NOW ADD THE NAME OF JIMMY DeYOUNG AND WHO WILL BE THE NEXT CARELESS PREACHER TO JOIN THIS DEPARTURE FROM THE PLAIN TRUTH STATED IN HOLY SCRIPTURE. Here is what the Bible says about this coming deception. “And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:11) DOES “WHOSOEVER” MEAN “WHOSOEVER”, OR WHAT THESE MINISTERS DARE SAY IT MEANS? *LISTEN TO THE RECORDING ABOVE TO HEAR THEM SAY THIS FALSE THING.* (4 Minutes)

(THE LAST HALF OF THE ARTICLE SENT LAST WEEK FROM TWENTY YEARS AGO. This shows us that the fulfillment is perfect.) “A RECENT ARTICLE IN THE DIGITAL MEDIA (5/94), WHICH WAS ENTITLED “EVER FEEL YOU’RE BEING WATCHED? YOU WILL”. ‘There won’t be anything you do in business that won’t be collected and analyzed by the government. This National Information infrastructure is a better surveillance mechanism than Orwell or the government could have imagined. This (blank blank) thing is so pervasive and the propensity to connect it is so great that it is unstoppable.’ Murray continued: ‘Most of this shift in privacy policy is apparently being done by executive order at the initiative of the bureaucracy and without any Congressional oversight or concurrence. They are not likely to fail. You know, Orwell said that bureaucrats, simply doing what bureaucrats do, without motive or intent, will use technology to enslave the people.”
The writer was William Murray, an information systems security consultant to Deloitte and Touch (May 1994).

Already the U.S. Military is issuing a card reported to be a National ID prototype. Of all possible names to use, the military chose a Biblical one: Marc (Multi-Technology Automated Reader Card). Mr. McAlvany described this card, “The MARC Card and its IC chip will be used by DOD to manage all medical information on each carrier, all legal information, all family information, and all personal data (i.e., educational background, police record, religious background – everything you would expect to be on a highly detailed job resume.)

Beyond the Card: A Biochip

The card was just the beginning. The new idea is a biochip implant. It is already highly developed and being used in animals and humans. A type of this biochip has been used as an animal identification for a number of years. When an animal is lost, it can be located by the proper homing device and retrieved.

Now the biochip is being used for humans. An article in the Los Angeles Times Business Section (August 17, 1994) recently reported this with the following headline, “Giving Surgical Implants IDs.” It stated that, “At least 6 million medical devices a year worldwide are surgically implanted in people – everything from breast implants to chin implants, vascular grafts and penile implants.”

It further stated that, “The information on the chip would also be recorded on a computer-linked global registry.” Does this mean that a global registry is already in operation and recording the implant’s number and information? It certainly would appear so.

An article appeared in The Washington Times (October 11, 1993) that was entitled, “High-Tech National Tattoo.” This article discussed the card, he stated:

“You see, there is an identification system made by Hughes Aircraft Company that you can’t lose. It’s the syringe implantable transponder. According to promotional literature it is an ‘ingenious, safe, inexpensive, foolproof and permanent method of identification using radio waves. A tiny microchip, the size of a grain of rice, is simply placed under the skin. It is so designed as to be injected simultaneously with a vaccination or alone’.

“How does it work? Well, the ‘chip contains a 10 character alphanumeric identification code that is never duplicated. When a scanner is passed over the chip, the scanner emits a ‘beep’ and your number flashes on the scanner’s digital display.’

“Sort of like a technological tattoo, and far more efficacious than the numbers the Nazis marked indelibly on the inner forearms of concentration camp prisoners.”
“True, an implanted transponder can’t yet hold anywhere near as much material as a smart card. But if the desire is there, larger size implants and tiny microchips could soon increase its data storage capacity.”

Tim Willard, managing editor of a bi-monthly magazine Futurist and also executive officer of Washington, DC based World Future Society (claiming 27,000 members) gave incredible information. He spoke of a biochip with these words:

“The technology behind such a biochip implant is fairly uncomplicated and with a little refinement, could be used in a variety of human applications.”

“Conceivably,” Willard said, “a number could be assigned at birth and follow that person throughout life. Most likely, it would be implanted on the back of the right or left hand so that it would be easy to scan at stores. Then you would simply scan your hand to automatically debit your banking account.”

Willard added, “The biochip implant could also be used as a universal type of identification card that would replace all credit cards, passports and that sort of thing. It could also become our medical care ID chip. It could even replace house and car keys someday.”

One company, Sematech, claims it has invented a biochip that is 1/200th the size of a strand of hair. This company is the largest employer in the nation and a maker of the components for advanced weapon systems used in the Gulf War. This article (January 25, 1993) stated:

“The consortium announced that it had demonstrated the ability to manufacture integrated circuits with electronic device widths of 0.35 microns. And it did so using only American-made tools. To reach this achievement, Sematech has spent $1 billion since its inception five years ago. Half was invested by a handful of private corporations that represent 75 percent of semiconductor manufacturing in the US. The other half was paid by the federal government through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which has a 1.5 billion budget to sponsor research by universalities and national laboratories.”

Technology: Ready For World Control

This has never been possible before. Only the incredible capacities of computer, integrated circuits, scanners, satellites circling the earth with minute reading abilities, and other advanced technologies could render this operational. It is now practically ready and waiting government bureaucrats to take control.

The present administration is anxious to set us up for the One World Government. Almost all of our leaders are committed one worlders. They envision in their mind a world where a nation making war on other nations is impossible. They have sold the lie that peace is possible and the New World Order will achieve a wonderful world. There is no doubt but that Lucifer is the author of the bold lie.

The Countdown Is On

As we countdown to the New World Order, a spirit of genocide is gripping the world. A recent world leader demanded in a report entitled, “Global 2000” that by the year 2,000 the world population be reduced to two billion people.” Look at what is being done to accomplish the reduction of population:
• In America alone 37 million babies have been aborted since 1973.
• Communism killed 130 million since 1917.
• Two million were allowed to die in Somalia before intervention.
• 500,000 died in Rwanda.
• There is incredible speculation (maybe facts) that AIDS was started by the medical arm of the U.N. They inoculated Africans almost 20 years ago with a smallpox vaccine.

According to the belief of Dr. William Campbell Douglass (Editor of The Second Opinion), it all started with the inoculation. He says that AIDS broke out whenever that vaccine was administered. Presently, AIDS threatens half of Africa’s population (almost 250,000,000 people). He further states that 10,000 Haitians were working in Belgium Congo and received this inoculation. They then took it back to Haiti where American homosexuals would go to fun and frolic in the sun. The homosexuals picked it up and brought it to America. He believes that is why it started with homosexuals in America and heterosexuals in Africa.

The United Nations is clearly a false religious organization. It has always been an enemy on our shores and a supporter of one world government, one world religion, and one world economics. President Bush said on September 17, 1990, “The Persian Gulf crisis is a rare opportunity to forge new bonds with old enemies… a unique and extraordinary moment… Out of these troubled times a New World Order can emerge under a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders.”

World Identification, Not The Final Mark

I believe it is possible that the world identification could begin before the rapture. The final mark of the Antichrist includes more than a smart card or a biochip implant. I don’t want either of these, but the final mark includes the worship of the Antichrist himself. It is a mark that includes world identification technology, but is also tied to the One World Religion. Every person who takes this mark is committing themselves to the worship of a World Messiah. They are selling him their soul for the right to do business in his World Government. The Bible does not say which comes first.

Any person who is dependent on government, welfare, food stamps, subsidies, etc. will probably be the first to be targeted. It’s extremely important that you learn to trust the Lord with all of your heart. He will supply all your needs. If socialized medicine comes to America with the proposed Smart Card supervision, you had better learn that Jesus is the Master Physician. In fact you would be much better off if you learned that under any circumstance.

The Rapture: Any Day Now!

Before the Antichrist can be revealed and the Mark initiated, the Restrainer must be removed. The Restrainer is the Holy Ghost and He cannot be removed until the betrothed of the Lord is raptured. His removal and our rapture will happen simultaneously. The Lord Jesus said that the Holy Ghost would be present in His church until the end of the church dispensation. Paul recounted His words:

“For he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.” (Hebrews 13:5b, KJV)

The Antichrist will be unhindered and open-throttled just as soon as the Restrainer and the chosen Bride is removed to heaven. Unless you can survive in a world without God, you had better be ready to leave with the Holy Spirit and meet the Lord Jesus Christ in the mid-air. Any moment now!

To view this beast of a man is a heart-rending experience. Saddam Hussein is nothing but a flash in the pan compared to this evil genius. The Antichrist is called an Assyrian because he will arise from the ancient empire of which Babylon was an intimate part. When an Assyrian was in great power he ruled Babylon and when Babylon was in great power they ruled Assyria. Just as Nineveh, the former capital of the Assyrian empire is presently a province of Iraq so these two areas are biblical ones. To call the Antichrist an Assyrian is but to speak of Babylon in its wider application of the former glory in the Nebuchadnezzar era. The term Assyrian suggests that he will be a descendant from within the ancient boundaries of the Assyrian nation, but not particularly from Iraq. The Bible never misses these minute details. (This article is from approximately twenty years ago to show how perfect it is all coming to pass.)


  1. They get their doctrine from rev. 16:11

    Rev 16:11 And blasphemed the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores, and repented not of their deeds.

  2. Jimmy DeYoung was the one I was talking about the other day (popular prophecy preacher who — once he started down this APOSTATE path, I dropped him like a hot rock!!) It’s just the OPPOSITE from what the Bible tells us & anyone ~ ANYONE, preacher or not — who preaches blatently OPPOSITE of what the Bible says IS apostate!! No if’s and’s or but’s.

    I just did not realize John MacArthur taught this hellish deception as well!! Wow.. . that’s sad to hear! I’m guessing it’s b/c he’s a hyper Calvinist — isn’t that right? And they believe that one’s salvation is chosen FOR him ~ that no matter what you do, or don’t do, you’re gonna’ be saved & that (I don’t believe this, but they do) no matter what — a person cannot lose his salvation!! So that would go hand in hand with the goofy beliefs that people could be forgiven for taken the mark of the beast during the Tribulation. NOT WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS!!!! I’ll take the Word of God any day over preachers and teachers!

    It’s a sad day when these very popular men are teaching this….. *sigh*!!

  3. As in the GARDEN, the absolute Word of God is simply not enough for these “prophets”. Those who are in hell and going there have refused one thing, to be truly born again, to die to themselves and be raised to walk in newness of Life.
    Two major times we see Lucifer using God’s Word for his twisted purpose. Arrogance and pride is the downfall of all who fail to submit. These are the ones Christ is referring to who say to Him “did we not do many wonderful works in Your Name”.
    The unforgivable sin is the rejection of the established act of God’s Love towards all mankind not the emotion the world calls “love”. The Cross and sacrifice of His Son in order to fulfill the immutable Law is the full extent of God’s Love= “Greater Love has no man than that He lay down His Life for His friend”.
    The “church” has become so polluted with “doctrines of man and demons” that hoards of people seeking religion are satisfied right into hell by their lack of the Holy Spirit who was sent to “lead men into all Truth” and “to convict the world of sin”.

  4. Whenever speaking on the “once saved always saved” doctrine we must remember that all those who believe that also believe they were “saved” by saying a man made prayer. There is nowhere recorded in scripture anyone ever saying a “sinner’s prayer”.
    The Scripture says “ye search the scriptures daily because in them ye think ye have eternal Life”.
    Paul states that he was not “taught” the Gospel but received it as a revelation. He also states it does not come by the will of man.
    So a false doctrine based on a false doctrine reveals the futility of man’s efforts to be “like the most High God”.
    Those seeking to enter in at the broad way without dying to themselves always need to be assured of where they stand with the Lord and can quote passage after passage without the inspiration and revelation via the Holy Spirit.
    They rely on the letter and not the Spirit.
    I believe once you are truly “BORN AGAIN” by God it is very very difficult to turn away due to the fact that there is no place to turn, as Peter said”where else can we go, You alone have the Words of Life”.

  5. I think it very likely that however or whatever the nature of the mark is, and I do think it will be built upon technology already available, not only will it allow the Antichrist government to track where everyone who bears it and every monetary transaction, but will allow these individuals to be controlled as well. Once marked, or chipped, or however it is instituted, a person may no longer have free will. In other words, they wouldn’t even be able to renounce allegiance to the Antichrist.

    Brainwashing has already existed in one form or another for ages. Add Twenty-first Century technology to the mix and the prospects are really frightening.

    Added to this is the supernatural component of the powers the Antichrist, false prophet, and Satan himself will be able to use without the restraining influence of the Holy Spirit which has left with the raptured believers.

    If you think things are bad down here now, as Al Jolsen once said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  6. Well I don’t know what book they are reading from but it sure isn’t the truth. But John MacArthur said it right when he said “I THINK”. There is his first problem!! It’s not what we THINK, it’s what does THE WORD OF GOD SAY!! Calvinism is a doctrine of devils on so many levels. John uses a perversion of the Bible so this doesn’t surprise me. And his church member coming to agreement with him, how sickening!! READ THE BIBLE LITERALLY YOU DOUBLE MINDED FOOLS!! False teaching will one day come to a halt, can’t wait for that day!

    Great article Chambers. God Bless.

  7. We think the mark may be a technological one but what do we already know about technology. 1. It can be reproduced on the black market (bootlegged), thus taking it out of the hands of the government. 2. IT FAILS.
    I believe it is rather that what a person thinks and what a person does is the true mark of the beast.
    When presented with the fullness of the Gospel they choose to reject it for one that suits their worldly needs and desires. As John said “even now there are MANY Antichrists” which has continued to this day and it has become quite obvious who they are. They are guided by their own minds and assess all things by it rather than the Word of God.
    As the father of the modern Satanic movement Alister Crowley said”do what thou wilt for that is the whole of the law”. That thought is now in our churches.

  8. Anyone who adores the beast shall suffer the wrath of God. Rev. 14:9-10
    The beast is the inter-faith gospel where all the religions are accept as
    equals. This of course denies you need Jesus to be saved.