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Caring for our body is a Christian responsibility. For the first 46 years of my life, I lived spiritually clean but gave no thought to healthy eating and nutrition issues. Suddenly in 1981 I was seriously ill with prostate cancer. I remember asking the doctor, a very kind and wise gentlemen, “How bad am I?” He said on a scale of 1-10, my problem was a 7 or 8. Death was a very present danger. When the surgery was over, cancer cells reappeared; and I was back in the hospital. Our congregation called an all-night prayer meeting, and my next test was free of cancer cells. To be honest, I have never been back.

I am thrilled to start bringing you good information on the body. The New-Agers have stolen the issue of healthy living, and I want to take it back. God’s people in the First Testament were given wonderful laws of healthy eating and living. Without returning to the legalism of that dispensation, we can learn to eat right, care for our bodies, and make sure our temple is a beautiful place for the Holy Ghost to dwell.

It sure feels good to feel good. If Jesus tarries, I want to die because the death angel came for me, not because the doctor sent for him

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