Cult of Mormonism: “Dark, Dangerous, and Damning”

The world loves religion, in fact almost all religions, but reject any idea of exclusiveness. Nothing proves the end of the age more clearly than the complete loss of Truth. Jesus is rejected because He was a Bloody Sacrifice and religion connected to blood cannot be tolerated. Search the world over and you will not find another religion that believes in a cleansing by blood. Satanists drink blood to prove how deeply they reject anything sacred connected to blood. Some Pagan religions will kill children and animals as a rejection of the Sacred Blood of Christ. It’s a game with them to make fun of the “Blood Redemption” that fills the Bible. Often the people know nothing of truth and simply follow blindly.

The Cult of Mormonism is just as dark an any other false religion. Their heavens are filled with a pantheon of gods all of them committed to a host of wives. There are “Father Gods” and “Mother Gods” having endless sex and begetting spirit children that then need a body by some Mormon couple having sex on earth. The whole system is built on polygamy from the gods to the earthens. They believe God had sex with Mary to beget the spirit jesus in heaven and then had sex with her on earth to beget his human body. The heavenly act also produces a brother to jesus that is satan. (No caps because this is not the Divine Son Of God.) Please listen to this broadcast for more facts and great calls from my audience.

The “New World Order” is established on the idea that all religions are equal and any inclusive religion must be stamped out. The fight to end old-fashioned “Fundamental Christianity” is exploding. Killing unborn children and same-sex marriage is the in thing and anyone that says no is considered plagued with dark forms of phobias. Every “False Religion” includes man in a desperate search for godhood. That’s the Prophetic Antichrist and “One World Religion.” Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.” (I Thessalonians 2:3-4)

Any Christian that speaks out against Mitt Romney’s religion is set to be rejected, yet we have no choice but to speak. Mormonism claims Jesus and the Devil are blood brothers. Jesus was born because God had sex with Mary. In fact every living person is the offspring of some God in heaven that had sex with someone. Mormonism is just as false as the Muslim religion. Maybe not as dangerous but just as damning. America has great Christian roots and it is wrong to think of putting a Mormon in our great office of President. I’m 100% against it and praying for God to intervene. In fact I am certain He will. Watch for the changes that may occur in the Republican Party in the short future. God will choose the man that goes in that position, good or bad for our nation, according to His design

We have a special book and DVD entitled, “THE CULT EXPLOSION” by Dave Hunt that shows this mindset taking over the world. We need your help to strengthen this OUTREACH. For your gift of $20.00 we will send the book as a gift to you. For a gift of $50.00 we will send both the book and DVD postage paid. I’m sending a free copy of our Prophecy Publication to all that write or call. Ask for a catalog of our great list of Books, DVD albums, CD albums, hundreds of booklets, plus a great list of HEALTH items Call 1 800 338 7884 or e-mail at .

32 thoughts on “Cult of Mormonism: “Dark, Dangerous, and Damning”

  1. Thank you for speaking out and letting people know the truth. I have heard people call him a “christian”. There is so much ignorance out here and so many people who do not want to speak up….

  2. I totally agree about the devilish nature of the false Mormon religion. I’m afraid God’s deserved judgment is coming on our land. I also want to thank you for quoting the right Bible and not one of the Vatican Versions.

    God bless,

    Will Kinney

  3. THANK YOU FOR PREACHING THE TRUTH!!! Many today white wash the truth and preach touchy feel good messages…messages that “tickles the ears” We need to get back to the Fire and Brimstone teachings We need a Revival FIRE to go through and heal our land. I am afraid time is running out.

  4. Kenneth Acushla

    I know people in the mormon church and in the original church of Joseph Smith, The Community of Christ who know our LORD Yahshua as their Saviour and Redeemer. They stay there so they can witness to the others in those 2 churches. There are Ecclesia Christians to be found in every denomination. Our LORD knows all those who are HIS. Jesus Christ is Coming Soon.

  5. Hi Pastor Joseph.

    Well, my friend, I hope you are right about God intervening somehow so those who believe in Jesus – the REAL ONE of the Bible – will have a candidate for whom we can vote. Because now, it doesn’t look like we will.

    I have a feeling, and that is all that it is, that this isn’t going to happen. In June 1963 we let the Supreme Court push God out of our schools. In 1973 we let it legalize the murder of the unborn.

    In 2001 we did not repent even after Muslims who were acting in complete accord with the Quran kill almost 3000 civilians (to them, “infidels” who deserved to die) in New York. In 2008 we put a man in the White House whose actions have proven over and over again that he has nothing but contempt for Christians, the Bible, and Israel. One by one our states are legalizing the perversion of homosexual living.

    I think God is now honoring our nation’s collective and decades-long desire for him to “get out of town,” while all too many lazy, lukewarm Christians in this country let it happen without fighting back.

    Barring a “Ninevah Revival,” it would seem that the die is indeed cast for this country.

    I never thought I’d see it get this bad, this fast.

  6. I hate to say I agree with Ed. News Anchors refer to the Super Bowl as our “Secular High Holy Day”
    This has to be the “falling away” period now ,, as creationists are considered superstitious morons.
    Hard to imagine a world leader calling himself ‘god’ down the line. BTW: Early Mormons did practice blood atonement. They cut the throats of sinners to redeem them.

  7. Brother Ed Wood,

    I tremble for America who had let heedless Americans crown king this Abimelech(Judges ix)
    who is now destroying Her from the inside, as the fifth columnist he is.

    High treason in a Democracy, despite having apparently got all the assets in its foul
    game with the devil’s help, nevertheless treads on perilous ground.
    GOD ESTABLISHED Democracy In America, The Future Demise Of Which lies On HIS TIMETABLE,
    not the devil’s.

    This year 2012 won’t see the end of the world, but it will be the end for many a petty potentate,
    and will see the crippling of all the super powers, real or boasted, and the clobbering of all
    the regional bully boys wannabes.
    THAT IS HOW GOD IS FULFILLING Psalm xxiii For Israel.
    (If Not GOD, Then WHO IS PUTTING The Demise By Self-Tearing Into Israel’ s enemies midst ?)

    Back to America, no Satan minion will have total control over Her, and until the Rapture
    She will still remain a Force For GOOD in the world. After that, the devil can have the
    remains, although he will have to contend with the 144,000 And The Two Witnesses.

    GOD BLESS you brother Ed Wood.


    Dear Joe Chambers,

    None of the Presidential candidates are perfect. It seems that Mitt Romney and Harry Reid are MORMONS-IN-NAME-ONLY. They completely violate the Mormon rules against abortions. They support gay marriages and other things in violation of Mormon standards. Also the Kennedys and the Kerrys in politics are CATHOLICS-IN-NAME-ONLY. Mitt Romney violates the standards of his own Mormon religion, just as the Kennedys violate Catholic Standards. It got so bad that Pope Benedict actually told the Catholics not to vote for Catholic Rebel John Kerry as a Presidential Candidate. Mitt Romney is a HYPOCRITE because he does not even follow the standards of his Mormon religion. HE IS A HARD-LEFT LIBERAL JUST LIKE THE KENNEDYS. BOTH ROME AND THE MORMONS ARE CULTS.
    Both Newt and Richard Sanitorium are Catholics. RON PAUL WANTS TO LEGALIZE NARCOTIC DRUGS. He also wants the USA to have a SWISS STYLE NEUTRAL / ISOLATIONIST FOREIGN POLICY.

    Lest face it NONE OF THE 4 REMAINING CANDIDATES ARE PERFECT OR EVEN IDEAL. Neither Ron Paul nor Richard Sanitorium can win. If you want a REASONABLY CONSERVATIVE CANDIDATE that can beat both the liberal Mitt Romney and the SEMI-MUSLIM BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, you best compromise choice is NEWT GINGRICH. Yes his life is a little messy. His situation with his different marriages, RESEMBLE THAT OF DAVID AND HIS MISTRESS BATHSHEBA WHOM HE EVENTUALLY MARRIED. What this is like is where Newt is David and Callista is Bathsheba. Yes this is messy where women don’t like it. I guess the women would have to hold their noses if they plan to vote for him. In spite of all this, he may still be our best choice. If you want to know why: We MUST JUDGE THE CANDIDATES BY THEIR FRUITS. The fruits include thing like JUDICIAL APPOINTMENTS, CABINET APPOINTMENTS, LAWS PASSED OR VETOED, REGULATIONS ISSUED, TAX POLICIES, POLITICAL REVENGE OR FAVORITISM, INTEGRITY WITH POLICIES OR CORRUPT POLICIES. The most important thing is the FRUITS. That is far more important than what a politician’s personal life is. A DAVID & BATHSHEBA LIFESTYLE is not going to affect our lives as much as a person’s POLICIES AND POLITICS. Obama has a good marriage but his FRUITS IS HORRIBLE AND ROTTON. He came from the rotton CORRUPT “CHICAGO MAFIA”.

    Keith Black

  9. Brother Ed Wood,

    I recommend you the book “The Light And The Glory”(1977) by Peter Marshall Jr.,
    son of the late Peter Marshall Chaplain to the U.S. Senate.
    It is about GOD’ S BLESSING On The United States Of America As A Nation.

  10. mormanism is a cult its true. Unfortuanantly there is not one Christian that is running for the office of president. Im not sure it would be good for a “real” christian to be the president. Power corrupts and that wold be a danger.


  11. I agree with #8. Thank you for preaching the truth! The touchy feel good messages that are being preached these days will lead many to hell. Bring back the Fire of Repentance! What happened to all the preachers who used to give a Altar Call to be saved? They are few and far between these days.

  12. Note to iocnguyen:

    Thanks very much for your notes to me. I hope you are right. I based my conclusions not only on how this nation has failed to honor God’s blessing which parallels its current diminishing of its prosperity and influence in the world, but also on the history of Israel. When Israel did things “God’s Way” it prospered beyond all expectations considering once that it’s entire population was adrift and nomadic for 40 years, and slaves for 400 years before that Even that 40 year sojourn in the desert was a direct result of its lack of faith. Because most of it rejected Caleb and Joshua’s call to believe God and walk confidently into the Promised land, it was made to wander all those decades.

    After Solomon and the dividing of the kingdom into northern and southern parts, a procession of unworthy kings and corrupt priesthood caused the northern kingdom of Israel to be weakened and subject to being systematically dismantled by the Assyrians circa 722 B.C. and the southern kingdom of Judah to be finally sent into exile by the Babylonians by 586 B.C. for the same reasons. Under the auspices of the Persian King Cyrus, a faithful remnant was allowed to begin a return to Judah in 538 B.C., but they were still a subject people.

    There was a brief return to autonomy in the mid-Second Century B.C. under the faithful Maccabees, but by 63 B.C. Judah was under Roman rule. In 70. A.D. just as Jesus had predicted, the Temple, and by extension, Jerusalem fell to the forces of the Roman General Titus, something I believe was the direct result of it rejecting Jesus some 38 years earlier.

    It would be over 1900 years later before Israel would once again exist as a sovereign nation (1948) and I believe this has come to pass as a sign of these Last Days and the role it will fulfil from now until the return of Jesus, at which point it will at last recognize and accept him.

    My point in presenting all this is that there is no reason to believe the United States which has been so singularly blessed as was Israel in its day will be exempt from the same fate Israel suffered when it also told God to “get out of town.” Just like Israel, our government and our churches are just as corrupt and godless as old Israel’s once were.

    I do believe very much that God will always protect his faithful Remnant in America and around the world, just as he did for the Remnant of Israel, but as far as protecting any nation which has so willfully turned its back on him as ancient Israel and the United Staes have done, history does not back this premise up.

    God bless, iocnguyen, and thanks very much for sharing your views. As I said, I hope you are right and I am wrong.

  13. …Mormons are Christians……………..I would suggest that you reconsider this ‘Cult’ …you need to do some more research … , I am not Mormon but have made a lifetime of studyiing Religeous beliefs of all claims and this is a a “dark, dangerous” , way of pitting one religion against others —do you list the Catholic Religion in this category also ? ……..Or am I misinterpretting your message .? . .please remove me from your list …………………………..

    Peggy Gilliam

  14. Nothing could be further from the truth than what is being spewed about the LDS faith than this… So sad!


  15. Ngaire Booth,Australia

    Dear Brother Joseph,Thankyou for speaking up so clearly.So few will do so,and back what they say.We are in such a time of huge seduction for God’s people,BUT so few read His Word daily to give them an inner built discernment. Bless you,Keep talking up.AMEN Ngaire B. Australia.

  16. Joseph Chambers,

    You are flat wrong about the Mormons. They believe in the blood atonement, and are more like you than you think. I don’t know where you are getting your information, but you will be held accountable as a teacher in Christ’s church for your misleading and destructive comments. Any kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. It is very sad to see churches of strong character fighting with each other. It’s even sadder when the allegations are false.


  17. Kieth:

    I may agree that NEWT GINGRICH would make the best pres. but you can not compare him with King David. NEWT GINGRICH is not a man after Gods heart as David was. He was a Baptist that turned Catholic.

  18. I have read several books by the FLDS members that by the GRACE of God came out of that cult and found a new way of life. They do attest that the Morman religion is fake and a cult based religion. If girls are forced into marriages at a young age and forced to slave for their men, and do not get the choice to leave – PEOPLE that IS a cult. Plain and simple. These poor people are brain washed into believing that Black people are bad, that anyone outside their religion is bad. As a Christian I don’t believe someone is bad because they don’t believe in Christ. They won’t go to Heaven but I don’t reject their company. How can someone get the gospel message to them if we reject others company. The part I have read, and in several of these books, claims that God was once a man and became a god. Well we know that isn’t true. How he came to be is still one of the great mysteries of the Bible, which we shall see someday when we meet him face to face. These cult mormans believe that they are marrying many wives and having children, so that one day they can be a god and have their own little planet. So whatever morman thinks otherwise or says otherwise, may be attending some spin off church. But I have read plenty by past mormons. In fact there are some on the Rapture REady site that became Christians after leaving the cult. This religion is just as fake as Jehovah Witnesses. As far as catholics, they believe a whole lot of stuff that just isn’t true or in the bible. 1. No such thing as purgatory, just doesn’t exist. 2. Mary is not QUEEN of Heaven. 3. Mary didn’t assende to Heaven like Christ did. 4. There are not worse sins than others, or sins that you can not repent from. 5. A relationship with Jesus is what saves you, and you do not have to go thru a priest to do it, nor do you lose your salvation just because you fall and stumble in sin. 6. Catholics always, always add to the salvation messages in the Holy Bible, plus they have their own books they add in. That is wrong – stated in the bible by God. DO NOT ADD OR TAKE AWAY!! 7. They believe that their church was the first and is the only church. Yeah, not what the apostles taught. I would hope some people on here research their own religion before claiming it is the one true religion. Salvation is not about a religion, it is about accepting JEsus as your lord and savior, and realizing you are a sinner and can not be saved without him. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth. John 3:16 -still the greatest verse in the bible.

  19. Examination of the religions of Mormonism, Islam and Freemasonry reveal a common thread. Excessive sexual behavior, the origin false gods, uccultic Kabbalistic practives and a refusal to acknowledge the One Living and True God (Yahweh, revealed through His Son Jesus (Yeshua) is just the tip of a very dirty iceberg. Satan may use religion to declare he is not obviously evil, but a quick review of the Word of God stops his intents dead in their tracks. Fortunately those who follow Jesus eschew religion – we have a Relationship!

    I am refreshed at the exchange between Bros. Ed Wood and Loc Nguyen, obviously two who love God and are willing to initiate fair dialogue by simply taking Him at His Word.

    Don’t place this nations’s salvation on a political party or one outstanding politician. As Bro. Wood pointed out when a nation plunges deep into apostasy as Israel did long ago, and America has today, a revival may not be enough. God promised King Josiah (who did that which was right in the eyes of God in a manner similar to King David) he would not see the coming judgment, but Josiah’s righteous leadership did not forestall it. Even Josiah falied when Pharaoh Necho, as servant of God at the time, warned Josiah not to engage in the coming Battle at Carchemish where Josiah was mortally wounded.

    America must return – verbatim – to II Chronicles 7:14 or as a nation we are finished. Good day.

  20. I wish all nay Sayers about Masonic actions would shut their mouths. Unless they are a mason, they know nothing about us. First of all you can’t be a mason without a profession of a firm belief in a one true and living god, and the immortality of the human soul. we don’t know when the world will end, we don’t have huge stockpiles of treasure, mater of fact most lodges have trouble paying their light bill. I am a 32 degree mason, Past master of my lodge, and a Shriner. Masonry isn’t a secret society, otherwise we wouldn’t display stickers on our cars, license plates, and all of us wear rings. If we were trying to hide I hardly think we would be so brazen. We are simply a very old and very large fraternity of men, dedicated to friendship and brotherly love. Our secrets are not secrets of the universe but simple things that separate us from non masons only. We keep them secret only because it is a testiment of our character. It makes us trustworthy. We take alot of heat for this, but I assure you there is no dark secrets that we are hiding. Every lodge has an altar in the center of the lodge with the Holy Bible vividly displayed for all to see. It the same Bible as the one everyone else uses. Most if not all of my members are christians, and active in their churches. Although being Christian is not required, you must believe in god. We do not argue dogma or politics. Masonry is NOT a religion, it is simply to make good men better

  21. Good words! There is also a relatively new and very good book that covers much about the Mormons from its beginning with Joseph Smith. The book is: “Joseph Smith” by Robert V. Remini, published by the Penguin Group, New York, NY and first published in 2002.

  22. You made some first rate factors there. I seemed on the web for the problem and located most people will go along with together with your website.

  23. To Mr. Ken,
    Sir, your statement :
    places your organization.
    For sure there is a “god” to believe in, the “god of this age”( II Corinthians iv:4 )

    We in the CHRISTian Church are narrow-minded and sectarian; and believe that wide are
    the gate and the way that lead to destruction, and narrow and strait are the gate and
    the way that lead to life ( Matthew vii : 13-14 ).
    Furthermore, we the narrow-minded and sectarian CHRISTians believe that there is a way
    which seems right to man, but its end is death ( Proverbs xiv : 12 )

    So we prefer to believe IN GOD THE FATHER OF our LORD JESUS-CHRIST.

    You also stated <>
    I certainly do not look down on the good will of the Masonic members who are trying
    to make this sorry world better.
    However not discussing “dogma and politics” inside your circles is shirking the issue
    since dogma & politics are what makes the world tick.
    And you want to better the world with good men.

    and good men only reflect GOD’ S GOODNESS THAT IS SHINING On them ( Mark x : 18 ).
    and we can have compassion for others only Because GOD FIRST HAS COMPASSION On us
    ( Matthew v : 7).]

    So Masonry wants to plane all the differences between its members as one would plane
    a piece of wood. Okay then, thanks but no thanks, for we narrow-minded and sectarian
    CHRISTians prefer exclusively to keep to JESUS WHOSE NAME UNDER The Heavens IS THE SOLE ONE
    BY WHICH men are to be saved ( Acts iv : 12 ).
    And THAT Outside OF HIM, the whole world lies in the grasp of the evil one ( I John v : 19 )

    I wonder what Masonry could do for individuals such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pol Pot and Osama bin Laden
    when they come together.

    Sure too that your organization is not a secret society, it advertises itself
    by its countless lodges in almost every city in the world ( Pyong Yang and Timbuktoo ? )
    and its Rotary and Lions clubs.
    Its logo is emblazoned on the United States Of America One-Dollar bill.

    [ By the way, I have always wondered about this image and what it is doing on America’s
    currency, since it spookily evokes ancient civilizations that followed ideals totally
    alien to those of the Founding Fathers of The United States.
    For me, it is a representation of the Tower Of Babel which men built for a god to come down
    and rule from the top.
    The prototype for the high places of worship to abominations in Israel ( II Kings xxiii :13 ) ]

    So its existence is no secret to anybody.
    But it is a society with secrets,
    organized in narrowing circles of heightening degrees of initiation.
    And like it or not, this is called esoterism, the teaching of secret doctrines to initiates only.

    We, narrow-minded and sectarian CHRISTians, prefer to follow our LORD JESUS’ S TEACHING
    WHAT HE TAUGHT HIS Disciples In The Dark, they are to go up and shout IT on the roofs
    for the whole world to hear ( Matthew x : 27 ).
    For there is no secret About HIS TEACHING, Namely THAT :
    “…God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,
    that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life.” ( John iii : 16 )

    GOD BLESS you Mr. Ken and all your brothers who seek after TRUTH.

  24. My Testimony of Working with Charismatic Catholics
    and other thoughts on the subject of tongues/

    Bill Scudder Dayton, Ohio, USA

    I would like to say first of all that I am not a Cecessionist. I do not believe the Gifts of the Holy Spirit ceased with the New Testament Apostles. They are available to the Church of God today.

    For those who do not believe the above, you are still my brother or sister in the Lord if you believe that we are saved by grace alone through faith alone on account of Christ alone. What I am about to tell you is not ‘politically correct’ and I will be labeled as ‘intolerant’ or maybe even a ‘basher’ by some people. I love Catholics, as I do anyone else, but it is the doctrine’s of Rome that are deceiving the Catholics.

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  27. Sorry Ken, but your defense of Freemasonry won’t wash. Get out you Bible and read Matthew 6:24 and 5:33-37. How can you serve a heavenly Master AND a worshipful master? Who’s the boss? And what about the taking of oaths? What about the bloody oaths that must be adhered to even for the first (Entered Apprentice) and second (Fellowcraft) degrees – right at the ground level of Scottish rite freemasonry? Having your tongue torn out by the roots and chest torn open. That does not sound like a God-honoring organization to me.

    Loc Nguyen provided irrefutable points you flat-footed ignored. In love, I would advise you repent and walk. If a Mason’s ultimate goal is to justify himself at the Great White Throne, he’ll lose. No one is judged there unless the destination is the Lake of Fire. Please think about this.

    According to ex-Mason William Schnoebelen (With One Accord Ministries), 40% of Southern Baptist Pastors are Freemasons. And you wonder why the Church is ineffective today.

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