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Prophetic News Alerts

The Rapture and Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein accomplished an international triumph in making Iraq, the Cradle of Civilization, a world-renowned place. He did it by making himself the heir of Nebuchadnezzar as a ruthless dictator. The theme of the Babylonian Festival that I attended in rebuilt Babylon was called “From Nebuchadnezzar to Saddam Hussein, Babylon Rises Again.” This country is ... Read More

Simplicity of the Gospel

The Gospel is so simple that according to Isaiah, the “wayfaring man, though a fool” can stop his descent into the abyss, change his mind (repent), receive Christ, and become a saint of God. Yes, He invites us to “reason together” with Him, to use our minds, discover His secrets, and to grow into maturity ... Read More

Hanging By a Mustard Seed

Life is not an easy experience. Often we hear someone say, “I’m hanging by a thread” or “I’m making it by the skin of my teeth.” We all have times when life is treacherous and trouble dogs us day after day. If one thing goes wrong, usually two or three things follow in a row. ... Read More

A Glad Tongue

Something wonderful happens when a godly person gives him or herself wholly to the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Every part of their life becomes a fountain of Jesus Christ. He does not want us to imitate Him. He wants us to be filled with Himself. His divine nature absolutely flows from the saint that ... Read More

Scented Saints

Incense has always played a part in all religions. Visit the religious shrines of the world and usually there will be many candles burning in different shapes and configurations. The demon gods demand that their worshippers offer perfumed honor in their behalf. The idea of incense as found in these religions is not only wrong, ... Read More

Planted in the House of God

A Christian planted in the House of God is just as absolutely necessary as a tomato plant planted in good soil. Neither the Christian nor the tomato plant will survive without being planted. The order of God’s universe is established to make every part productive and healthy. Nowhere is that order more beautiful than in ... Read More

The Marriage of the Lamb

If there is one star-studded event of all the ages that transcends all others, it must be the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. The very heart of the Father in creating Adam and Eve and commanding them to multiply was out of a family passion. He had a family of angels that filled His eternal ... Read More

Genuine Enthusiasm Begets Anointing

God cannot anoint an unenthused person. If you are not excited about the Lord Jesus and His presence, how can He make you His vessel for His glory? Study the history of great awakenings and Sovereign visitations from God and you will find that the Lord always used enthusiastic servants. A Godly person, full of ... Read More