The Miracle of God’s Word

"In the beginning God created [spoke into existence] the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1). In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God . . . and the Word was made flesh . . . and we beheld His glory (John 1:1, 14). That which was ... Read More

Conviction of Sin

Nothing creates a love for God in the human heart like a genuine conviction of our sins. God’s universe was created in perfect beauty. Every expression of life was absolute perfection. It was a "Garden of Eden." The very term "Garden of Eden" is universally used for the utopia of the highest order. Sin marred ... Read More

Hillary Clinton Will Not Become President

Nothing strikes terror in the majority of Americans more than the thought of Hillary Clinton being the next President. That terror is one of the reasons she will never reach the goal she now cherishes and is pursuing. Americans have made foolish decisions in the past, but nothing close to electing Hillary .She presents a ... Read More

Miracles My Father’s Delight

Miracles and our Heavenly Father cannot be separated. It is just as natural for God to be supernatural as it is natural for you and I to be natural. You cannot separate the Father, the Son, or the Holy Ghost from supernatural activity. The Biblical Godhead cannot be natural as we are natural because their ... Read More


The Grace of God revealed in Jesus Christ is indeed the theme of all of God’s infallible Word. We are saved by grace and there is no secondary method of salvation. We are either saved by grace or eternally lost and condemned to the Lake of Fire. But Grace has taken on an evolution in ... Read More

America is in Bible Prophecy

America has a special prophetic place among the nations. No, I do not find America named by name in Scripture, but I certainly find America in the prophetic margins. For instance, we are clearly the sheep nation spoken of by the Lord Himself in Matthew twenty-five. There is no other nation that even comes close ... Read More

Divine Love Talk

The character of God is Holiness and His emotion to His human family is love. That makes all of God’s reaction to us "Divine Love" and makes His Holy Book, "Divine Love Talk". No book of the Holy Bible is filled with this "Divine Love Talk" more than "The Song of Solomon." This book has ... Read More

The Fragrance of Life

Fragrances or aromas are a beautiful part of natural life. The Creator, our Heavenly Father, created us with an affinity for pleasant and enhancing smells. A wonderful smell can evoke great pleasure in our physical senses. It can make us extremely hungry for a delicious gourmet meal. Mating between husband and wife can be elevated ... Read More

Let This Mind Be in You

Do you wonder why the “christians” of our day make so many wrong choices, wrong decisions, and wrong turns? The Lord saved me fifty-one years ago; but it is so different in the church today. Lifestyles, habits and interests of the church’s members have changed so radically that I’m not at home with many professing ... Read More

Singing A New Song

The God we serve is the one and only true and living God that rules this universe. He created us for His own pleasure and to delight in us and our fellowship. When we delight in Him in return He fills our heart and life with His blessings and favor. The Bible tells us that ... Read More