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Dr Abraham Kuyper

Dr. A. Kuyper, theologian, journalist, statesman, Prime Minister of Holland, was a child of the manse. In Scholten’s classroom in the University of Leyden, “the inherited faith lost its root in my heart; it shriveled under the withering heat of unbelief. Of the old treasures, I retained nothing.” Nevertheless he went into the ministry of ... Read More

Eva von Winkler Mother Eva of Friedenshort

Eva fumed, and her pent-up rebellion found an escape as she climbed the roof of the neighbouring house and shook her fist at the retreating figure of the cleric, muttering, “You shall not rob me of my liberty.” Then, feeling most superior in her newly declared freedom, she jumped over the chimney stacks. She had ... Read More

Lilias Trotter The Frail Pioneer

The tall young woman of twenty-three, with light brown hair and a sensitive mouth, roamed the wooded hills that sloped gently down to Coniston Lake, her mind in a turmoil of conflict. Although previously she had visited “Brentwood”, the home of John Ruskin, and thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings, as well as the ... Read More

Albin Peyron A Salvation Army Great

New YearÂ’s Day, 1907, was a fitting day for the entrance of Brigadier Albin Peyron of the Salvation Army, into the life beyond, for few have more singularly experienced newness of life here in time. For many years he had been a Christian of the conventional sort. Then Christ brought him to a bitter experience ... Read More

Felix Neff The Brainerd Of The High Alps

“How is it that two hundred years after his death Protestants of France unite to celebrate the work of an evangelist with neither degree nor diploma and whose ministry in France lasted less than four years? How is it that one of the most isolated valleys in the High Alps became the scene of a ... Read More

Mathilde Wrede The Angel Of The Prisons

In 1900, the International Prison Congress was held in St. Petersburg. The greatest jailor on earth, the Tsar of all the Russias, the turnkey of the great ice dungeon, Siberia, opened the sessions. Grand dukes and other notables of Russian high society were present in force. There were gala dinners and receptions. At one session ... Read More

Alfred Cookman Washed In The Blood Of The Lamb

“Sweep a circle of three feet around the cross of Jesus, and you take in all that there was of Alfred Cookman,” wrote DeWitt Talmage after the death of this good man. It had not always been so with this talented but devoted minister. When only twenty years of age, Alfred Cookman had suffered serious ... Read More

Dr Frederick W Baedecker

The name Baedeker brings before one’s inner vision the red covered handbooks that are the indispensable accompaniment of the tourist in Europe. But there was another Baedeker who himself was a guide to heavenly lands as well as an indefatigable traveler on earth. This was Dr. Frederick W. Baedeker, pioneer evangelist and colporteur throughout the ... Read More

Mother Cobb

When the fashionable young Mrs. Cobb relinquished her status as a votary of the world and became a lowly servant of Jesus Christ, she startled the inhabitants of Cazenovia, New York. But her decision was only the outward symbol of a profound and deep work of divine grace which marked the beginning of sixty long ... Read More

Holy Ann The Irish Saint

“Poor Ann, she can never learn anything! ”exclaimed the schoolteacher in a despairing way. The small girl had been in the class just one week, but found the ABC’s so difficult to master that the conclusion was reached that effort on such a dull child was utterly wasted. So she was summarily dismissed, to return ... Read More