Monthly Archives: October 2007

What Men See When They View The Cross

The Cross has lost it’s beauty and grandeur in today’s world and there is a reason. Since most of the church world has lost the truth about sin, the Cross is unnecessary. The Cross makes no sense unless you see the darkness of sin. Sin has been so burred and belittled until the Son of ... Read More

The Bottomless Pit will be Opened to the Earth

The present distance that we perceive between the abode of evil spirits assigned to hell and the earth will disappear. We have already seen that the great expanse of the heavens has rolled up and is no more. The heavens above and hell beneath will become one with the earth and the interchange of all ... Read More

A New Heaven and a New Earth

Too many Bible students and Bible lessons have dealt with the coming Seven Years of the Great Tribulation only from the negative side. It is going to be the closest thing to Hell on earth possible, but the total purpose is redemption. The Father created this earth out of a chasm of nothingness with a ... Read More

Pornography A Form of Insanity

The majority of earthÂ’s population is practically ready for the coming Seven Years of the Great Tribulation. Pornography, along with its vileness, is on the cutting edge of preparing for GodÂ’s final judgment of the earth. While millions are slipping under the bondage of raw sex pictures and materials, the truth of pornography is unknown ... Read More

The Day of Pentecost

The Church began on the Day Of Pentecost. In fact it was one of the three greatest events of Redemption that set the Church in Motion. "At the Cross, At the Empty Tomb or in the Upper Room, the three together set the Church on Fire." The Holy Bible says, "And they were all filled ... Read More

When Men Become Precious as Gold

The seven years of the Great Tribulation ends with man exalted to his original glory. Sin broke upon the human creation like a devastating flood and left him crippled and prone to sin. Millions from the human family have followed Satan and evil spirits to become dark creatures of moral filth. The point has arrived ... Read More

Fleeing From the Wrath to Come

There is a multitude of people in our world that have so hardened there hearts that nothing will move them. This kind of dark rebellion is growing by the hour and will only get worse. There is a point in every life that is the place of no return. A hardness sets in that blinds ... Read More

The Total Upheaval of the Earth

The seven years of the Great Tribulation will be an exceedingly enlarged and more catastrophic event than was the Flood of Noah’s day. Jesus plainly said it would the greatest Tribulation since the world begin. (Matt. 24:21) The first great fact is the departure of heaven as it will depart, "as a scroll when it ... Read More

Redemption of this Universe

ItÂ’s absolutely exciting to anticipate the redemption of GodÂ’s beautiful creation. Every smidgen of sin and its curses against this earth and the heavens above is about to be eradicated. That little book in the FatherÂ’s hand of Revelation Chapter Five is a book of the purchased possession. Ezekiel saw that book in a vision ... Read More