Iraq The Cradle of Civilization

The country of Iraq is the cradle of civilization. It is where God Himself created the Garden of Eden and placed a man named Adam with his wife named Eve in that garden to keep it. This garden was a happy place where God came for a daily visit to have fellowship with His creation. Satan also visited this garden and took an interest in disrupting this fellowship. He succeeded in causing Eve and Adam to sin. From that sin came many more acts of sin. A great temple to another god was built not many miles away in a city named Ereck. The ruins of that temple are still visible today. I have climbed to the top of that ancient temple.
Fifty miles north of Ereck and about fifty miles south of Baghdad, another temple was built.

This temple was like a great tower and the goal of this builder was to reach up into Heaven, possibly believing that the creator God could be removed and replaced with a more friendly and acceptable Sovereign. This was the first seeker-friendly temple recorded in Scripture. The ruins of this temple is within the perimeter of the ancient city of Babylon. Saddam Hussein began rebuilding Babylon approximately twenty-five years ago. This rebuilt city is destined to play a very important role in the years to come. The prophet Zechariah prophesied over twenty-five hundred years ago that it would be rebuilt in the end time on its original foundations. This is exactly what has been done, although it is far from being finished.

The present war to liberate Iraq and establish a world-friendly government is nothing short of prophetic. The United Nations is destined to play a strategic role in establishing the government. America is the only military might that has the will and the expertise to remove Saddam Hussein and his henchman. Now, must come the One World Order mind and attitude to prepare Iraq for her final role. The majority of Americans hate the One World Order that is developing. The Democratic party and the liberals are fully supportive of consigning our future to the United Nations. President Bush and the conservatives are not. This is one major reason that the liberal media and the liberal entities hate President George W. Bush with a perfect hatred.

In this case, the United Nations will win because Iraq is destined to be a One World capitol for the Antichrist. The fact is that America will do the dirty work, sacrifice our boys on the battlefield, and then allow the world community to play a major role in establishing the new government. This would not be acceptable were it not prophetically determined. We must remember that once the New World capitol is established in Babylon, it will be evil to the heart. The very center of demonic activity began in this exact location, and God will judge it with perfection of holiness.

The history that one encounters in Iraq is beyond comprehension. In America, we study our past in a few hundreds of years. In Iraq, they study their past in thousands of years. The first civilization was Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Seth. They are called Sumerians in historyÂ’s language. We call the builder of the Tower of Babel Nimrod, but they call him Gilgamesh. He is the most famous Iraqi, even beyond Nebuchadnezzar, Sargon, or Hammurabi. It is absolutely the cradle of civilization and the only logical place for GodÂ’s final judgment to occur. The Antichrist, the darkest human being to ever live, will be slain in the gates of Babylon right in Iraq. GodÂ’s infallible Book said, "And they shall waste the land of Assyria with the sword, and the land of Nimrod (Gilgamesh) in the entrances thereof (Babylon): thus shall He (the Son of God) deliver us from the Assyrian (Antichrist), when he cometh into our land, and when he treadeth within our borders (Israel)." (Micah 5:6, Explanations added.)

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ must be understood by events in Israel and Iraq combined. These two major locations in Bible prophecy have always been connected. Abraham left Ur (Southern Iraq) at GodÂ’s command to establish GodÂ’s promises in the Holy Land. It certainly was not holy then but was preordained by God to become His chosen land. Nebuchadnezzar, a dictator from Babylon, Iraq, invaded Israel, destroyed Jerusalem, and held the nation as slaves for seventy years. Babylon and Jerusalem are Biblically the two opposing cities of the world. One is the capitol of deception and lies, while the other is the capitol of GodÂ’s eternal revelation. Anyone that misses this fact will never fully understand prophecy.

The future of Iraq has already been decided. The Bible does not establish the exact lines, but God does determine that Northern Iraq will be associated with Assyria, Egypt, and Israel in the Millennium and will become a blessed land and people. It also established that the south, where Babylon is located, will be grieviously judged, burned by a hellish fire, and never inhabited again. It may well be the location of the Lake of Fire during the Millennium and maybe for eternity.

What is happening in the Middle East concerning Israel and Iraq is prophetic to perfection and should be a warning to every Bible believer in the world. The governments that fail to see this developing sign of the end are destined to miss extremely important evidence of our times. The Christian world cannot look at these events without looking up and lifting up their head to watch for the King of Kings, whose name is Jesus. I will be in Baghdad and Babylon from March 11-16. I will be preparing for a tour later this year.

Joseph R. Chambers