The Joy of the Resurrection

The story of the Resurrection is not just theology, it’s life everlasting. So often in our churches we preach truth, but so many never get the reality into their heart and soul. When His Resurrection becomes His Divine life in us, we will never be the same. It’s a life to be embraced at the beginning of every day. The Old Testament was lived in hope of the Messiah’s Appearance. That’s why David said in my text today, “Because thou wilt not leave my soul in hell, neither will Thou suffer Thine Holy One to see corruption.” (Acts 2:27) David knew that his death was in perfect hope of the coming Christ. Today in the New Covanant we can live in His resurrected life and not go into Abraham’s bosom to await a future time. He is alive right now and we must live the same way. The Son of God destroyed death for us. Since He is alive we can have His mind in us. We can also live in an exceeding joy right here in this life. There could be no Pentecost until He was resurrected and we now can not be denied the Holy Ghost because “He ever liveth”. When the 120 at Pentecost received His Baptism they shocked the city. The Holy Ghost Baptism was actually the fullness of His resurrection. There were over 500 that had seen Him in His awesome Resurrection but over 380 were not in the Upper Room so we must persume they missed the Pentecostal explosion. The new tongues the 120 dedicated Saints spoke was their entrance into a spiritual realm unknown to Saints of the Old Order. What is so exciting is that He will reign with the Father until every enemy is totally defeated. The promise is fixed, “The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit Thou on My Right Hand, Until I make Your foes Your footstool.” (Acts 2: 34b-35) Get off your seat and on your feet and shout with joy, “He is alive and He is coming again!”

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  1. Great article. I agree 100%. If you would like to you can come read my articles on the bible and leave a comment would be nice to. god bless – GL