Perfect Love Poem

There is a Haven, a wondrous place
Where the soul can rest in His pure Grace.
A place where sin has lost its power,
And the Holy Spirit can pour forth His Shower.

The Lord has not left us to our own pain,
But provides His saints pure grace to gain.
If we hunger and thirst for His perfect will,
It is His pleasure the storms to still.

The Kingdom of God is not a troubled sea,
But righteousness and peace from our fears to flee.
Abundant life and a shining face,
Joy unspeakable and victorious grace.

There is a perfect love in a surrendered heart.
It was GodÂ’s plan to perfect from the start.
His Blood has never failed to complete
The work that is left to His sweet release.

Perfect Love is His perfect Will,
In every heart His Holy Ghost to fill.
He will come to “His Temple” when self is dead
And live forever in the FleshÂ’s stead.

Joseph R. Chambers