Jesus Said, They Shall Take Up Serpents

The enemy of every believer has the disposition of a snake. Satan is a snake, biblically speaking. But, remember, Satan cannot cross the Bloodline. Without a doubt this use of the term “snake” is one of the strongest types in Holy Scripture. Satan went into the Garden of Eden as a beautiful creature, lied, and deceived Adam and Eve. He then had to crawl his way out of that garden. That is the perfect picture of the effect of sin.
1. Satan is out to destroy every person reading these words. “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (I Peter 5:8). I beg of you to listen. If you are a genuine “Born Again” Christian, the devil is after you and will destroy you if it is possible. Please do not think that you are exempt from his determination against every believer.
2. Jesus has totally defeated the devil. The church world is not hearing preaching that warns them and educates them about Satan’s schemes. If you know that he is out to get you and you know how utterly he has been defeated, then you can be protected. It’s up to you. LISTEN! “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven..” (St. Matthew 16:18-19). If Satan defeats you, it’s your fault.
3. Now, you must recognize Satan’s activities. Satan vexes people — Christians as well as sinners. He depresses, fills with jealousy, criticism, unforgiving spirits, and roots of bitterness. Lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are chief areas that Satan promotes and spreads. Strive to learn all of his designs and resist them in the name of Jesus.
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9 thoughts on “Jesus Said, They Shall Take Up Serpents

  1. When we get saved. except Christ as our Savior and L-rd, we are sealed forever with Him. that is why I know that HIS word is TRUTH and whatever is bound on earth is bound in heaven, NOTHING will ever make me believe that Satan can unseal what the L-rd sealed forever. Satan has not that power. and, yes we will be temped As Christ and we fail daily in thot and deed. but HE died for that very reason. that we could NOT be perfect as long as we have the flesh. Even Paul said, I find myself doing and saying things I hate..I am the chief sinner. but he went on and wrote G-ds word that was given thru the holy spirit..No one can take what the FATHER gave to Yeshua Jesus. WE are forgiven once and for all..and until He says, come up hither we will. Does that mean like Paul said , we could just sin as we like so to speak, he said, G-d we get up and do al we can to worship and serve our L-rd, picking up the cross and following HIM. we all miss the mark. there is no one up there measuing sin in a list………….sin is sin.. and like G-d said, break one, and you are guilty of all keep on praying and doing our best to be pleasing to HIM and put Him first in all things and change all we can, because we love HIM..all of us hate it when we sin. sometimes strong and sometimes not. and we all need to know our strenth is in HIM ALONE. stay in the word, pray wihtout ceasing. HE IS all you can thru the power of the gospel. G-d bless…and remember the signs of the end times are for the Jews to show the New T is real and G-d given, the church doesnt need signs as we know already. Genesis 12 tells us the end from the beginning. HE changes shadow of turning. HE IS COMING..

  2. Thank you again, Bro. Chambers ~ most do not want to listen about how they can stray away
    or shipwreck their faith! But yes, it is VERY possible. Why would we even be told about
    the dangers of false prophets & wolves in sheeps’ clothing ~~ if they could not harm us!?

    I honestly believe that, along with worldwide apostacy in full swing, another facet of that
    is how people choose to trust in “easy believism” … that it matters not how we live and
    repentance is unnecessary, just simply “believe” and then you’re saved forever!!

    Here’s a good Greek word for that: *HOGWASH*!!

    Scripture says that even demons “believe” in Jesus. We know THEY are not heaven-bound.

    True, as Christians ~ yet in our flesh & unperfected, we do still sin — and thus, have the
    need for our feet to be daily washed! Difference is… we do not PURPOSELY go out
    LOOKING TO SIN!! We do not “wallow” in the “sin of the month club”. Instead, we are
    repulsed by it and pray for His help so that we may be overcomers.

    Praying those reading here will choose to keep their garments white by CLINGING to The Vine (Jesus)!! And live as we are (Biblically) instructed to live! Will we sin? Yes. I did
    just this very morning. So we confess our sins & He is faithful and just to cleanse us from
    all unrighteousness.

    May we be ALERT to the wiles of the adversary, the enemy of our souls and may we be ALIVE!! ~ “always living in view of eternity”!!
    Amen and MARANATHA!!

  3. You can lose your salavation according to hewbrews 4:1 and other scriptures. I want to correct the last quote, it was Peter who said that our enemy the devil roams about seeking whom he may devouer and that goes for Christians. We have got to resist him and he will flee. If you don’t me then you don’t believe the bible. It is our attitude that can change. We can fall from grace we are the ones who can fall back into sin. the angels in heaven who sinned lost their salvation. how much more have we to fear of losing out of going to heaven? Even Jesus said NOT EVERYONE WHO SAYS TO
    ME LORD LORD SHALL ENTER INTO HEAVEN. Five of the virgins did not make into heaven! Read the unfathfull severnt in Luke 12: 45 & 46. You cannot believe in half of the bible and not all of it
    The Holy Spirit does protect us. But if we should stray into sin we are not protected. the church in Sardis had only a few who were worthy to walk with Jesus. The rest were going to hell because they had stained there clothes with unrepented sin.

  4. Dear Brother Chambers, For a period of 33 years I have been involved with the Penticostal movements, over that period of time I have found out a great deal about the decline of the christian attitude not only before God but to each other. Do you know something? I have found out just who is God’s worst enemy. In the garden of Eden just one sin, I repeat “just one sin” had Adam and Eve cast out of the garden. On the Cross of Calvary Jesus died for just one sin, I repeat “just one sin”. The sin of (disobedience). The new testament give’s all of us a perfect picture of what God desires of us to take place within the four wall’s of the church. The teaching is very detailed, and so important for all of us to know and to live by. The centrality of all the teaching is The Lord Jesus Christ Himself. If I had the space I would tell you all just what I found from those teachings and what changed my life toward God forever. Part One. David Day

  5. I agree with Kim. No way to become ‘unsaved’ I don’t think. Those who turn away from God
    never ‘knew’ Him, and were never saved in the first place.
    There’s only one unforgivable sin, and it isn’t murder or adultry,
    lest the ‘apple of God’s eye’ David, isn’t a citizen of the Kingdom of God.
    Paul declared there was a spirit sent to buffet him, and asked the Lord to remove it.
    This couldn’t have been a physical affliction, because illness isn’t overcome by grace.
    Paul’s answer was “My Grace is Sufficient”

  6. if you continue to follow Jesus you are a christian if not you are not in spite of the once
    saved always saved mentality –you can throw a gift away and salvation is a gift
    and I have seen some whose end was worse than the beginning when they tasted of the HOLY
    SPIRIT–My ex wife is a example and I have continued to pray for her what will her end be

  7. Praise God for the blood! The only thing that can wash away our sins……the blood of
    Jesus! The only thing that can make us whole again! And we don’t hear many preachers even
    mention “the blood.” When praying for someone, I plead the blood.

    Thank you Brother Chambers, for your messages, filled with truth!

  8. Dear Bro Chambers. May I share with you just what is on my heart concerning the church “The Body of Christ”. I am going to make a very serious point which needs great consideration by us all. Is it us “the believers” who are God’s worst enemy. “me too” Every time I look at the person of The Lord Jesus Christ, all that He is, all that He stands for, what He came here for, what He did for us all, how He ministered to the people, His death and resurrection and all that stands for, what He means to all of us, the great legacy He sent to us in the person of The Holy Spirit, we have a wonderful book called The New Testament “KJV” of His life which “must” become “our” live, if we are the be the people God desires us to be. Death to sin, death to self. Alive unto God in Christ Jesus by His Holy Spirit. To walk in the footsteps of The Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is our life! 24/7, not just part of it on a sunday when we go to church. We are His light in the world, it is the Lord Jesus Christ that people see in us that they will respond to. Stop looking at ourselves and look to Jesus all of the time, let the Holy Spirit have His place in our lives, that will bring the greatest glory to God than you can possibly imagine. Bless you all. David Day

  9. The Holy Spirit must work in my life for me to become a Christian. He who has started a good work will complete it. Read 1 John 5 – we can know that we have eternal life. We shouldn’t sin – this side of Glory we sin but we should be more like the Lord Jesus all the time. If you are reading the Bible, praying and fellowshiping with believers you will be growing. All my sins were covered on Calvary. There are many good books on Eternal Security (like some of Dave Hunt’s or check out Rapture Ready) I’m never walking away, God won’t let me, the Holy Spirit lives in me. Also, I know the truth and the truth has set me free. Steven Hawking’s according to Romans 1 knows that there is a God… they have become fools.