The Shaking Of The Islamic World

Can you understand what is about to happen to the northern army that will soon march south against Israel. As many as 30 to 50 nations may join this coalition. Iran is already putting tremendous pressure on every Islamic country to prepare for this final answer to the Jewish guestion. It will become increasingly impossible for a credible leader in that part of the world to resist. Even nations in the American Hemisphere may find it unacceptable to say no to Russia or Iran. With our Islamic President siding with anyone but Israel it only magnified the depth of Israel’s isolation. Consider what an impact it will have when this multiple group of nations are all destroyed. Just think!!! Moscow, Russia; Damascus, Syria; Beirut, Lebanon; Istanbul, Turkey; Rayida, Saudi Arabia; Bucharest, Romania; Belgrade, Serbia all totally wiped off the map. Do not forget Iran, Ethiopia, Morocco, Sudan and Libya with all there major cities. Mecca the center of Islam will be no more. I believe that one of God’s thunder bolts will strike the Temple Mount and purify the area of every remnant of the Islamic religion. It will be ready for the Tribulation Temple already mostly prepared for construction. This is one reason the War of Gog and Magog must happen before the Seven Years of The Great Tribulation. It may well happen before the Rapture!