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LISTEN TO THE YOU TUBE AT THE CONCLUSION TO SEE BEATLE MUSIC IN THE CHURCH!! THERE IS NO STUDY IN HOLY SCRIPTURE MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN THE TRUTH OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. I trust that you have read the last two Prophetic News Alerts. “THE FRAGRANCE OF PENTECOST” (parts one and two). My passion is to see Christ’s Church completely dependent on the Sovereign Ministry of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. No Church can be Christ’s true Church that is not led and directed by His Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a perfect gentleman. He is Divine and possesses every characteristic of the Father and the Son. He acts and conducts all the business of Jesus Christ. Here is a beginning look at the supernatural ministry of the Holy Ghost.

1. He comforts the discouraged.
2. He gives life to the weary.
3. He fills every Believer with Joy.
4. He brings healing to the sick.
5. He teaches those hungry for the things of God.
6. He convicts of sin and worldliness.
7. He anoints the voice of Truth.
8. He puts a hedge around those Satan attacks.
9. He breaks the yoke of oppression.
10. He quickens the weak with strength.
11. He gives wisdom to those hungry for truth.
There is much, much more we will discover.

Please join me over the next several weeks in discovering the many offices of the Holy Ghost in the Church. You will see the contrast of a Bible Church and the “Emergent Churches”. We have a series of DVDs entitled, “THE FALSE ANOINTING”. One of them is named, “BEATLE MUSIC IN THE CHURCH”. This goes back to the beginning of the new music craze and shows the Satanic and Antichrist connections.

Below is the choir from Lee College, my former denomination and their decent into false religious fire. This is exactly what happened when the two sons of Aaron were destroyed for offering strange fire to God. We wll look at there folly as we study the awesome Ministry of God’s Holy Spirit.

A NEW NOTEBOOK IS IN THE MAKING, “THE COMFORTER HAS COME.” This NOTEBOOK is for every Believer that is hungry for a rich and powerful life in Jesus Christ. Whatever your Church background, this NOTEBOOK is for one purpose. We want you to discover the promises of Jesus Christ for a Spirit-filled walk in the Holy Bible.


  1. michael albright

    WOW. I just don’t think this belongs in a worship service.Can’t understand the words,and the girls bouncing around like this -I just don’t think it is right.

  2. That video ? TRASH, PURE TRASH. Less than 5 seconds into it (and i’m not exagerating)I knew it was trash. If I was there I would have been out the door faster than a flash of lightning. It looed like something you might have seen at Stone Henge. No wonder Christ wants to vomit at the sight of the final church of this age. Made my blood boil while watching it.
    There is some good news though. Its a GIANT signpost telling us that Christ is about to snatch out the real church.
    Thanks Pastor !


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    Our churches are falling apart. Most of todays churches are nothing more than entertainment centers. The true gospel is not preached in these churches. These are RELIGIOUS CARNIVALS. these churches also have theater seats instead of HARD-WOOD ROUGH HEWN PEWS LIKE OLD COUNTRY CHURCHES DO. The have lots of banquets too. Some liberal churches even have LIQUOR BARS. They alrady allow Gay marriages, gay ministers, and other sins. Theri PASTORS SOUND EXACTLY LIKE PORK-BARREL POLITICIANS IN WASHINGTON DC, IN PREACHING PORK-BARREL PROSPERITY DOCTRINE. Guess who all these people voted for: THEY VOTED FOR OBAMA, because he PROMISED THEM BENEFITS, JUST LIKE THE PREACHERS DID. YES IT IS THE LOOT-WARM CHURCH OF LAODICEA. It is from these churches tha the ANTI-CHRIST WIL RISE TO POWER. It will not be long before these churches have NUDE DANCING too. Laodicea is the PROSTITUTE CHURCH OF REVELATION 17 & 18. YES IT IS LOOT-WARM LADODECA. This church does not have the Holy Spirit. The have the DEVIL AND HIS DEMONS.

    What do you thing of that Joe.



  4. That was so creepy it gave me a knot in my stomach. Sadly, most of them probably meant well but that was a pagan ceremoney if I ever saw one. I would have run for the door. We cannot and must not compromise with the world.

  5. This is happening all over the country now. Even the church I had been in for years the pastor left and a new one came changing everything. I was invited to another church acutally two different people invited me to different churches. I chose the wrong one but finally after several months of this church I decided to move on the the one I should have chosen first. I have seen the Holy Spirit working and many people at the alter and being saved. If you are in the right hruch you will see people being savd and the pastor preaching straight from Gods word not from the world. How I finally realize I had to move to this last church is because the pastor said he would be preaching on the movie series all last summer. At that point God revealed to get out. Now I am so happy and enjoying being in a Godly church and not an entertainment center. These churches are offering food and drink to pull people in and dress anyway you please it totally makes me sick to see our God being removed from America and I guess you say all over the world. But thank God we have a savior and he is coming for us soon.

  6. This display is a New Age service, listen to the lyrics, its a mantra, repeating the same pharses over and over for 8 minutes. It reminds me of when Moses came down and found the Israelites dancing before the golden calf. Moses said twice “OH, this people have sinned a great sin,” That church is no longer God’s, the Holy Spirit has left that church.

  7. This totally turned my stomach – very difficult to watch. This is exactly why my husband and I now do our own Bible study/church at home!

  8. A shame and disgrace! Just shows we are living in the last days. We have lost the old time religion and the anointing of the real Holy Ghost, and we’ll see things like this on and on if someone doesn’t start praying and seeking His Holy face. We don’t worship God in the right way. We need to go back to the old time praying, old time singing, old time preaching and get ready to leave this old world.

  9. Dear Pastor

    Just like the angel said to John as he looked into the future why do you Marvel? Rev 17:7

    The Mother of Harlots and abominations is in our face, The waters now churn with a false spirit
    that delivers the nations and people of this world to death.

    If you will allow; the “Century of Self” a BBC documentary examines the affect of Frued on all of our lives over the last 100 years and how it has fueled the trouble in our churches, schools, corporations and government.
    It shows how our generation fell off the wagon of faith to land on the unfertlie soil of fleshly human wisdom. The dawn of the new age movement; propagating one evil to another.

    God Bless