Tom Daschle, John Edwards, and Barack Obama all cursed America live for all to hear. Time is running short for America. In this interview on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural!” Rabbi Jonathan Cahn reveals that the same pattern for God’s judgment on ancient Israel is being played out in America. The future for America should not be a mystery for God’s people anymore! (Part 1 of 2).

    Of course we don’t believe fables, but what about the parables of Jesus? Would you call him a heretic and a liar?


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    That HARBINGER BOOK sure is causing a lot of DIVISION in the END TIMES leaning CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY. It even DIVIDES Christians that are strongly looking for the rapture. Even the folks at RAPTURE READY are DIVIDED over it. TERRY JAMES over at RAPTURE READY supports it, while some others are against it. Terry James wrote in support of it in hes latest NEARING MIDNIGHT ARTICLE. I FIND IT RATHER STRANGE FOR THE JEWISH-CHRISTIAN AUTHOR JOHNATHON CAHN WOULD ENDORSE REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY THAT REPLACES HIS OWN JEWISH PEOPLE WITH A GENTILE CHURCH OR WITH AMERICA. I think he is well intentioned, but his book HARBINGER sure does have a lot of flaws in it. YES! Yes there are some cultural paralells between AMerica and Israel, but America does not have all the promises that God promised only to the Jews. AMERICA AND THE CHURCH DO NEED TO REPENT. Johnathon Cahn really needs to rewrite his book and include REVELATION, THE RAPTURE, THE TRIBULATION, THE ANTI-CHRIST, ARMAGEDDON, SECOND COMING, and the MILLENEAL KINGDOM. Yes, God is trying to warn America and the world, but the Harbinger Book is too flawed. It is the most divisive book that I have ever seen in the RAPTURE READY community. JOE CHAMBERS: MAYBE YOU AND TERRY JAMES, TOD STANDBERG, AND OTHER RAPTURE READY OPERATORS, NEED TO HOLD A MEETING AT THE RAPTURE READY OFFICE, TO DECIDE JUST WHAT TO DO WITH JONATHON CAHN HARBIGER BOOK. It is not good that there should be DIVISION in the RAPTURE READY COMMUNITY. This is threatening to tear it apart. We need to concentrate on fighting real enemies such as Obama, the Muslims, Militant Sodomites, Secular Hmanists, PORK-BARREL PROSPERITY PREACHERS, Liberals, and other enemies. We do not need to be fighting each other. It is already too late to save America form going under, but Judgement can be delayed long enough for the true Christians to get off this planet at the rapture, IF ALL THE CHRISTIANS WILL CONFESS THEIR SINS, AND ASK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS. Id the CHristans dont repent, then we could be facing a NAZI STYLE HOLOCAUST RIGHT HERE IN AMERICA. The DEATH CAMPS are already built. OUR SITUATION IS MORE LIKE DUNKIRK BEACH WAS DURING WW-2 where the BRITISH AND FRENCH SOLDIERS WERE TRAPPED ON THE BEACH, AN THE ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE WAS BY BOATS. Some yachts from Britain came to get them. IN AMERICA, WE CHRISTIANS ARE TRAPPED BY ENEMIES JUST LIKE THE BRITISH AND THE FRENCH WERE AT DUNKIRK. They had to keep fighting until the boats got them. We have to keep fighting until Jesus come to get us. WE SOULD CONCENTRATE LESS ON SAVING AMERICA FORM GOING UNDER, AND START CONCENTRATION ON OUR EXIT STRATEGY. It is like we are on the TITIANIC. The ship hit the Iceberg in 1962 WHEN THE SUPREME COURT OUTLAWED SCHOOL PRAYER. Or ship is GOING DOWN, we cannot save it. HEAD FOR THE

    Joe: please hold a meeting with TERRY JAMES and the other RAPTURE READY OPERATORS to decide wha to do with Jonathon Cahn’s HARBINGER BOOK. Come up with an agreement and a consensus to decide whether to support it or to oppose it. WE CANNOT AFFORD TO HAVE DIVISION when we need to concentrate on fighitin the real enemies.


    Keith Black

  3. I happen to like classic science fiction. Having grown up as humanity took its first tentative leaps off the Earth always fascinated me and tales of journeys to other worlds certainly were appealing. The thing is, one knew right up front that these stories were imaginary, even though the best of them did incorporate actual fact.

    In contrast, when “The DaVinci Code” came out many years ago, the distinct initial impression I got from the marketing was that it was a true account. Come to find out, it was fictional, but I wonder how many people still accept a lot of it as factual when it simply is not. I wonder how many whose exposure to the Bible is limited at best have had their faith damaged in the process.

    As I see it, the problem exists even more profoundly in much of the church today. There is such a blurring of doctrine that unless one has a good grasp of the Bible it is hard to tell in some cases which doctrines are Bible-based and which are not. This is especially problematic in those churches which declare that their totally human-devised traditions and pronouncements are equal to or exceed the authority of Scripture.

    Christian apathy is one of Satan’s biggest allies. Maybe a better term would be “Christian laziness!” The reason our churches and our society are the messes they are today is because Christians just won’t spend the time to read and study their Bibles, nor will they call their public representatives to task when they see them doing things clearly against God’s Word.

    When people don’t bother to discover the truth and make a stand for it, something dark will fill the vacuum.

    Any of this sound familiar?

  4. Thank you, pastor Chambers, for these warnings.. I know many old ladies in my old church back on the east coast that have read this book The Harbinger and they are impressed with it…. and ‘believe’ it.

    I am listening to the evening news about this white house and some things they are doing… I am afraid instead of killing people overseas they are ‘making a way’ to start taking down some of our own leaders in D.C….( for talking out ). Think about that and we Christians all need to PRAY about this!!!
    I am a Christian grandmother, 82, and I too hear from the Lord….perhaps to PRAY..

    You are absolutely right on the Scriptures of these days….


  5. Joseph Chambers,
    I have decided that I love you too much to pour my new wine into your old wineskin..bursting you and also losing my wine.

    Cheers to you from my HARBINGER

  6. Here are two principles and facts that are not found in the scriptures but are factual truths non the less. You cannot give away something that you do not have but you will always give away what you do have. The Lord Jesus could not give “new life” away until he first got it himself. He did not have “new life” until he was resurected, hence He was the first born amoung the brethren. What do you have that you are giving to others? A critical, judgmental, self righteous spirit or a kind, considerate loving and forgiving attitude? A baby bear learns what to eat and what not to eat by licking his mothers mouth and then go finding it himself. We all are like the bears. We are letting others lick our mouths, so to speak and we are licking others mouths, so to speak . We each learn from one another about life. WHOSE MOUTH ARE YOU LICKING ON TO LEARN ABOUT SPIRITUAL LIFE? Remember, all that live by the sword, die by the sword.

  7. Walter Oliver

    The Bible clearly states God chose Israel over the other nations, that Jews are His chosen people. What Biblical grounds are there to support this implicit idea that God favors America over all the other gentile nations of the world? This is simply a utopian assumption characterized by arrogance!
    Walter Oliver

  8. i agree with you about the book i don’t understand how so many christians are so blind i feel deep in my soul that the book is false not many preachers preach the old fashen gosple any more you are my pastor now my pastor preached just like you do now his son took over and i just don’t like it to watered down i read my braille bible every day christ is soon coming for his BLOOD watched bride and i will see my king face to face and i can’t can’t wate keep preaching and teaching the true gosple your BLOOD washed sister in christ come lord jesus amen kathy lainey

  9. WOW — what interesting commentary. For many years the “sunday” church has quoted a similiar thing (2 Chronicles 7:14) if my people, called by my name, humble themselves ………then I will heal their land. YOU all should know that is a misplaced FABLE, as the scripture relates to EXPLICITLY ISRAEL. The churches love to replace themselves with Israel — wouldn’t it be interesting if G-d allowed them to have the plaques and the abandonment, and the invasions that Israel recieved for her disobedience.
    Personally, I read the book — it is well footnoted with Bibliography for each chapter. IS it a Fable that the quotes from Tom Daschle or the President’ actually do exist?
    no point in arguing with Mr. Chambers or those who believe that he is entirely correct. Sensationalism in the churches, you go everything today — from the “tongue talkers” who believe they have more of the Holy Spirit than the rest of the churches, to the Laodicean churches where everything is OK, to the “frozen chosen” churches who ashew all workings of the Holy Spirit in the world today ——————-AND everything in between. WE are here, at the end of time, and the SOON coming of the Lord Jesus — PERHAPS that is the only thing most of us agree on in this debate!!

  10. Brother Chambers,
    To be honest, since giving my life to the Lord in 1996, I have not had much interest in books that primarily lean on the entertainment aspect so this book has had no pull for me at all. I have not read it nor plan to read it. If I was sympathetic towards writings of this nature, your article is very convincing and I would see it hard for anyone to dispute. Thank you for obeying God. Would you consider allegory’s in the same category as fables? Specifically, Pilgrims Progress. How about the book “In His Steps”.

  11. Dear Joe,

    Have you lost your mind?

    You seem determined to destroy the credibility of your ministry over The Harbinger book. I no longer respect anything to have to say about even the most apostate ministry.

    Using your logic, I would have to conclude that the Left Behind series was a satanic lie. You are like a dogs that barks at his own shadows. Maybe the fact that the book on the New York best sellers list and you are green with evy has something to do with it.

    I’m on your snail mailing list, and I plan to stay there so I can help drain you of financial resources.


  12. Bro. Chambers,
    The Harbinger is an example of the subtlety of the devil who from the
    beginning, deceived mankind by distorting the words of God in the
    garden by MIS-quoting God in such a way as to persuade Eve to disobey
    His commandment. He did this with our Lord Jesus when He tried to use
    God\’s word to tempt the Lord as well! This show\’s how deceiving the
    devil is and how he tries to use God\’s own words to deceive God\’s
    people even today. When you exposed the fallacy of this book, it
    demonstrated the absolute necessity of having the Holy Spirit
    operating in our lives to keep from being deceived by false messengers
    with false messages that could cause many to lose their souls. Thank
    you for your tireless efforts to keep God\’s people on the \”old
    paths, wherein is the good way!\”

    Blessings To You and Your Family,

  13. Thank you, brother, for pointing out lies in the light of the Word. Any believer who studies the Word can spot these things, but most are too lazy to read for themselves the Word itself.
    Keep your eyes on the LORD and His LOVE and low at HIS feet in all you do.
    In His Love,

  14. Dear sir, I believe you have missed the intent of the Harbinger. The book warns that American must repent. I think you took the storyline way out of its context. Cahn put his revelation that lined up with scripture in a fiction form so people could understand that we need to repent. I think he did a wonderful job with his book. Much better than your hard hitting approach that only pushes people away. Cahn has more love in his pen than you will ever know or understand. I find a lot of your writings to be damning.

  15. My take on this whole argument is this…Eat the meat and spit out the bones. Therefore, digest the main message from the book which is to repent.

  16. My, there is much debate over such a book. I have read it and found it very interesting in detail. Jonathan Cahn said before hand that it is a fictitous book, written in story format. However, he believes the correlation between Israel and America thru the Isaiah 9:10 effect are very real. Why not? I believe that it is very possible. Just because America is not mentioned in the Bible does not mean that G-d wont bring judgment to it like His people Israel. G-d founded Israel, and judged them accordingly when they disobeyed Him. America was founded on G-dly principals, now, He will judge America accordingly for it’s disobedience. Even moreso, for the way America has treated Israel.

    I will not call America a Christian nation because there is no such thing. We are only sojourners here, it is not our home, though America has the largest number of them, I think. The Word of G-d is completely centered around Israel. However, all who truly accept Christ as their Savior are grafted into the Hebrew (Israeli) family. So, I have no doubt the possibility that America is suffering Israel’s ancient curse. But, rather than argue about it, we should all just ask the Father when we get home.