Open Bible Dialogue

The Curse of Sin is Totally Removed

The great celebration of the Bride and the Eternal Kingdom is near at hand. No one has the right to set dates. Only The Heavenly Father knows and He will send Jesus Christ to get the Bride as the first act to announce the beginning to the end. Our Eternal world will be sin-free, disease-free, ... Read More

The Father, The Lord Jesus and New Jerusalem

This City is an art work of the most stupendous creation. The walls are jasper from bottom to top, fifteen hundred miles high. There are twelve levels, one hundred and twenty five miles apart. At each level the jasper wall is garnished will different precious stones. The first level is jasper on jasper and the ... Read More

The Bridal Paradise

The Honeymoon Suite: This is the Bridegroom’s gift to His chosen Bride. The Bride of Christ is the most blessed and glorious of the saints. This is the highest reward available to the saints, and multitudes will be saved by fire but lose their reward. (I Cor. 3:13-15) Do not misread this to suggest it ... Read More

The Overcomers Shall Be Raptured

I cannot tell you everybody that will not be raptured, but I can tell you everybody that will be. First, we know that any person that overcomes sin, the devil and their flesh by the Blood of Christ will go. Second, that virgin that has oil in their lamp with fire by the Holy Ghost ... Read More

The Glory Which Shall Be Revealed In Us

The body is now a temple, but with an alien nature; but in the resurrection it will be a temple without the alien nature. It will be like our Lord’s body, able to ascend and descend, to be free of death and sorrow and to dwell in the very presence of our God Himself. We ... Read More

The Beauty of the Bridegroom and His Bride

Nothing in the Scripture is more beautiful than the Bride of Christ except the Bridegroom Himself. The writer Solomon said of this bride, "thou art all fair, my love; there is no spot in thee." (Song of Solomon 4:7) The church world is woefully unprepared for the wedding in the sky. Remember Jesus saying, "how ... Read More

The Beautiful Bride of Jesus Christ

At any day Jesus Christ will come for His Bride. The Bible speaks of Her as the most beautiful Queen, dressed in the gold of Ophir, the purest gold mined or minted. She must be without spot or wrinkle. She cannot be part of a mixed multitude. Her title in Revelation is "The Overcomer."