Dangerous Times

Jesus Christ Himself made it absolutely plain that the last days of human government would be the most violent and dangerous of all times. He said, "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. And except those days should ... Read More

A Baptism of Filth Which is of the Antichrist

A baptism of filth has begun and will not end until Jesus Christ returns in His glory. This baptism of filth is going to be judged and a great Holy Ghost revival is going to envelope this earth. The Holy Scripture is perfectly clear that the church age will end in what the Word of ... Read More

Iraq The Rebirth of the Assyrians

It is breathtaking to watch a culture that almost everyone perceived to be dead to suddenly experience a rebirth. There is no question but this is presently happening to the ancient Assyrians. It is happening because it had to happen by prophetic design. There are two prophetic facts that demand an Assyrian presence in this ... Read More

Defeating Depression Without Popping Pills

The Psalmist David experienced depression but found GodÂ’s answer and then wrote this answer for the Word of God. He wrote it as a song to be sung in the temple because there is no way to communicate truth more powerfully than a song. Songs are written to be memorized so that we may sing ... Read More

The Reach of Prayer

Great Bible believing prayer knows no boundary. The Apostles of the New Testament church knew the reach of prayer and refused to be sidelined in administration matters. They gave themselves to “prayer and to the ministry of the word.” (Acts 6:4) Schemes of religion were anathema to them. They abhorred any idea of human craftiness ... Read More

The White Throne Judgment

As the final moment arrives to complete the judgment of sinners, we can expect that arrogance and rebellion have finally finished their course. The Bible is filled with godless men that were always ready to laugh in the face of God. The nature of sin that started in Heaven among the angels and invaded the ... Read More

Praying Until You Pray Through

When I was first converted to Christ there was a saying in the Classical Pentecostal churches, “Have you prayed through today?” Every believer was encouraged to not let one day pass that they did not pray until they touched Heaven. Believe me, I quickly learned what it meant to pray through. I remember the location ... Read More