Independence Satans Language

The word independence never occurs in the Holy Bible. There is no place in the Christian life for this word or its character. The very idea of sin is synonymous with independence. God did not create a poisonous tree in the garden. He simply told Adam and Eve not to partake because they were never to be independent. Sin is independence from God. The Ten Commandments are not restrictions, but they are boundaries of protection. They place us in a pure state of complete dependency on God. We can act independent as Adam and Eve. When we do we become stripped of our covering. They never knew nakedness until they acted independent of God.

Something happens in the human spirit the very moment that we welcome an independent thought. Every child is born into a family where there is either guidelines or calamity. Raising children without strong discipline is the first step towards rebellion. The church life must be under strong leadership or there will be disaster. God, as the frontline of His church, ordains the very ministry of a pastor/shepherd. The seven letters of Revelation were addressed to the pastors of each church. A hireling pastor, who only serves for reward and does not know the sovereign Lordship of Christ, is a joke. A Biblical Pastor leads by Holy Ghost direction will be a man of authority. Sheep that do not follow the Shepherd are dangerous to the body.

The world promotes independence because it is the world’s nature. The very culture of the world is for every man to be a law unto himself. Satan is the master of independence. It was born in his moments of rebellion. It got him cast out of heaven and will get you cast down into hell. No person can serve Christ with an independent nature. The Lord Jesus said, “…If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” (Matthew 16:24) The grace of Christ’s righteousness will strip you of your independent disposition and fill you with delight to do the whole will of God. You will find joy in being under authority. Being under authority, when it is ordained of God, is sweet and full of God’s rest.

Any person of authority that does not keep himself under authority is also dangerous to the home, the church, and society in general. With great severity, God will judge a haughty person that uses authority to abuse others and satisfy their own lust. King Saul was an example of a great king who lost his way because he lost his submission to Samuel. Samuel was God’s authority over Saul, but Samuel himself was under God’s authority. David dared not to touch Saul even when Saul was utterly backslidden. David was wise enough to wait on God’s timing. We are warned to pray “…for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.” (1 Timothy 2:2) Authority is both an absolute necessity and, when falsely used, a destructive weapon. Respect authority and use it with fear when it becomes your turn.

The Antichrist spirit that is gripping the world is the last stand against authority. Nothing describes the spirit of this world as we face the Rapture and the dark seven years of ultimate iniquity better than final independence. The Antichrist himself will manifest total independence from God and claim himself as God. Independence of all commandments, moral laws, decency, and every pure expression will be championed.

Independence is an elusion. There is no such characteristic because everyone of us is constantly dependent on someone or something and especially on our God himself. Our breath depends on nature to balance its life giving oxygen. Our soul depends on the Creator to give it another chance at life. Someone provides almost everything we use or enjoy for life. Babies and the infirmed elderly wear diapers and someone else does the changing. We are no more independent that a pet fish in an aquarium. LetÂ’s learn to live our lives dependent on our Creator and one another.