The Rapture and Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein accomplished an international triumph in making Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization, a world-renowned place. He did it by making himself the heir of Nebuchadnezzar as a ruthless dictator. The theme of the Babylonian Festival that I attended in rebuilt Babylon was called “From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein, Babylon Rises Again.” This country is rich in natural resources, archaeological treasures and historic claims. Saddam Hussein had no idea of what he was sitting on and preparing his country to become.

The only country in the world that could have entered Iraq and liberated it from Saddam without decimating its riches was America. We have saved the archaeological sites of which there are hundreds. We have preserved the second richest oil fields in the world and are now ready to help create a center for future Bible prophecy to be fulfilled.

Consider the debate that has raged for the last three weeks over the two different versions of how to fight this war. One was to send overwhelming force and the other was to conduct a surgical war. The choice of the latter is the very choice that has saved the country’s riches, both archaeological and natural resources. This decision was prophetic as well as brilliant. Of course, our president and military leaders are not aware of what I’m saying but our God is directing this world’s end time games, not the politicians.

Iraq, where rebuilt Babylon is located, is destined to become a world center for the coming One World Order. As much as I hate the thought, the United Nations will be a great voice in reconstructing the country of Iraq. They had no ability to fight this war, they were even against it, but now their role in preparing it for the New World Order is vital to prophecy. In fact, the Iraq situation has already served to erect a barrier between America and the United Nations, which itself is vital to Bible prophecy. We will remain a friend to Israel, which the United Nations hates and this, above anything else, will keep us on the sideline as the One World Order continues to develop.

I listened last night to news reporters discussing how much the World Court that has been established by the United Nations would love to arrest and try President George W. Bush for his defiance of the United Nations. I knew they were expressing, without their understanding, the prophetic themes that are exploding around the country of Iraq. The liberals in America are UN supporters because their passion is a One World Order and their hatred of President Bush fits this development.

The Religious Right Wing, who constantly have tried to make our President a part of the One Word Order, is totally undiscerning of what is happening. I’m amazed at their ignorance. The truth is that their anti-semetism has blinded their spiritual eyes. America is going to be a sheep nation right through the coming prophetic events and will be rewarded by the Lord Jesus Himself when He sits the nations on His right hand or on the left hand in the coming of the Kingdom of God on earth. I am amazed at the hatred I have incurred by declaring America to be a sheep nation. No, I am not ignoring our sins and the desperate need for repentance and revival. In fact, I am weeping in repentance for America and believing our God for a sovereign visitation of His Spirit.

At the same time, I know what the Bible says must occur and I believe God for His perfect will on this earth. Jesus taught us to pray, "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." Right now, the entire world scene is developing on the Biblical model for the fulfillment of all things. The alignment of nations is quickly fitting His perfect plan. Let me list a number of things that I see developing. I do not claim perfection. The only perfection is in the Bible, the Heavenly Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ. We see through a glass darkly.

  • America will be a faithful ally to Israel and this will leave us on the political sideline as the New World Order develops.
  • Turkey denied us the use of their country from which to send our Fourth Division into Northern Iraq because their future is with Russia (Gog and Magog), not America.
  • England and Australia, plus a few other nations, will be growing allies of America as they back away from the New World Order and prepare to be a sheep nation themselves.
  • Russia, Germany, and possibly France, along with their allies (Turkey, Iran, Ethiopa, etc.), will soon rattle their sabers against Israel, but America will be one of God’s swords to defend His chosen people.
  • The European union will be strongly anti-Semitic and Antichrist in policy, action, and rhetoric.
  • The destruction of Gog and Magog will cause the whole world to stop and consider the God of Israel and of America and her allies.
  • Iraq will become a world center of prosperity. Tourism will explode in their nation, as her archaeological significance becomes known. The United Nations may well move their headquarters to Baghdad.
  • Babylon’s construction will escalate and this city will shortly be one of the most visited sites in the world. The beauty of this city will soon dazzle the world. America may well help rebuild Babylon until we are forced out by the United Nations.
  • Israel will give statehood to the Palestinians and experience some short-lived peace.
  • Jerusalem will be trodden under the presence of the Gentiles until the Seven Years of Tribulation is finished.
  • America will support the Palestinian state and President Bush will be greatly criticized for supporting this action. Bible prophecy demands this to fulfill the Word, but many Christians are blind to Scriptural mandates.
  • The world’s hatred for America will grow. As our President speaks openly of faith in our God, Scripture, and prayer, the liberals in America and the world will despise us.
  • An awakening of faith and Bible holiness is going to grip America either before or after the Rapture and maybe both. Religious liberalism will hate this awakening and trash it with a fury, but it will all be in vain.
  • Liberal churches, the Roman Catholic system, and Charismatic apostasy will be united and become a competing religious unity fully opposed to the genuine awakening of Bible Christianity.
  • A return to Biblical fundamentalism and the King James Bible will be the strength of the awakening of faith in America.
  • Exciting days are ahead for Bible-believing people.

If you want to be a part of what our God is doing, get back to the literal interpretation of Scripture. These are exciting days for anyone that truly believes and obeys the Word of God. The Kingdom of God will soon envelop this earth from East to West and North to South. The ancient Garden of Eden that was first in Southern Iraq is going to fill the whole earth. Saddam Hussein’s palaces will not even be second rate to the glory of the coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ. You can be a part only if you have surrendered to His holiness and take up your cross to follow Him.