Sunday Sickness

There is a strange and unique disease that strikes only on Sunday. It has many expressions: it may be the stomachache, the sniffles, the headache, or some strange pain. ItÂ’s unique because it never appears on Saturday unless it is late in the evening and it always disappears by Monday morning. This unique physical attack is not subject to Divine healing and is never serious enough to call a doctor. Another unique characteristic of this disease is that it has only one symptom and that is the inability to attend church. It is really an anti-church disease that stops its victim from their normal love of the House of God.

The terrible effect of this disease is in its long term destruction of otherwise faithful Christians. Slowly, the victim of Sunday sickness will contact this germ at a growing pace. At first, it usually starts on Sunday afternoon and affects only the Sunday evening worship; but, soon it occurs late Saturday or early Sunday morning and affects the whole day. At the beginning, it happens only once or twice a year but quickly becomes a monthly matter. The victim gets weaker with every occurrence. At this point church becomes a burden and the precious soul, once powerful enough to sing in the choir or to study the infallible Word in a Sunday school class, is totally destroyed. They are barely a whisper in the great church of our Lord. Even that whisper is soon to die.

This disease is hereditary. Children raised in this environment are almost certain to contact this contagious germ. Even on the Sundays when mom has escaped this prolific disease the children will experience an attack. While they would not dare miss some fun event, this disease renders church out of the question. Mom and dad are forced to miss the House of God to nurse the child that caught their own disease. Most of the time, for the children, this disease will depart just as soon as its too late to make it to church.

Please understand that this Sunday disease is not non-existent, neither am I playing with your mind. This is a real disease and it really exists. All disease originates from a fallen angel named Satan and at least seventy percent of all physical sickness has no true physical component. The Bible calls these diseases “imaginations” or “spiritually induced traumas.” They are real because the soul and spirit of man is real. Your flesh is a temporary house where the soul and spirit abide. The flesh is temporary but the soul and spirit are eternal. Diseases in the soul or spirit are actually more real and devastating than the diseases of the flesh.

Apostle Paul gave us a powerful look at the disease of soul and spirit. He said, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;” (II Corinthians 10:5). Study any vital report on people who enter the hospital or contact a doctor, and you will find that about seventy percent of diseases are psychosomatic. The Biblical description is the “imagination within the soul and spirit.” It’s real, it’s devastating, and it hurts. But, the answer is spiritual, not physical. You can take pills and other mind-altering drugs until you are addicted. You will only get worse.

When you see the Sunday disease in this light, you immediately recognize SatanÂ’s attack on the soul. Satan hates a Bible church, and he snarls every time you attend with a hungry heart ready to worship and devour the Word of God. I promise you that a genuine Holy Ghost anointed prayer will stop this disease in its track. Stand up in the face of Satan and his opinions and bind these powers by the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Crimson sacrifice will break SatanÂ’s powers immediately. Put on your Sunday best while you pray.