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LOT PITCHED HIS TENT TOWARD SODOM “This Unclean World Is A Dangerous Place To Live”

I have never seen anyone pitch their tent toward Sodom that did not soon dwell in Sodom. The next point with Lot was he sat in the gate of Sodom. The Sodomites had voted him to be on the city council. Then came the utter destruction of his family by the unclean lifestyle that Lot had led them to live. Here was a great nephew of the great father of faith. Every potential for success was squarely at Lot’s feet. No one ever speaks of Lot without tying his name to Sodom and Gomorrah, while no one ever speaks of Abraham without remembering the ‘Promise Land.’ A powerful uncle and his sad, defeated nephew!

The result of choices are always unforgettable. A few souls have made bad choices but woke up and turned around. The Prodigal Son came home empty but he did come home just in time. Judas Iscariot could not have had a better beginning, but then choose the route to hell. Look at King Saul, head and shoulder above his peers. He even prophesied after he was anointed and for a while pursued the right road. Once he pitched his tent toward error, he never turned back. Seeking advise from the witch of Endor was his last resort. He was already a dead man when he left her hideout.

Lot probably never smiled again after he watched the lovely wife of his youth turn back to Sodom. A great man’s wife is the right arm of happiness. Sons, daughters, grandsons, and granddaughters were so bound to the sin city of dad’s choice that they laughed him to shame as he pleaded for their departure with him. The two daughters that fled the city brought more shame than those that burned to death. Lot has got to be the most shamed man in the First Testament.

America is quickly becoming a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. God is no respecter of persons and America will pay the price. Maybe the Rapture will occur before the hammer falls, but we must not be so sure that we refuse to cry over our country and lost loved ones. Look at the depraved marks of the tattoo world. Consider how many of the church families with sons and daughters that are living in unmarried homes. The church nurseries are filled with illegitimate children. No, they should not be turned away, but we should be repenting of the decay and crying out against their shame.

If you pitch your tent toward Sodom be assured the dye is cast. There must be an abrupt turnaround if you are going to avert a similar end as Lot. Also Godly families must raise their children without the compromise of the world. Quit allowing video games that are filled with violence. Discipline television or better still remove it from your home. Monitor Face Book and do not allow the filfty rock culture to adorn your children’s bedrooms. Train your children to live morally clean lives. If they pitch their tent toward Sodom right in your home, be assured that their future is probably fire and brimstone just like Lot’s family. Abraham watched on the plains of Sodom. I’m sure he wept as he bowed before our God and prayed while judgment fell.

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13 thoughts on “LOT PITCHED HIS TENT TOWARD SODOM “This Unclean World Is A Dangerous Place To Live”

  1. WE cannot run from it, Sodom is all around everyone of us.
    Generally, people have no heart or conscience any more. I see it every where, every which way.
    Doctors and doctors offices are as much a part as any where else…Please ‘make note of that.’.
    If the doctors are ‘good’ their office people are NOT and I guess he hates to stir that up sooo they continue. Believe people that SEE this in your church. Its true. The FDA has changed many things in the medical camp.
    And people have actually walked INTO this medical mire by the ‘sin of gluttony’. Most of what they EAT today is processed in labs for food companies MADE to taste GOOD to human consumers…is NOT real food!!!!
    IF people would EAT only natural foods God gave to Moses! we wouldn’t NEED all of this poison medicines and FOOD…

    But, “we have peace and wisdom in Jesus Christ.”

    “Sneak Bible Truth into every day conversations…. “THE WORD is alive and breathing and sharper than any two-edged sword. IT will NOT return unto the Lord void.”

  2. Christopher Williamson

    Abraham gave Lot the choice and he chose the plains of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were so green and fertile. He thought he’d chosen the best, but he’d chosen the best of the world, not the best of God. But let us not forget that God used Lot because we read in 2 Peter :

    2:7 And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked:

    2:8 (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;)

    He was the penultimate witness and enabled the angels of God Almighty to be the final witness against those wicked cities.

  3. Dear brother Chambers ,thank you for speaking the truth and it is not
    just the united states that will receive judgement for it, we have it
    here in Canada in full force,the gay straight alliance in my son\’s
    school sickens me,so I suspect your neighbour to the north is in about
    the same shape morally. keep up the good work,keep preaching against

  4. Fortunately Lot was still a just man when he left Sodom. Not a perfect man, but a just man who apparently feared God as Noah did, and knew when ordered to do so, it was time to leave Sodom. While we desire holy lives, the sin nature we have can be removed only by He Who also took away all the sin of the world at the Cross. You and I can’t do that. When He appears (the Resurrection of the saints), we shall be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. Salvation for those desiring to be with Him is final. Looking for His imminent return is a must. Rejection of the Lord Jesus is a one-way trip to the lake of fire.

  5. 2 Chronicles 7 says WE as God’s people can still make a difference. Where there is life there is hope. We mustn’t be discouraged. The “church” for many years has been concerned about large buildings and filling them with people only to entertain them so they will pay for it.
    There is a serious church, one of no compromise, one bent on God’s Word as it’s foundation. A church with hope for our future, for a miracle, that some will come out of this filthy world through our prayers and faith that it is “not His will that any should perish”.

  6. Brother Chambers, probably one of the most powerfully messages I’ve ever heard you preached on this same subject many years ago. The influence Sodom had on Lot’s family and even after the angels came and Lot went to warn the daughters and son in laws of the coming judgement, they still wouldn’t leave Sodom. The coming vote on what makes a marriage amendment will probably go in favor of the one man and one woman in North Carolina. It’s like years and years of keeping the small town of Stanley a dry town finally enough backslidden christians vote in favor of having the right to buy beer in Stanley instead of driving to Belmont or Gastonia. The time will come that same sex unions will be legal in all 50 states, thanks to those liberals that hold office here in North Carolina. Recently, I wrote my senator to ask her opinion of abortion and she’s much in favor of ( Choice) killing innocent babies and probably has no problem with same sex marriages. We know that God’s due sending a wake-up call to America, In an hour they think not the Son of Man cometh. The rapture ready church has become far and few inbetween, the Lord could come Saturday and the power of positive thinking folks would teach the same thing Sunday that they’ve taught week after week. What’s the chances of Miss Winnfree coming to a holiness Bible Believing Church? What’s the chances of the multimillion dollar TV ministries stop doing their beg-a thon’s? Jesus is coming, thanks for being that voice crying in our wilderness.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    The angels had to DRAG LOT AND HIS FAMILY OUT OF SODOM before it was BOMBED. The Lord will have to DRAG (at Rapture) THE CHRISTIANS (even the weak ones) off of this earth before the Tribulation which will have judgements similar to Sodom & Gomorrah is the form of NUCLEAR WAR. When archiologists did some digging at the Sodom site in southern Israel the found nothing but the foundations (below ground level) of the buildings left. Everything above ground was SHEARED OFF. Was that a super powered NUCLEAR STYLE BLAST more powerful than even the strongest HYDROGEN BOMBS? The archiologists said it looked like a nuclear devastation. When Hiroshima and another city in Japan wer nuked, they were left in far better shape than Sodom and Gomorrah. A dome in Hiroshima was stripped bare, but it is still there. Some scientists believe Sodom was hit by an asteroid. When an asteroid hits the earth it explodes stronger than all the worlds nukes blasted together all at once.
    You say that America is becoming like Sodom. America is not the only country into it. Holland and Denmark are much deeper into it than we are. France was in it long before we were, espccially in Paris. So Europe is farther down the road. Mexico also has it. The South American Countries have it. So does Asia. Where do Christians go to escape this? Are there any countries that don’t have it? Yes. The BRUTE FORCE MUSLIM COUNTRIES WHERE THE CUT THE HEADS OFF THE GAYS. BUT THEY ALSO KILL THE CHRISTIANS TOO. So the Sodomites or Gays are all over the world. The only real way to escape this is to GET OFF THIS PLANET AT THE RAPTURE. YES! GOD IS GOING TO HAVE TO DRAG US OFF THIS PLANET (at Rapture) LIKE HE DRAGGED LOT OUT OF SODOM! Then after that the nukes will burn our cities.

    What are Christians to do now to protect ourselves until God can get us out of here? Here are some possible short term answers. In America the homosexuals are not distributed evenly. If you want to get away from them, you can do so by MOVING AWAY FROM BIG CITIES. The gays are most dominant in the cites. Homos3xuals tend to dominate in the largest cities. Rural areas do not have very many gays. They dominate the liberal states more than they dominate conservative states.
    America has paralells to what it was like when Israel broke up into the Northern Kingdom And the Southern Kingdom of Judah after Solomon died. The north had Samaria as it capital and the South had Jerusalem. When it broke, ALL THE SAINTS IN THE NORTH FLED SOUTH TO JUDAH to escape the Pagan north. America is just like that The northern states and the LEFT COAST is our SAMARIA. The southern states is our JUDEA. If you child is in CALIFORNIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS, GET THEM OUT IMMEDIATELY. YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING FORCE FED SODOMITE INDOCTRINATION. MOVE AWAY FROM CALIFORNIA TO GET AWAY FROM IT. Take your kids out of corrupt public schools. For now people can escape SODOMITE DOMINATION BY MOCING TO THE JUDEA PART OF AMERICA. There are still ways to minimunize this. The real game changer is if the US SUPREME COURT STRIKES DOWN ALL LAWS AGAINST GAY MARRIAGES NATIONWIDE, AND LAWS GET PASSED PROHIBITING CHRISTIANS FOR DISCRIMINATING AGAINST GAYS. AND “HATE” SPEECH LAWS GET PASSED MAKING IT ILLEGAL TO CALL HOMOSEXUALITY A SIN. When we are FORCED TO START SUPPORTING THE SODOMITES, AND WHEN THEY FORCE THEIR WILL ON US, it will be time for GOD TO DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY, as he did when he BOMBED SODOM & GOMORRAH. But for now Christians can find refuge in conservatives southern states by moving away form liberal states to conservative states. But when the SUPREME COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF GAYS AT OUR EXPENSE, IT IS TIME FOR GOD TO DELCARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY. The best way to prevent that is to vote all liberals out of office before itis too late. By then our only hope to escape is for the Lord Jesus to drag us off this planet at the rapture.



    Keith Black

  8. It seems that not only America, but most of the western world has willingly ignored all the biblical prohibitions regarding aberrant homosexual practices. I’m sure Sodom and Gomorrah hosted all manner of other evils, but it seems that accepting sexual deviancy was, and has been for many empires, a prominent symptom that the end of their tenure was near.

    Both Europe and America, which had their beginnings based on God and the Bible, have now turned 180 degrees and are rapidly sinking into a quicksand of rampant immorality. We have so much less excuse than those pagan societies which never knew God.

    If the residents of America or Europe think they are immune to the fate that followed all the other civilizations of the past that went down the same route, I believe they are about to find out just how mistaken they are.

    I only pray that the Remnant will soon receive its own rescue, just as Lot and his family did. And I also hope none of them are foolish enough to hesitate and look back.

  9. Janet Mayfield

    I thought that Saul and his son went to Abraham’s bossom because when Saul called up the prophet, Samuel, he said you and your son will be with me tomorrow.

  10. Dear Pastor,

    Our Lord Jesus was carefull to tell us “Remember Lot’s Wife”, Where our heart is, so is our treasure.

    We all have a little of her in us, we must overcome!

    Timely Article!

    God Bless

  11. {Amen, Bro. Chambers. Here’s a really different item found on the web that says a lot!)


    (written by a friend in 2003)

    Even the God of the entire Bible is behind the gay rights movement—-and I’ll prove it.
    (Although this paper focuses on lost persons in the “Northeastern Bermuda Triangle” outlined roughly by New York City, Montreal, and Boston, I’m sharing it with everyone everywhere.)
    You who identify with GBLT (no, not Gay Bacon Lettuce & Tomato!) already know about your own history. So for the unlearned I’ll include some info on it, much of which is on the internet.
    Gay activist John McKellar has stated: “The major media are all nonstop advertisements for the gay lifestyle, so how far are they prepared to go in denying free speech to Christians, Muslims, and Jews?….No major world religion has ever accepted homosexual behavior. And if [gay] activists had any sense of history, they’d realize their own lifestyle is a symptom of an overurbanized, relativized culture heading into decadence.”
    Thomas Jefferson revealed that in Virginia, “dismemberment” of the offensive sex organ was the penalty for sodomy, and he himself authored a bill penalyzing sodomy by castration. The same internet article, “Homosexuals in the Military” by David Barton, also stated that sodomy , homosexuality etc. were regarded as felonies in early America and were even punishable by death in New York, Connecticut, South Carolina, and Vermont!
    You GBLTs have traveled far. You are now helping to fulfill two big signs that Jesus said (in Luke 17) will characterize life on earth just before His return to it: “days of Noah” (physical violence) and “days of Lot” (your GBLT ancestors).
    Even the New York Times has expressed amazement over the suddenness and pushiness of today’s campaign for legalizing same-sex marriage, and Prof. David M. Halperin wrote that “lesbian and gay studies scholars” have led the way in fighting against policies that “criminalize gay sex or limit access to abortions.”

    I said early on that the Bible’s God is behind you GBLTs. Yes, He’s behind you and even pushing you down the dead-end road you have insisted on taking. Several scary Bible passages show that God will actually “program” those whose motto seems to be “HELL-BOUND AND HAPPY!”: “the Lord God…gave them up to desolation” (II Chron. 30:7); God “gave them up to uncleanness,” “gave them up to vile affections,” “gave them over to a reprobate mind” (Rom. 1:24,26,28); “God shall send them strong delusion” (II Thess. 2:11); and “he which is filthy, let him be filthy still” (Rev. 22:11).
    Now that you GBLTs have invented strange architecture (closets opening on to main streets instead of bedrooms!), have traded limp wrists for clenched fists, and are fighting for shame-sex marriage, I wonder if you will be happy when you’ve turned New York into New Yuck, Boston into Bah!-ston, and other places into Messychoose-its, Nude Hampshire, Vermin, and Cana-duh (where at least the maple leaves will be blushing!). And of course I should include Hell-A and San Fransissyco which, appropriately, are in Quake-ifornia!
    So what are you waiting for? Since you’re bent on fulfilling the predicted end-time Noah/Lot days (your way of helping to make the Bible even more believable!), and since seemingly you’d rather discover the “wrathful Judge” side of Christ instead of His “merciful and loving and forgiving” side, can’t you speed up your role and get it over with? You’re holding up the true and everlasting peace that God wants to give to the whole world!

    (You’re free to reproduce and distribute this non-copyrighted paper everywhere including the internet. You’re also free to use a different title with it, if you wish.)

  12. Billy Fleenor

    It seems that not only America, but most of the western world has willingly ignored all the biblical prohibitions regarding aberrant homosexual practices. I’m sure Sodom and Gomorrah hosted all manner of other evils, but it seems that accepting sexual deviancy was, and has been for many empires, a prominent symptom that the end of their tenure was near.