Celebrating Sin in the Church

The more friendly the church is with sin the more sin the church will celebrate and embrace. In fact, the church has become so friendly with sin that most church leaders constantly lead the professing believers in celebrating their sinfulness. I was just a guest at a well-known prophecy conference where the host asked everyone ... Read More

The Antichrist The United Nations

The total demeanor and conduct of the United Nations organization and its leadership is Antichrist in word and action. There are several reasons for believing that this organization fits the Biblical model of this vicious “man of sin” and his plans for world control. The very fact that the Democratic Party, John Kerry, and his ... Read More

In the Midst of the Church

The Church of the Living God is still His center of manifestation and activity on this earth. When John the Revelator saw Jesus Christ in his apocalyptic book, he saw Him in the midst of the church. The revelation said, "And I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I ... Read More