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The main church building in Santo Domingo is neat and well built.  It is the host church of the area and the flock that Juan Garcia serves.  Note the sign above the door describing it being part of Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship.  (L to R) Two ladies from the church, Juan Garcia, Joseph Chambers, and Tony the Interpreter.


BHMF became the central group that the holiness/Pentecostal churches in the area wanted.  The original 4 churches wanted to change to a holiness group.  The initial four has grown to eleven churches in the area.  Most of them do not have a nice building as seen above.  Only four churches have been aided with funds to build modest facilities in which to meet.  The others are waiting for funds that they do not have and have little chance of getting.




Joey Yeatts is greatly loved by the Santo Domingo saints because of his ministry to them.  He is pictured here with Juan Garcia, who is the Santo Domingo District Pastor of the Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship (BHMF) based churches in the area.





Joseph Chambers is pictured here with one of the newest pastors.  He is a very enthusiastic man and appears to work very hard.  The Santo Domingo pastors must work a job of some sort, and they receive a small amount of help from some members of BHMF which allows them to spend more time in ministry.





171These ladies at the headquarters church are worshipping.  They love to do skits.  You may notice that everyone at the service seems to be females?  The men sit on the other side.  They have developed the habit of separation of the men and women in church buildings.

 The headquarters church is very nice compared to many of the local churches.  Even the nicest of churches there have hard pews, concrete floors and basic lighting only, with NO air conditioning.



This is a truckload of saints from another BHMF church that came to the meeting at the headquarters church.  This their version of a bus.  They are from another BHMF congregation. Vans and buses are taken for granted in U.S. churches.






Six thousand dollars ($6000) is needed to finish this church.  The construction is simple, basic, but very usable there.  Most of these churches have 5 or more service times per week!

Pastor Gibeno, District pastor Garcia and Joseph Chambers stand in the door of a new church being built.  It is currently without a roof, but they use it anyway.  The next picture shows the manner in which they are already using it for worship/ministry.  Pastor Gibeno and the congregation have erected a tin shelter inside of the outer walls so they can use it.  This is showing signs of being a strong church group with much potential.


This is part of the band at the headquarters church.  Do you recognize any of the instruments?  Instruments and sound equipment are hard for them to afford, and tend to be simple.


Join us in helping these wonderful Dominican people find new friends and supporters to aid them as they attempt to share Christ to a very dark, cult-filled country!