Sounds From Iraq

I am on my way home from Iraq. As we lifted off from the Baghdad Airport, it was quite an experience. The pilot had announced certain actions he would take. He lifted off the ground, only to skim along just a few feet above the runway accelerating speed. Just as he reached the end of the runway, he shot up in a tremendous burst of power turning to circle the airport simultaneously. He then spiraled up, around and above the airport, until he was three miles high, and then we were off to Jordan. We had actually landed in a similar pattern. I can honestly say my adrenaline was dancing over my head.

The many sounds, emotions, and mostly positive things I experienced is exciting to tell about. There was not one unkind or negative reaction, statement, or emotion directed against anyone I was traveling with or America, in general, by the Iraqis. At no time were we in danger of harm or violence. The only fear Iraqis have about America that we heard or saw is that we would leave them too early. I asked one American gentleman on a business assignment what the Iraqis he was involved with thought about America. He said the greatest emotion he was hearing was, "We want to be the fifty-first state." The lying liberals are dead wrong when they suggest that America had no business assisting these wonderful people in finally having a chance at freedom.

As a Pentecostal Bible-believing minister, I preached on Sunday morning at the First Presbyterian church, the largest Evangelical church in Iraq. The pastor asked me to tell America that this Presbyterian church was different, and that they knew how to say, "Hallelujah." One of AmericaÂ’s White House representatives was present. I was told that he was present as I arrived at church, and he stayed for a meeting after the sermon. I preached an old-fashioned sermon on prayer, challenging this stately congregation to fling themselves before our Great God in Holy Ghost anointed praying. I even dared to suggest that each of them needed at least one hour of daily intercession before God. It appeared that all present stood to commit themselves to being a prayer warrior. I promise you it was not light, empty preaching, and they acted like they loved it. The music was wonderful and uplifting as they sang the great songs of the church.

My heart broke after I preached on Sunday night at the National Baptist Evangelical church. Ten adults responded to the altar to pray for the "new birth" experience. We prayed a long time for the sick, but then a sad story fell on my ears. A dear lady came for prayer with a very apparent broken heart. The pastor told me the story. During the war to remove Saddam Hussein and his henchmen, she was driving her family, which included her husband and three children, and approached a checkpoint. Something went wrong, and the soldiers opened fire for their own protection. All three children and her husband were killed. There was no anger because she understood their actions and forgave them. She was simply broken hearted. Pictures of her family will appear in the next End Times and Victorious Living. I wept, prayed, and asked her to forgive America for this terrible accident. I am seeking help for her.

The streets were packed with people. Merchandise and appliances of every description filled the shops and were packed on the sidewalks for the lack of room. The people said that Iraq has never had such an abundance of available goods. After such devastation, unemployment is down to the 20-30 percent level and falling. The nationÂ’s schools are fully operating, hospitals and clinics are open, and already services are the best in IraqÂ’s history. The nay-sayers are wrong. There is danger from the enemies of freedom and human rights, but slowly they are being killed or captured.

Bible prophecy must be fulfilled, and Iraq has to be a nation among the nations for the end time events. The nations of the world want America out, and that too is prophetic. The One World Order is exploding, and Iraq is a centerpiece. The One World Religion is going to be big-time in IraqÂ’s future. Already Charismatics that teach Dominion Theology are having visions and dreams about IraqÂ’s part in the esoteric revival of the future. Rick Joyner and Paul Cain have been involved in talking about IraqÂ’s future for several years.

Bible-believing Christians must be willing to use the government systems, economic trends, and worldwide openness to proclaim the Biblical gospel just like the disciples of Jesus used the Roman road and far flung powers of Rome in the early church. God had allowed the all powerful Roman government to secure the world during the day of Christ and the early church walked those roads to proclaim Him to the masses. Quit fussing about the One World Government, it is here to stay until the Rapture and judgment. Instead, letÂ’s use every modern invention and win the lost before itÂ’s too late.

Iraq is a free nation at last. It is the Cradle of Civilization. As our God is Alpha and Omega of the Divine, Iraq is alpha and omega of the human. ItÂ’s where Adam and Eve gave birth to the firstborn of the human family. Jerusalem is where the virgin gave birth to the firstborn of the Father. Iraq is going to be one of the places where the center of end time events occur. After the Son of God has judged the Antichrist, He will come from the East (Babylon) to set up His kingdom in Jerusalem. No wonder every major religion of the world wants Jerusalem or a piece of it. Iraq will also be a battleground for the nations. Whether itÂ’s politics, business, or religion, they will all set their sights on Iraq as well as Jerusalem. The world is racing to Armageddon!

Joseph R. Chambers