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Pentecostal Bible College – Charlotte, North Carolina

Pentecostal Bible College

Dear Holiness Friends:

Are you interested in a Bible College that is absolutely faithful to the fundamentals of holiness, Pentecost, the power of the blood, and the infallible Word of God? Can you get a vision of a Bible College and Seminary that is truly a “prophets’ school,” where pastors, Christian school administrators and teachers, missionaries, and evangelists are allowed to become mightily usable to the Holy Ghost? The only model for the Lord’s church is in the Book of Acts and the epistles of the early church. We can have a Bible College that will train our young people and interested adults to go back to the local church and turn their communities upside down!

Paw Creek Ministries has a vision of a college where a church can send their dedicated members and know that they will come home loving that local church more than when they left. So many colleges in America train the students to love the school and become alumni more than to love their pastors and leaders at home and their local church, where they were raised or saved. That’s absolutely unacceptable of a college where churches sacrifice to send the students.

We have assembled an Exploratory Board of individuals interested in seeing this vision become a reality. Our board Members include:

Ed Branch – Raleigh, NC
Brian MacDonald – Corpus Christi, TX
Bob Goodwin – Neosho, MO
Danny Swinnea – Chappells, SC
Bruce Ganze – Flora, IL
Doug Peper – Chelsea, OK
Joey Yeatts – Danville, VA
Eugene Smith – Jacksonville, FL
Joseph Chambers – Charlotte, NC
Terry Chambers – Charlotte, NC
Bobby Revels – Fuguay Varina, NC
Gregg Cannon – Turbeville, SC

A number of these brethren have degrees earned by a dedicated pursuit of excellence.


We are currently conducting a survey with churches that are committed to the Biblical principles named in the beginning of this letter. The survey is self-explanatory. It can be completed by an individual, a family, or an entire congregation.  Please Click Here to download the survey and send it to your friends and churches that you feel would care enough to help.

College Weekend

We are in the planning stages for a college weekend rally in the near future. This will be an exciting time for interested churches, families, and young people. We will have some of the best singing and preaching possible. All the ideas for this college will be presented. If we are ready and the Lord wills, we will announce the first day of classes!

Financial Benefactors

We need men or women that could be financial benefactors. On your survey please include any person that loves young people, Bible Holiness, and the Pentecostal experience that may want to be a part of the foundation. This is very important.

Seeking the Will of God

This letter is an invitation for you to consider being a part of a wonderful Biblical undertaking. You can be a part of a miracle that helps organize and promote great churches teaching the uncompromising Full Gospel message. Please do not lay this down, but put it on your altar. Let’s see what God can do as we await the Rapture of His church. Help us decide if this is indeed the will of our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I am excited about the possibility!

Blessings From The Lord,
Joseph R. Chambers, D.D., D.S.L.
Senior Pastor
Paw Creek Ministries