Genuine Enthusiasm Begets Anointing

God cannot anoint an unenthused person. If you are not excited about the Lord Jesus and His presence, how can He make you His vessel for His glory? Study the history of great awakenings and Sovereign visitations from God and you will find that the Lord always used enthusiastic servants. A Godly person, full of ... Read More

The Holy Ghost Nurturing the Bride

The church is not yet the Bride but rather the espoused Bride. We are engaged to Him. The Bridegroom has prepared the wedding city and will soon come for His chosen and ready saints. He is jealous over us with a holy jealousy and will not accept unfaithfulness. The Holy Ghost was sent from the ... Read More

The Man That Came to Jesus After Dark

Think of this: “He came to the Light of the world, after dark, for cover.” The first words from the Son of God were striking, “Ye must be Born Again.” This was not an attack or a rebuke but an invitation to join the family. He spoke these words not as a restriction but as ... Read More