Sodomy The War Against God

There are different levels of sin and different levels of their effect on your life. Many sins are simply disobedience against the laws and commandments of God. The reason that God has labeled these actions or attitudes as sin is because they harm you and greatly reduce the happy level of living. Nothing is called sin just to reduce your freedom, but rather to protect the God-nature of living for which you were created. There are sins that the Bible calls an abomination. These are actions or attitudes that defile the sacred things connected to your life. Defiling the Sabbath (Seventh) day, defiling your body with unclean things, dealing with witchcraft, familiar spirits, or grieving the Holy Spirit are all abominations against God.

But, homosexuality and lesbianism are sins that are in a war against God. The Bible calls these sins, which include bestiality and many varying actions connected with sexuality, sodomy. Sodomy is all unnatural acts of sex. A husband and a wife that have been induced into oral sex with each other have become sodomites and will be destroyed unless they repent and reclaim their sacred honor. Why are acts of sodomy so dark and degrading? The answer is beautiful and lies at the heart of our created glory. Our God created us in His own image and after His own likeness. The Holy Bible says that we were created a little lower than the angels, "For thou hast made him a little lower than the angels, and hast crowned him with glory and honour." (Psalm 8:5) We are sacred creatures and are accountable to the Creator for maintaining both our honor, as well as His honor. While all sin affects that honor, sodomy destroys that honor. Sodomy is one of the few human actions that has no basis in natural desires. Satan introduced humankind to this dark level of violent, savage depravity in his defiance of God and hatred for mankind, God’s unique creation.

An individual that becomes enslaved in this lifestyle has joined Satan’s war against God. This lifestyle had become rampant before the flood when fallen angels, led by Satan, went unto the daughters of men and they conceived and bare giants or Nephilims. A transvestite is probably the closest creature to this original result of sodomy. The sons of God were fallen angels that had developed uncontrollable lust for unnatural flesh. Sodomy has always been deeply connected with evil spirits, which are fallen angels. The Hebrew word for sodomite is a sacred person that serves as a temple prostitute. The action of sodomy is licentious idolatry. It is worship of Satan. It is the final act of a dying society.

When you see sodomy on the rise, take heart because God is about to act. It is impossible for our Holy God to hold back His wrath when men begin to accept and honor this lifestyle. America, as a culture, was not guilty of this sin when it was called by its proper name. As long as society rejects the sodomite conduct and relegates it to the unacceptable realm, the guilt lies only at the door of the individual. But, when our politicians and ministers begin to court this depravity and call it an alternative lifestyle, then they are just as unclean as the sodomites. A society that will even consider samesex marriage is at the point of no return.

Presently, over 50% of Americans stand against the idea of same-sex marriage. Maybe God will give us a little time to recover and return to societal sanity, but we are certainly hanging in the balance. God is calling on every decent American or citizen of any other country to cry and sigh over this abomination. It cannot be taken lightly. When God’s wrath falls, and it is certainly at the door, anyone that was willing to turn a deaf ear to this abomination will be judged with the sodomites. Unless you are willing to be identified against the very idea of same-sex marriage, you are ripe for God’s wrath. Either stand for truth or fall for depravity and uncleanness.

This coming election of our leaders and President has never fallen into clearer lines of right and wrong. The Democratic Party is quickly developing into the sodomite party. All over America, political and religious leaders are calling for compromise. It is politically correct to suggest that a homosexual or lesbian partner has the same rights as husbands and wives. Thousands of church members are being forced to worship under sodomite ministers or with practicing sodomites or leave their churches. Often these persons have put their whole life into a church, but are forced to leave or give up their conviction. Until the Rapture and the wrath of God are complete, the worst is yet to come.

It’s amazing to study prophecy and learn that the homosexuals will lead the emerging culture of the One World Church and the One World Government. The Antichrist will be Satan-possessed and he will champion the sodomy superiority. Hitler championed his version of a pure race and actually planned to slaughter every challenge to this dream. He was a type of Antichrist. No wonder Jesus said, "And woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck in those days!" (Matthew 24:19)

God’s challenge to every honorable person in our society is to make a kind but unflinching stand for human dignity. Nothing destroys any living soul like sexual sins. Weeping and heart driven prayer is God’s plan to rescue our nation from total destruction. If we allow this war against God to succeed, every American will suffer the effect. Whatever time between now and the Rapture, our duty is to be the salt and light of righteousness. If you stand tall, please remember, He will go before you and be your reward.

Joseph R. Chambers