The Challenge of Haiti Continues


House Compassion

The US 82nd Battalion visited the House of Compassion in Port-au-Prince last week. They provided much needed assistance by delivering bags of rice so they can feed lunch to the children in their school giving them much needed nourishment. It makes you feel good to be an American when you know it is America that is always the first and the best when catastrophe strikes. It does not matter if a nation is our sworn enemy, we will still be there. Haiti needs us as a nation and we are there. We are still under the burden for Haiti because our ministry with these wonderful people is great. Here is a quote from their report:

“Our security wall around the home is back. It was completed last week—took our guys two weeks to get it back up. We are thankful it is back and the watchdogs are able to run the yard at night. The wall around the church will be started soon.

“We were able to get the second level floor poured on the school building we started. We have mentioned in the past that the building will be a three-story school building. Everybody has agreed that two stories are best now: three may be a little too dangerous based on what we have seen. So now we are building a two-story building and will need to purchase more property in the future to build another building that will be used for a school. We also have put the building of the school on hold for now; we are going to take the second floor on the building we have started and turn it into Good Hope Boys Home. The home we have been renting looks a little scary for the boys to stay in now, so we are going to try and get this building finished right away and let the boys home move in to that. The school behind us and the one out in the country both have started back up and have been open for the past two weeks.

“The US 82nd airborne found us last week and brought us some rice and said they will be back. With the rice they brought we have started feeding the kids that come to school behind us. We have about 160 out of 240 that are back and learning on a daily basis. I hope they continue to bring us food supplies so we can continue feeding the children in our area.

“Alicia had a meeting at the school in town on Monday. She said it was sad—the first meeting we had in which all the staff have been back together. With the two teachers that died it was sad not seeing them there. She said the rest of the staff look very tired and worn out. This school is right in the middle of it all and the staff there has seen a lot of death and misery the last month. We are trying to open this school back up the 1st of March. We are looking to rent a yard/field somewhere around that area and put up some tents for the children to finish the school year in.”

Every penny you give will go to this powerful ministry. I am scheduled to go in May, 2010, to preach a revival and to bless Bro. & Sis. Lloyd and their family. I have promised to take a carry-on freezer full of good American food, especially some steak for the family.

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One thought on “The Challenge of Haiti Continues

  1. I strongly impacted by the fundamental truth you preach (it lines up with scripture-Bible). No fanfare,make-believe or fantasy religion. I was also moved by your outreach work. May the Lord continue to bless, and continue to be bold with the Gospel. snElderHill