Monthly Archives: March 2008

Judas: A Man That Could Not Repent

He cast out devils and healed the sick. He walked with Jesus and had all reasons to believe that He was the Son of God. Jesus even said of the twelve Disciples which included Judas, "I send you forth as Sheep in the midst of wolves". Judas was destined to have his name inscribed in ... Read More

Blaspheming the Holy Ghost

The one single sin for which there is no forgiveness is the Blasphemy of the Holy Ghost. Jesus Himself Made this plain declaration. "Verily I say unto you, All sins shall be forgiven unto the sons of men, and blasphemies wherewith soever they shall blaspheme: But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath ... Read More

Faith That Moves Mountains

The true God is singular; He is singular because He majors in making things that are not into reality. He turns the impossible into the possible. He creates from nothing. He speaks things into existence. He moves on the wings of the wind. Nature is His handiwork. Time is a span within His eternity in ... Read More

One Women and an Empty Tomb

The Christian faith elevates women as no other religion or philosophy in the world. Here is a picture in this text of the Son of God just risen from the dead and He pauses before he ascends to the Father to reveal Himself to Mary Magdalene. She is not some noted women of name and ... Read More

Blaspheming Our Own Birthright

Blasphemy, or to blaspheme, means, to profane, to swear about Him, His Name or His Holy bible; to hold in contempt, to treat indignantly, to use in cursing or to profane His house or servants. Let me give you a list of those persons that have a birthright to honor by surrender or to reject ... Read More

Experiencing Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is not just a great teacher and a wonderful example. He is the Savior of Men, and He came to transform your life and to be your Lord and Master. His Blood was shed to break and destroy the yoke of sin. His desire is to be your personal Savior and by His ... Read More

Satans Choice for an American President

Most Americans seem to have forgotten that there is an invisible war between right and wrong and between righteousness and evil. This hidden war may be unseen in itÂ’s behind the scene stages, but will always be visible in the end. Satan has been the master of destruction from the beginning of manÂ’s six thousand ... Read More

A Showplace for God

The church is the Body of Jesus Christ and was established by Christ to be the showplace of God. If God is not visible in His House, then He is not there. All that the majority sees in our churches today is religion. Only the vibrant and mighty power of the Holy Ghost can change ... Read More

Rick Joyner: Religious Blasphemy

This Open Bible Dialogue Broadcast is about one thing, "TRUTH". The Bible is the final word of every doctrine, every vision, every dream and every truth that make the church, His church. When men tell you that God is doing a new thing they are preparing you for deception. Rick Joyner has departed from almost ... Read More