The Liberals in America Have Flipped

The Hand of God can be seen in the beautiful, and the Hand of God can be seen in the ugly. There is nothing so great as to witness God’s acts in redemption and glorious expression of mercy and grace. But God also acts in judgment, and His hand can be seen in confusion of face and even in judgments of death. When men, women, organizations and governments keep the commands of universal laws and moral codes of conduct, there will be blessings and prosperity. When men and women violate those same universal laws and moral codes, they automatically begin to break themselves and their institution apart and confusion grows day by day; sometimes year by year, until a harvest of destruction descends.

Liberal organizations, such as the liberal media and liberal politicians, are showing the clear signs of judgment all across America. It is evident that they have flipped and have crossed the line where destruction is demanded. I believe we are witnesses to the end of many of the liberal entities that have had so much evil impact upon this nation and the world. The God of this universe is not an absent creator. "For the earth is the Lord’s, and the fulness thereof." (I Corinthians 10:26) Many cultures have risen and fallen during this earth’s history. That fact demands that this present world pay the same price of blessings or judgment according to how we obey His laws and how we trash them.

Look at the business world and the rich stockbrokers. They thought they could follow the lead of a sleazy President and conduct business like he conducted his Presidency, and many have suffered shame and disgrace. President Bill Clinton has not yet paid the full price for his flaunting of decency and the lies that characterize his lifestyle, but the clock of God’s judgment is ticking. God spoke to my heart early in his presidency that no man would judge Mr. Clinton, and all of man’s efforts to bring him to judgment would fail because He (God Himself) was preserving him for His own accounting and judicial process. He would have been far better off for man to have succeeded than to be reserved for God’s action. Just watch God’s clock, my friends.

It’s very close at hand. I watched Governor Howard Dean take on President George W. Bush like a madman. Day after day he attacked until suddenly his fortunes turned on his head. The same thing is now happening to Vice President Al Gore. He joined Governor Dean at the peak of his claim on the Democrat nomination. Now Mr. Gore has flipped. Understand, dear friends, that the losing of their cools and their acting like screaming idiots is not an accident. It is the "confusion of face" that follows the judgments of our Great God of Holiness and justice.

The mad world of entertainment and Hollywood is presently on a free fall. They have snubbed their noses at everything decent about morality and conservative values. The madness of today’s music and the vulgarity of their conduct on stage is coming home to haunt them. God’s infallible book says "Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body. (I Corinthians 6:18) Any sexual sin – whether it is lust, fornication, adultery, sodomy or sexual innuendos is fornication in the Biblical meaning. Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, and many other entertainers are beginning to pay the price. Their fortunes may yet rise and fall, but shortly the hand of God will be manifest, and He will act. There is no such thing as a free ride in the moral realm.

We are watching an American institution called the Democratic Party literally selfdestruct. They have championed the killing of unborn children until blood drips from their fingers. The blood of every child ripped from its safe place in the mother’s womb is screaming out, and God is listening. This party has fought to keep every decent judge from occupying the bench in our Halls of Justice. You must believe that our God sees this butchering of our laws of morality and decency. The sacred institution of marriage between one man and one woman has become their present line of attack. They are not fighting with you and me; they are fighting with God. All I can say to the Massachusetts Supreme Court, Senator John Kerry, and Senator Ted Kennedy, all of Massachusetts, "fight on, go ahead, fight with God, but I know who is going to win."

The conservatives of America are not lily-white themselves. All of what I’m writing is a wake-up call. The Republican Party has their liberals. President Bush has been put in office by the "Divine Choice" of our Creator. I pray that he, too, will heed the fact that not one of us has a monopoly of purity. The same God that will judge Bill Clinton will also judge anyone that forgets that "He rules in the affairs of men." America is hanging in the balance and our only hope is to return to morality, justice, honesty, and humility and the fear of our Great God. His Name only is found in the Holy Bible, and He will not be named with the crude gods of human invention.

Joseph R. Chambers