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“Go ye into all the world….” and Send the Light!  Go with us as we support believers in many parts of the world! We often go on special trips to several of our missions contacts, for which we personally pay for all osts; but one of our greatest joys is to ensure that believers are working full-time in places where we cannot. Our two main support works are Missions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Missions In Haiti                           (click for more info)

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Missions in Haiti is a ministry operated by David and Alicia Lloyd. Their three children aid them, as well as two ministry-oriented ladies from the USA. Their goal is to see the Gospel of Christ make a difference in the lives of Haiti’s young people.  (see www.missionsinhaiti.com )


BHMF Churches In Dominican Republic        (click for more info)      


Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship became the central group that the Holiness/Pentecostal churches in the area wanted. The original 4 churches wanted to change to a holiness group. The initial four has grown to eleven churches in the area. Most of them do not have a nice building as seen above. Only four churches have been aided with funds to build modest facilities in which to meet. The others are waiting for funds that they do not have and have little chance of getting. This church is the main church where the Dominican Overseer is pastor.****************************************************************************************************

Missions Finance Information:

Missions In Haiti and Santo Domingo/Dominican are the two main mission works that Bible Holiness Ministerial Fellowship seeks to support.  Both areas have wonderful potential and have thus far shown themselves to be well above average in financial carefulness and in general spiritual zeal.  We have BHMF pastors and members and friends who have been in these places and are assured of the quality and success in both areas.  We are well aware of these mission works and fully supportive of both areas.

 Any funds can be sent to the headquarters church of BHMF (Paw Creek Ministries, 5110 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte, NC 28208) or anyone can contact or send support themselves.  Call 704-391-0588 for any information you wish to know about either of these mission works.


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