Loveth Thou Me More Than These

The resurrection of our Lord Jesus was the greatest display of the Father’s glory in human history. His "Only Begotten" Son had willingly died for the sin of the world. He had gone into the bowels of the earth where the righteous died awaited the triumph of His death. When He finished preaching to the spirits in this prison, the keys of hell and death had been earned by the sacrifice, He was ready to lead the captive free. Up out of Sheol came the Lord and with Him the Saints. Some of them actually appeared to citizens in Jerusalem. They all ascended to heaven to await the resurrection of all saints. The Lord then revealed Himself over fourth days before He ascended. No one had ever came back from death with a Glorified body. He was the First fruits of the coming triumph of God’s chosen. Hell had been beaten, nature had been overridden, Satan had been whipped and the Bible had been proven beyond guestion. Jesus appeared to His disciples at the Sea of Galilee and gave us the drama of love. "Loveth thou Me more than these’ was His invitation to forsake all and follow Him. Comments are welcome at

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