Hallelujah Worship: A House Full Of Fragrance

This great event where Mary anoints the feet of Jesus and dries them with her hair is the highest level of worship recorded in the life of Christ. The recognition of His Divinity had finally arrested His disciples and followers. The word is out from both the High Priest and the Pharisees that if anyone knows of His presence they must show it so that they can take Him. The supper at the home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus was a risk to all present, but no one seemed to care. There can be a place in the true worship of the Son of God that all fear is cast to the wind. This event is a case in point. Lazarus was sitting at the table with Jesus because his resurrection had elevated him to a position of eldership. Martha’s worship was manifest in the great cause of service. She possessed a servant’s heart and the house and dinner table was a picture of perfection. Mary was a tenderheart and her entire being had eyes only for the eternal Son of God. She was arrested with Godly love for the Rose of Sharon. Judas, the betrayer, is present and reveals his ointment of malice. The possessor of the money bag can only think of the value of Mary’s sacrifice and its addition to his treasure. Spontaneously, Mary goes to find her richest treasure because her heart tell her its time to give Him her best. Her gift may seem a waste to someone that has not been “Born Again” to the life He offered. To Mary anything less would have been selfishness. This great truth is a picture of what we owe Him for what He did for us. Her example is the picture of a New Testament Church that has sold all to find “Treasure Of Great Price.”