Earthquakes and Destruction: The Wakeup Call

*Eight thousand turtle doves fall out of the sky in Italy.
*Two million fish die on the beaches of the Chesapeake Bay.
*One hundred thousand fish die in the Arkansas River.
*Forty thousand velvet swimming crabs dead on England’s beaches.
*Hundred of tons of fish dead and dying on the shores of Brazil.
*Flocks of birds falling out of the sky in Wilson County, Tennessee.
And, this is only a part of the story. Penguins washing up dead in New Zealand, crows in Sweden, water birds in Houston, Minnesota, snappers dying in New Zealand, and numerous similar reports. The Holy Ghost said, “I will consume the fowls of the heavens, and the fishes of the sea…” (Zephaniah 1:3b). This is too broad and too numerous for all of them to be accidents. Add to this the growing frequency of earthquakes and it becomes a “Wake up Call.” My list of earthquakes over 6.0 magnitude in the last 10 years is overwhelming. Here is the record, 2002/21, 2003/28, 2004/27, 2005/32, 2006/20, 2007/41, 2008/35, 2009/71, but in 2010 there were 168. I checked the U.S. Government report at 11:30 A.M. this morning. There had been 20 earthquakes in 11 hours and 30 minutes over 2.5 magnitude with 9 of them over 4.5 magnitudes. Jesus said, “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven. (St. Luke 21:11). I believe we can know that the time of the end is at hand. We cannot and should not set dates. To set a date for Him to come would be saying, “He cannot come until that date.” Look up and live for our crucified Savior.
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17 thoughts on “Earthquakes and Destruction: The Wakeup Call

  1. Jesus said the blind follow the blind and they both fall into the ditch. You being blinded to when he is returning. You will fall into a ditch. Jesus gave us the day and hour of His return when he said no man know the day or hour of His coming. Do you not know which Feast Day is called no man knows the day of hour. So its celebrated on 2 days. Jesus even told us the year. when told then when they would have to flee not to happen in the witer or on the sabbath.

  2. Thank you, Dr. Chambers, for addressing this subject and I look forward to next week concerning pestilences and strange diseases. Many Christians are not familiar with what the Bible says about these warnings during the pre-rapture days. There have been some Christians wondering about the signs in the sky, the sun, and the stars, too. Just yesterday, there was news about a 13th astrology sign which has those interested in the occult buzzing with new strange information. While we as Christians are informed about wars and rumors of wars, we are less acquainted with what Scripture has to say regarding all these other warnings. Mary Mazei, Murrells Inlet, SC.

  3. Brother how true. Before the Haiti earthquake I was walking into my bathroom and heard the word earthquake. it happened twice and ofcourse we know the outcome. I did not get the fact that it was going to be Haiti but the reality is there.We are closer now than ever before. The attacks on the children of God are getting harsher as the days go on. As the Holy Word of the only true God says. look up for the time is at hand.

  4. Dear Pastor Chambers,

    Each of us are to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, but we are not to fear the things that are coming upon the earth. We are to fear the one who can cast us into the second death, yet the Holy Spirit shall comfort us as we near the hour, that hour of terrible temptation.
    which is worse than the weather…

    We are to look up for our redemption draws nigh and pray that we are found worthy to escape all these things. Oh Lord Jesus increase my faith.

    Pastor, It is wonderful to see that you pay attention to many and varied matters which concern all of us.

    God Bless

  5. Dear Pastor Chambers,
    Thank you for the reminder that the time is drawing near for our Lord to come for His church. Also, thank you for doing the research to provide facts that give evidence that things are happening that are unexplainable by natural reasoning.
    God Bless You,
    Jim D.

  6. Wow, yes, it’s clearly the later of the later days Jesus warned us of. It really makes a person think (especially here in the US) of what might just be meant by pestilence’s, can we imagine what it would be like if we could no longer afford creature comfort’s? What would it be like w/out utilities (water, heating & cooling, no plumbing etc) along w/everything that societies need to function are at the verge of collapsing. We need the Lord more than ever along w/His promises!

    God bless you, bro. Chambers
    and your ministry

  7. Great message brother Chambers. I have been tracking ‘great earthquakes’ since 1900.

    “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.” Luke 21:11

    Here is a graph of Magnitude 6-8 earthquakes from 1900 – 2006:

    I have kept track of them since 2006:
    2007 – 47
    2008 – 35
    2009 – 52
    2010 – 54
    2011 – 8 so far this month as of 1/15/2011

    one last note, Israel will be 70 years old in May 2018, that is 7 years from now.

    I think Jesus is about to return and I do not know the day nor the hour nor do I believe
    all those fish, crabs and birds were NOT coincidentail.

    Your broadcast was very inspirational, may the Lord bless you and keep this ministry active.
    How can contribute to your ministry?

    In Christ,

    Bob Elliott

  8. Great report. I beg everyone to please consider for a moment a what-if. What if we’ve all been taught wrong about an end-time event. What if the Rapture wasn’t supposed to happen until after the Great Apostasy. What if the Rapture isn’t supposed to happen until after we discover who the AntiChrist is?

    If this sounds far fetched, then I beg everyone to re-read 2Thess, chapter 2. And if this is true, what if we must endure the seals mentioned in Revelation? (Keep in mind that the seals happen before the Wrath of the Lamb, and we are not appointed unto wrath.)

    I’m not trying to push heresy but simply a what-if. Will we be able to cling to our faith in Jesus when the world is having a world-wide economic depression? How about if a man holds a gun to your face telling you to renounce Jesus or he’ll shoot? Will we hold on to Jesus when our friends are dying to a hybrid form of H1N1? When the Son of Man returns, will He really find faith on the earth?

    Again, these are only the seals, not the wrath. Again, I only present to you a what-if question: What if we’ve all been taught wrong about the timing of the Rapture?

  9. Amen Brother Chambers, my GODs blessing be abundant on you and tour ministry, for we as watchmen are called to proclaim the pre-cursors to that day of the Rapture when JESUS will call us up and thus saving us OUT of the coming Tribulations – the time is at hand – that all hear must repent and turn, being washed in the Blood before you canh be one of the Bride!

    Even so, come Lord JESUS

  10. Dear Dr. Chambers,
    I sent an email after your broadcast today to say how much your
    message about the birds and fish caught my attention. You mentioned
    that you\’d be teaching on these and other signs concerning God\’s
    warning call through nature in light of the recent events all around
    the world like the birds, fish, and earthquakes. There needs to be a
    new fresh approach reminding Christians and warning unbelievers of the
    soon return of Jesus. The recent floods in Australia and the unusual
    snow stormes here are not by accident. I would like to know more about
    what Scripture says about these events and I\’m sure other Christians
    would too. It seems many of us want to know \”what in God\’s creation
    is going on?\” I told Meredith and Landon that you were just the
    prophecy teacher to write a book about it!
    Please give my regards to your lovely wife,Juanita.
    God Bless,

  11. Jesus will return (drumroll) within 31 minutes of midnight, somewhere on the planet. Don’t know the day, though. : )

  12. Hello Pastor Joseph.

    In past times miners took canaries with them into the mines to determine if the air was safe to breathe. If it became toxice, the poor birds would be the first to succumb, but it would give them enough time to evacuate.

    It occurred to me that we are seeing this principle literally on a global scale being played out not only with birds but other animals. Ecologists have long stated the principle that what we see happening to other forms of life around us can be early warning signs that something is wrong in our natural environment.

    I think we can expand this concept beyond the realm of science into our society as well. When we see the increase of violence, hatred, immorality, and the rejection of God and his ways, these, too are warning signs that something is defintely wrong.

    I strongly recommend everyone who has not done so recently read Matthew 24, Mark 13, and Luke 21. This is the Olivet Discourse, Jesus’ last sermon to his disciples shortly before his arrest and crucifixion. The first part concerning the Temple occurred about 40 years later exactly as he revealed. The rest . . . well, I think you’ll discover just how amazingly current it reads today in our own time.

    The earthquake activity Jesus mentioned is, I believe, already under way, as Pastor Joseph and Bob Elliot have demonstrated. I would not be surprised if dramatic signs in the “moon, the sun and the stars” were not soon forthcoming.

  13. This is all very interesting, yet disturbing. Only a few years ago, I caught a very strange article in an Israeli newspaper though I do not remember whether it was Arutz Sheva or Haaretz. They thought it very news worthy when it was noted that hundreds or even thousands of carion birds were taking up roost in Israel. That is very interesting when you consider what the Bible says. I believe it is Ezekiel’s War that will leave millions dead for the ravenous birds to feast upon according to Ezekiel 39:4.

    It might even occur again according to Revelation but to be sure, I would have to look. I used to think that most of the prophecies the Bible speaks of would happen only in tribulation when that is not the case at all. some of the things that were on a build-up for years have come to fruition now. We see the foreshadow of the antichrist in our very own nation in the form of Obama, and the recent headline of fear of a food shortage is indicative of the shadow of the rider on the black horse. So, it looks like the stage is being set in every arena around the world. I praise the L-rd that He is coming soon to deliver us from the horrible things yet to come. Amen?

  14. On the exact days the birds fell, if you go to th NASA or NOAA websites… you will find the Earths magnetic field was at its lowest. And the Solar Wind activity to be at its highest. Thus creating an atmospheric clouds on those dates enriched with potential toxic hydrogen . Look for further sun spot activity in months ahead.