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Allah Is Not Jehovah God

There is a dangerous and unfounded effort by many church leaders to equate Jehovah God of Holy Scripture with Allah, the god of the Islamic religion. Such extreme ecumenicalism is not just plain wrong; it is totally unfair to Bible-believing Christians around the world. It is also unfair to millions of Arab Christians who know ... Read More

The Harry Potter Series A Vision of the Antichrist

Editors Note: The Harry Potter series of books and movies continues to grow in popularity. The signs of the damage it has done to society are everywhere. Please read our follow up article, "The Harry Potter Series: The Truth", as well as the Special Article written by Missionary David Lloyd from Haiti, " The Harry ... Read More

The Rapture of His Saints

The absolute promise of the Heavenly Father to care for and protect His own saints as His own family was evident from the very moment He created them in Genesis. The Father actually came down from Heaven and watched over the first family. He walked with them in the garden until sin drove them into ... Read More

America Is Not Babylon

The purity of Holy Scripture is a miracle of miracles. Read any passage in the Bible and then do a little research. You will find clear interpretation for that Scripture. Words that the Spirit used can never be understood properly by pulling a meaning out of the air. The word “water” when used as a ... Read More

The Church Without the Holy Spirit

The greatest need of this hour is a new Biblical baptism in the Holy Ghost. I am by no means speaking of what is happening in the hyper Charismatic churches. The Holy Ghost does not minister in Christ’s body to knock people down, but rather to pick them up. When He touches a human life, ... Read More

False Roots in the Present "Revival"

The Bible states clearly, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" (Psalm 11:3). It is impossible to build a spiritual house unless the foundation is pure and Biblical. When a religious event is based on a foundation totally apart from the solid truth of Scripture, then that event cannot be accepted as ... Read More

Pat Boone

Pat Boone claims that his heavy metal garb exhibited in his latest album, "No More Mr. Nice Guy," was just a joke and says that everyone should have treated it as such. This album, which he vehemently defends, contains jazzy versions of heavy-metal songs. It features the lyrics to songs which were written or performed ... Read More

The Mother of Harlots and Her Children

In 1963 Pope John Paul XXIII proclaimed, "The smoke of Satan has entered the Sanctuary." He was dead shortly after that statement. His death was considered mysterious and is believed by many as being an inside job. A well-known writer and renowned Jesuit priest, Malachi Martin, wrote in his Vatican novel, Windswept House, "Suddenly it ... Read More

The Prayer of Jabez Faddish Idolatry

Religious fads are the most dangerous fads of all. Any religious leader that will lower himself to create and perpetuate a religious idea that has the potential to promote a "faddish idolatry" is in serious trouble. Misplaced fads of a Christian nature cannot be called anything but idolatry. Superstitious or soulish people have no capacity ... Read More

The Rapture Satan’s Final Defeat

The anger of Satan against the Rapture of the saints is because this event will be his final defeat. Calvary, the Resurrection, and all the victory of Jesus’ death and life were certainly Satan’s greatest defeat. It has been downhill for him since he was cast out of Heaven. The Rapture will seal his doom ... Read More