Press Release Same Sex Marriage

Salty Saints Friends,
This is a special e-mail, a press release to the American media and to the Supreme Court Justices. I believe you are interested in this moral battle.

Please send to everyone possible–to your local media, newsprint, especially, and to anyone that will help distribute it.

Joseph R. Chambers

Same-sex marriage will be the next great moral and spiritual battle in this nation. This fits the Bible prophecy model perfectly. The coming Antichrist will be a homosexual. His vileness and debauchery will be notorious and more wicked than any human being in history. Not only will he be wicked but he will hate every expression of morality and decency. In fact, he will conduct a cleansing of the earth to wipe out every living soul that refuses his sodomite lifestyle. The above description almost sounds like the present. We are not very far from this level of wickedness.

The six prevailing members of the recent Supreme Court decision striking down the sodomy law in Texas are in for a surprise. God is holy and loves man so genuinely that He never judges sinners, but He does judge sin. In fact, the God that gave His only Son calls the human race, “the precious fruit of the earth.” Man and woman are loved by God regardless of their lifestyle, but sin always bring the judgment of God on the sin in the individuals that practice or promote it. Those Justices actually gave a “god-speed” to this dark lifestyle and they will be judged unless they repent. The Bible clearly says, “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” (Hosea 8:7)

I expect their judgment to be swift and soon. Let me say again, unless they repent. It is my expectation that two or more of them will be judged before this year ends. Justice Stephen G. Breyer and Justice Sandra OÂ’Connor have been especially outspoken and are in grave danger. God the Creator judged Sodom and Gomorrah for this vile lifestyle and He will need to repent to those cities if He fails to judge our present situation. He will not fail.

Religious people who look for ways to give excuse to the abominable acts of sodomy are just as guilty as if they were sodomites themselves. Sodomy blasphemes every husband and wife that faithfully fulfills his or her marriage sacrament. But worse than the blasphemy against every married couple and their family is the blasphemy against what the Bible calls the “Marriage supper of the Lamb” (Jesus Christ). Homosexuality is an imitation of God’s gift to man, woman, as well as His future kingdom of Jesus Christ and His true church. It is the most blasphemous act of sin known to humankind. It is the ultimate act of sin because it brings in question the pure design of man by the Creator and it always brings the judgment of God. The wicked individuals in America are going to pay the awful price of blaspheming the sovereign Creator.

“The World is About to Tremble.” That is an article I have written to try to warn our citizens of the coming judgment. During the month of August, I am also doing a video on the subject “Same-Sex Marriage and the Marriage of the Lamb.” This video will show how the devil is the source of homosexuality and he intends to slam the future hope of the Saints of God. The Bible is a book of hope and Righteousness will win in the end.

I encourage GodÂ’s people to be unafraid in their stand for Biblical morality. The world will call us all kinds of wicked names. Stand firm and be kind and even rejoice that you are counted worthy to suffer for His name. Hope is in the air and we are the winners when truth is obeyed.

Released for printing, copying, or broadcasting by radio or television.