Pastor Chambers,

Thank you for constantly keeping us in touch with what’s really going on!

Your Open Bible Dialog on Gog and Magog is so timely. Your audience needs desperately to hear this series as it unfolds. Embassy after embassy being targeted and attacked as the Muslim Brotherhood takes over the Middle East. Today it’s Yemen, tomorrow…. the list continues. This is officially out of control!

Sometimes I think our leadership hasn’t got a clue, seriously, and the news media fails to understand that this is the preparation for the war of Gog and Magog. The secular world just doesn’t understand the significance of these developments or how they will drastically change our world, even on this side of the planet.

The Arab Spring was the beginning of the orchestrated takeover of as much of the Middle East as the Muslim Brotherhood can accomplish. So far the dictators of Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and Yemen have fallen. Protests lead to revolutions, revolutions lead to the overthrow of dictators, and then the Muslim Brotherhood “slides” right into the power void, which was the plan from the beginning.

Israel is in the crosshairs, but God will defend them with His great glory!

Can’t wait to hear your next broadcast! Thank you for speaking the truth and showing how the Bible has already declared this major end-time event.


We have prepared a notebook entitled, “THE WAR OF GOG AND MAGOG”. This is a comprehensive study of this subject like I have always wanted for myself. Every nation involved will be identified with historic information. The many things coming from Iran, Egypt, Syria, Russia or Israel, etc. will be represented. There will be eight articles written to help explain the development as the study progresses. It is being done in color and will be between 125 and 150 pages. Everything we do is fully guaranteed with our money back promise. We are here to bless not make money. The notebook will be sent immediately with the first stage (Approximately 80 pages) and additional pages to follow. (Notebook $29.95, Email without notebook cover $15.00) Call 1 800 338 7884 or 1 704 391 0588. Email us at secretary@pawcreek.org.


  1. Dear Pastor,

    One can see the changes in everything , almost daily.

    We are operning a new Government Ministry here in Canada and its called OFFICE OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS whuch is attached to Foreign Affairs Canada Wow can’t wait to be told that nmy freedom does not include the right to evangelize. Still think Isaiah 57:1 applies.

    God Bless

  2. “Having eyes they see not, and ears but they hear not” rather frustrating but like those beating on Lot’s door you can afflict them with tremendous harm yet they are so captivated by this world and Satan’s promises that they are once dead already to the calling of our Lord.

  3. kia ora joseph
    i have an item to send you on israel’s troop deplyments etc
    i tried to send it to you using jrc, but it bounces back
    how can i get the item to you


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    It is very possible that the GOG & MAGOG WAR could happen before our Presidential Elections, and maybe before the Rapture. If that happens DON’T EXPECT OBAMA OUR ENEMY IN CHIEF TO SUPPORT ISRAEL. He keeps trying to BLOCK ISRAEL FROM DESTROYING IRAN’S NUCLEAR WEAPONS PLANTS. It was BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA that supports the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD AN ISLAMIC TERRORIST GROUP. One Arab dictator after another is falling to MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. JORDAN, YEMEN, KUWAIT, UNITED ARAB EMERATES, AND SAUDI ARABIA ARE NEXT. When the OIL RICH COUNTRIES FALL, OIL PRICES COULD GO TO $300 A BARREL.Obama even plans to give billions of US aid to Egypt’s Brotherhood. He supports all of our enemies. He hates Israel. So when GOG (RUSSIA), PERSIA (IRAN), TOGARMA (TURKEY), GOMER (GERMANY? With Geman elections comming up, if SOCIALISTS WIN, GERMANY MAY ALSO JOIN GOG. NAZIISM (sister of Communism) is becoming more popular there.), Libya, Arab African countries, and some others join, Join Russia in attacking Israel. Don’t expect Obama a sworn enemy of Israel to lift a finger for Israel. Liberal Jews also will not support Israel. The only ones supporting Israel are BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS, ORTHODOX JEWS, CONSERVATIVE PATRIOTIC AMERICANS, and maybe Republicans. Liberals Democrats, and Socialists do not support Israel. If Russia’s invasion Of Israel happens before the Elections, and before the Rapture, this may not help Obama to win the Elections. Here is why, When multitudes see GOD WIPE OUT RUSSIA’S ARMIES IN ISRAEL, PEOPLE WILL KNOW IT WAS A MIRACLE OF GOD, AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE COME TO CHRIST. When people VOTE FOR JESUS with their souls, THEY ARE DEFINITELY ARE NOT GOING TO VOTE FOR OBAMA A SERVANT OF SATAN. Not only will the Lord defeat the SOVIETS/COMMUNISTS/SOCIALISTS/MUSLIMS he will also discredit the LIBERALS IN THE USA AND IN EUROPE. This could result in LIBERALS (SOCIALISTS) LOSING ELECTIONS. If the Invasion happens before the Elections and before the Rapture, the only thing that could save OBAMA’S PRESIDENCY, IS IF THE RAPTURE HAPPENS BEFORE TH ELECTIONS. THIS WOULD REMOVE THE CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS FROM THE EARTH. That would leave the Liberals & “moderates” behind. So Obama could win. If Russia’s Invasion of Israel happens now, and if there are several months before the rapture, OBAMA LOSES. Mitt Romney becomes the TRIBULATION PRESIDENT. When GOG & MAGOG lose their battle, THE LIBERALS WILL MOURN. THE LEFTISTS WILL BE IN PANIC. EXPECT LIBERALS TO WEEP & MOURN at the destruction of the SOVIETS/MUSLIMS. Maybe Obama might even lower the FLAGS TO HALF MAST over the destruction of the RUSSIANS. It will be a time of weeping for Liberals. The secretly wanted the Russians to win. Even Obama might grieve at this. HE HAD ALL SORTS OF CONNECTIONS TO COMMUNISTS SUCH AS SAUL ALINSKY, AND WITH THE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS. So expect him to MOURN at the defeat of GOG & MAGOG. It will not help him win the election.


    Keith Black