The Spirit That Beareth Witness

Understanding the Person of the Holy Spirit is one of the most important truth in a believers life. The Lord Jesus Christ spared great time in teaching His Disciples about this third Person of the Godhead. Just like the Father and the Son possess all the attributes of personhood, the Holy Spirit does also in the same manner. The Holy Spirit can be resisted, He can be grieved, He can be quenched and He can be blasphemed. A very important difference is that the Holy Spirit never presents or speaks of Himself. His office is to represent  the Father and the Son to us and in us.  That is why he is called the Holy Ghost in the New Testament. The word “ghost” means to represent someone else. The Holy Ghost is the Vicar of Jesus Christ. He takes everything the Son of God is and has done redemptively and makes it real and mighty in our lives. Also every thing that the Father has placed at the disposal of Jesus Christ His Exalted Son is put at our needs by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the Right Arm, the Strong Arm of the Father and His Christ in our lives.
Read the Great teachings of Jesus Christ (St John chapters 14,15 and 16) about the Holy Spirit’s coming when He ascended to the Father. Also study I Corinthians chapters 12 and 14. The church will be transformed when the Holy Ghost has right a way in our midst.