Why George W Bush Will Be ReElected – July 19 2004

The presidential race for the White House has become as a dogfight. The Bible is absolutely plain that God, the true and living God, ordains every election or ascension to every government authority on this planet. "The earth is the LORD’S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein." (Psalm 24:1) "For promotion cometh neither from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south. But God is the judge: he putteth down one, and setteth up another." (Psalm 75:6-7). Neither the liberals, nor the conservatives have the final word. Yes, He uses the earthly family and, yes, our votes count, but He moves the hearts of men for His glory. There is a rising tide of moral concerns and conservative emotions in America, and this, in itself, cannot be separated from the hand of God touching human hearts.

George W. Bush will be re-elected. There are a host of reasons why we can trust the idea for this article. Bible prophecy is being fulfilled at the greatest level in human history. We are on a racetrack to the end and every nuance of Scripture must be fulfilled. Each nation on this globe has a spot to fulfill. The alignment of these nations is set in Scripture. From Israel to Gog and Magog, each force has a part to play. Those nations aligned with Gog and Magog continue to build toward their international role. The Middle East is presently, with the new government in Iraq, perfectly set for the end. Europe is building toward its economical impact, while Rome and the Catholic church are uniting world religions. It’s clearly a fast track to Armageddon. It’s exciting for any person truly attuned to Bible prophecy.

Biblically speaking, the Bush presidency has done a host of right things, while the Democrat machine has done a host of wrong things. It provides quite a picture to look at what is occurring. First, let’s deal with simple personality.

President George W. Bush is real. He is not a facade or a machine, but he is believable and honest. John Kerry is the opposite. He is a flip flopper on every issue and is constantly trying to be what the political winds suggest he needs to be to win. He is laughable and almost every cartoon about him makes him more laughable.

George W. Bush has elevated the White House and the presidency to the honor due the world’s most powerful office. Even when he must speak politically, his words and demeanor are eloquent and honorable. The thugs at the United Nations and in many world capitols may hate the American President, but he is taken seriously. That’s what authority is all about. John Kerry is a leftist One-Worlder that fits the mold of the United Nations perfectly. He is perfectly happy sitting under the influence of Whoopi Goldberg singing her vulgarity about a seated president, while he calls her the representative of American values.

Our President believes in the Holy Bible. Any man without a core set of values is going to be untrustworthy. When those values are the Holy Scriptures, they become the world’s highest standards. Our President reads those values every morning and actually makes decisions based on them. The issue of abortion is a bedrock moral compass. If the life of unborn children has no value, then the compass is broken and we are adrift. John Kerry says he believes in life at conception, but does not believe it should be a compass for America. He would not even vote to stop partial birth abortions, which is the killing of partially born children by sucking their brains out.

President George W. Bush is willing to resist the vicious wrath of the homosexual lobbyists, along with every liberal supporting organization in America, to say "NO" to same-sex marriage. This is an issue that is hot and calls out every dark force on this earth. But, this President says, "No, I will not support gay marriage." Even many Republicans are too spineless to stand up to this nasty crowd, but George W. Bush has and does. John Kerry always looks for some political spin to answer questions on this issue. Do not expect the liberal media to ask him hard questions on an issue that might embarrass him.

President George W. Bush’s response to the 9/11 attack has been nothing less than outstanding. Even the liberals were full of applause until they saw their political future going down the tube. He has been unwavering in Afghanistan and Iraq and has won against our enemies consistently. War is hell and never goes perfectly, but his administration has met each challenge and prevailed. John Kerry barely lasted four months in Vietnam and returned disgruntled and full of hatred for the very armed forces he now claims to support. America would be insane to trust this man to defend us in such a dangerous time.

President Bush has a vice-president that is equally honest, powerful, and respected. He has elevated the office of vice-president beyond any past individual to serve our country. John Edwards has a history as a trial lawyer that is scary. As we learn more and more about his route to riches, we will find out that looks alone does not make a man. Kerry and Edwards have shocked even the liberals with the kind of actions more fitted to two playboys than a run for the White House.

Our President, George W. Bush, has been attacked more viciously than any President in my lifetime. The fact that he has held his head high and has not responded in kind to their unrelenting fury is remarkable. He will be remembered as the President that witnessed the demise of the Democratic Party just like Reagan is remembered for the end of the Cold War. George W. Bush will be re-elected and the Democratic Party will never be the same.

Joseph R. Chambers